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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Okay, guys Christine Khuri here and welcome to your no way to workout so all you need is your body a mat and a towel All right, so we’re gonna get started with a warm-up. We’re going to do Four exercises, we’re going to do five blocks of exercises, okay? So you’re going to time yourself for [thirty] seconds for each move so I’ll go through with you, and then we’ll repeat it again So we’re going to go through each block four times for 30 seconds. Let’s warm up inhale exhale over inhale drop it up exhale over Go bring the arms up take it down stretch. [old] school. I know bring it up. Take it down to the other side Bring it up again. Take it down forward bend. Take it to the right stretch Take it to the left And then take the arms off just go side to side So getting into those inner thighs glutes, so it is a full body workout There is some cardio in this you will be sweating. Which is why I have my beautiful my tower there Bring it up one more [time] Then bring the legs together, so we’re just going to start simple jumping jacks so out through twenty five one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten and change the Arms punch it up So ten ten nine eight seven six five four three, two Hold it into [a] squat and quick squat so down so really dynamic not your [grandma] squatches have this Push it back. All right. Give me 20 of these one two three four six seven eight nine Ten Eleven [Twelve] Thirteen [fourteen] fifteen ten more nine and last five four three Two one [hold] it up turn the right foot out come down stretch pull it in inhale extend exhale Draw it down Bring it all the way up stretch back Turn to face the other side drive down inhale extend exhale fold Bring it back over stretch bring it back in and we’ll do that again, so up Jumping jacks if you need low impact you go here right, but keep moving So we’ve got fifteen eight two three four punch. You got five six seven eight nine Ten five more four three two dynamic squats one two three four five six seven eight Nine, ten [and] really get the hips in there so right in your glute Just a few more just warming up four three two one again stretch up Take it down inhale extend the spine look forward exhale Hands to your hips draw it up All right So set up for the first block to be [thirty] seconds each exercise We’re going to start with [the] turnout turn in plie You’re basically literally. We’re going to turn out then the lift turn it so toes out Toes it to us out toes it right So here we go 30 seconds and out keep the chest up So it’s a little bouncy right so I did say little cardio here All right, yeah So make sure use your timer Open in So you about ten seconds? five seconds five four three Two one bring the feet together step forward Low [lunge] [assume], you’re really low here. [so] not appear and way down here feet together us back back back back Back and then you can even get lower and then you can add the hand to [jump] back drop back back back So that’s too much for you. You stay up. Hey about five more seconds. So five four three two one feet together left leg back inhale exhale Hands down into plyo lunges, so a little bounce here Switch jump Switch jump switch jump switch, I’m switch Okay, so you should be breathless at this point back back back back back Good, it’s too much on your joints you go back to this one Just go back [to] low lunges by [two] at ten seconds breathe as I am And time [alright] into upper body, so I’m going to bring into a plank position Nice and flat the modification is knees down So you’re going to bring it up? And come down Turn lift up Bring it down turn Lift up I get down Turn lift up down Lift modification down Lift down Lift I’m taking the modification Because this is really hard drink it [to] [bone] bring it up. I Am secure enough to do it with my knees down breathe breathe make sure you’re even so I know we’re timed make sure even and [alright], bring it up Shake [it] out, so we’re gonna do that one more time you see my heart rates up It’s also 180 degrees out here down [four] [into] just so you know [alright], so thirty second break No more sip of water if you need it, okay here. We [go] second set turn in turn out [pleeeease] here. We go in out thirty seconds Okay, so heart rate should be up by the end [of] the shoot should be sweating like a pig, right? So burning lots of calories not using any equipment But your own body, so the beauty of this is that you can do it anywhere You can throw it down in your yard, you can throw it down in your bedroom if you want So get out get out I hope in and chest is nice and high here about five more seconds and Change okay low lunges to start really low and bring it [back] in So we’re not jumping yet stay right here get in those quads get in those glutes the lower you go the better your [butt] [scoot] Back if you want you can angle about a little that’s up to you you want to change it up back back back Stay low all right couple more seconds and we change so plyo jump up jump switch jump switch jump switch Try to keep the upper body nice and straight. Don’t get into this bending over You exhale breathe switch switch [plan] lightly like a [cap] [alright] almost there few more seconds and [change] [alright] here we go Down to the floor push-up position you guys that are modifying you’re on your knees Keep the feet wide down up down open down open down so exhale inhale take a breath See how in hell Heil Heil down Almost there a couple more open open and down Wow, all right bring it up So 30 second break catch your breath and move into the next block of exercises So you should be winded make sure you drink your water towel off If you’re not sweating you really should be [alright], so we’re going to start with a move that I made up. It’s called the beyonce side lunge So you’re going to step to the side? The knee is going to come up, and then your step back right so go side knee up back knee up Side yeah, you got that [alright], so 30 seconds on your [clap] for more exercises and go through it two times 30 seconds each so arms Up and stay strong so twist back twist, so I add a twist of course turn back in down turn back in Down breathe, so you’re Gonna be really winded out me up me up me up last couple in in good and Change legs so we’ll do it slow first out knee up Back harder to do it slow out. Yeah Yeah Out and now we pick it up back up out up back up And then we add the twist back in back twist back in back twist back in out back twist a couple more Back boy. I hope I didn’t put something really bad after this and and change all right, I Did put something like that after this? ground a touch the toes Side lunges so basically I’ll start it slow, and then we’ll pick it up. [she’d] be here touch [your] ground now notice I’m looking forward. I’m not doing this Okay Look up look look up and here. We go 30 seconds. We start slow slow slow slow [up] up And then for you guys in our [hard] [core] you start to pick it up for the last 15 seconds right, okay? side Hang in there breathe few more seconds That’s five four three Two one Wow, [alright] Pike push-ups. I’m going to show it from the front then I’ll turn from the side basically without falling in the pool You are in downward dog So you’re not flat here in a pike you’re going to bend the elbows Head to the floor. I’m up on my toes [then] the elbows head to the floor so from the side Looks like this you have to show up from the front [alright], so we got about 20 more seconds breathe if these are too much Just go to your knees. I don’t love it on your knees. Let’s stamp Few more and Bring it up Change [alright] playing Spider-Man so from that pike position You walk it out? Knee to elbow knee to elbow knee to elbow if you want you pick up the pace all right, so you have 30 seconds three Hard to do this one and a modification, so just build up your strength We’re almost there and as you can see I’m dripping with sweat Just using my own body Thank God. I’m not worried about how I look right now right in in and Bring it up mop off Take your 30 seconds. So that was a tough around the first one wasn’t so bad this one’s bad all right All right, take that full 30 seconds. We’re going to do that one more time. All right I’m going to wipe this off so I don’t fall We start with the beyonce lunch so this time I Don’t need to explain it. We’ll go right [into] it Water whenever you need it, especially if you choose [to] do this outside in Okay, hi second step To the right first the beyonce lunch so it’s out in back in out So on this one. I’ll be talking a lot less because I’m really winded bring it So you know it’s a good move if it can make me silent we show her back This is one of my favorite favorite favorite glute exercises. I love this one. I do it all the time and and change Left side out up back up out up so focus in twist remember I add that little abdominal twist Out twist back up out twist Good and last one catch your breath Side to side hit the floor here. We go slow first especially after that one down so hit the floor floor, so we’re gonna do about 15 maybe 20 seconds slow and then we’ll pick it up fruit. [I’m] okay and Pick it up here. We go one two [three] four six seven Eight nine, ten change right into pike pikes now. You know what you’re doing No rest in between [all] right 30 seconds pike push-ups here. We go down elbows to the side Really pull those scapula back at your shoulder blades. We didn’t know All right, you got 30 seconds of this if you want to make it a little harder Walk your feet in it’s almost like if you were going to go into [a] a pop up handstand all right [so] the more you walk the feet in the harder. It is to keep the head between those elbows not out here and All right, you’re more than halfway there [all] right, bring it in Shake that off into Superman’s so second side. I’ll add variation so come in our Spider-Man Sorry Superman’s later bring this in mix it up with superheroes. [I] would like to have Captain America sir touch touch touch touch touch Okay So we want [to] make this a little more challenging. So bring it down to our forearms, and you stay nice and low here All right, so [you] should be a little more than halfway Give me about five more seconds four three two one time Nice, okay block number three Ready got is not as hard as block number two. I wrote it. So let’s see. Yeah. It’s pretty bad, okay So we’re gonna do a rocking horse Lunge in the up again heart rate is going to go through the sky on this one. So you’re gonna step back so it’s me down and Up so again, we’re touching the ground end up touching the ground add up right so both sides so starting With 30 seconds, I’m so on and for [live]. We didn’t take the 30-second break guys we got about 10 more seconds I was rushing you [all] right. So here we go [Rocking-Horse] See you touch the ground you [got] 30 seconds back. Yup back me up back Yeah, so it is dynamic down up down up down up up down up My [tired] [a] [mistake] alright So into the left loop and up into the left loop and up almost there few more seconds. You got 5 more 4 3 2 Change [alright] left. Leg do it slow first so you get the rhythm and up down and up number and down Yep, alright. Keep going up down up down up breathe breathe Exhale shoot down down You can always add a hop Meagan Arm I know few more seconds Bring it in last five four three two one All right Abs and legs Take that right [leg] out. I like to have my hands like this and Take it Slice. It literally slice it [across] The right side okay all right 30 seconds here. We go pull and Twist Twist twist Really suck it in the right side again Dynamic heart rates Gonna go up breathe Don’t slow down keep twisting You’re almost there Can you find more seconds five four three two one? left side Ready 30 seconds here. We go pull pull pull [we’re] it talked about that little V-shape here and your waist twisting twisting, okay? That’s what gives you that shape twist it out, bring it out That and a good diet you do all this you want What if you blow it with food? Won’t help alright here. We go last five seconds exhale Exhale and change take the feet a little more than shoulder width and just Give me a little break here looks like break Feels like a break But you know it’s not break bring your hands down look how low up And down up Down going to my knees below my knees. Oh my God christine. You’re not allowed to go below your knees old school Okay, really old school Take it down. My knees are in line All right hips are back. I’m in [the] glutes if you have bad knees that’s another thing you’re healthy knees. You’re fine Down and up this should burn Really? Badly Alright homestretch down up down up. [that’s] view oh Gosh change [three] down to the map tricep, so you lay down Top and in front of you, so it’s going to be a tricep extension right arm scoops so I’m not touching the ground Palm flat And [upend] the elbow and extend from the elbow and extend bonus here Right here crunch. That’s the bonus in about [twenty] more seconds down down then the elbow Fingertips are in line with my right shoulder All right finish it up last few About five more seconds, it’s two reps And change flip it other side Okay, hand a little bit in line with the shoulder Knees are bent wrap it 30 seconds here. We go up and down three so if you’re starting to get winded Stop talking bring it it Bend the elbow bend the elbow and don’t be afraid to tweak it a little bit doesn’t feel right Maybe you need to move your arm Like I just did Bring it down final five in and Change all right [30] second break Mop it up again Remember I wasn’t giving you 30 seconds between each exercise Giving you 30 seconds after the four exercises together don’t get that confused. We’re trying to burn fat here bring it up Lop it off got to do that again, so starting with the rocking horse the lunge with the knee up Up touch the ground here. We go 30 seconds bring it down where you can start slow [alright] nice and slow Maybe this where you want to stay I? Don’t know what kind of day. You’re having Bring it up and then about 15 seconds into it if you know what that is You’ll pick up the pace Okay, so now we make it more dynamic up up up up Breathe breathe now take a little [plight] heart rate goes up now five more up and change other side just Think how lucky you are to [not] have the danger of falling into the pool bring it up back slow first Bring it in back bring it in You can add that arm You can even add weights to this if you want Waste Building We’re nice and slow and then we bring it up, so so more dynamic [bouts] bounce up up up and change All right, waistline Repeater side knee right leg arms in and we go you can start slow all right And then we’ll speed it up Bring it in so make sure your twist it twist my arms up so you can see twist twist [and] Then pick it up repeat it Home stretch 5 4 3 2 change all right let’s hit the left side here We go slow first you can really squeeze through the Domino’s fast does not always mean better. Just the faster We [add] a little [bit] [of] cardio to it, but here just start with a squeeze so really squeeze your abdominals and Then we start to build a little speed all right, and Then for the last year we go pump it up yeah for ten nine eight seven six five four three two one all right [dougie] squats [I] call them dougie squats because I always use the song teach me how to dougie when we do it so bring it in You kind of faked everybody out by let them think that you’re relaxing Then you remove the hands [pull] [the] belly in lift up you stay low really [low] [you] never go past the knees Weight is in the heels my toes are lifted in my shoes you can sort of see it if you look [at] my shoes My toes are up this should burn right in your button down and up down and up So I’m really grounded in my heels You’re much more in there you lay down about ten seconds five more seconds and [right] [tap] your own air alright bring it down here We go wrap it up for triceps wrap that bottom round around your waist, so we have that crunch and that extension right 30 seconds breathe Even if the very last one you have to kind of squeak them out. That’s what you want Bring it in Back the arms really talks about to get so really good one especially when you’re just using your bodyweight. Okay hard to cheat And then you have that little crunch at the bottom so kind of curl it in last few seconds last five and Bring it up check it out [whip] your nose change some other side Hand in front line it up grab the Waist or down So it’s a side [bend] here tricep nice side bend tricep furnace It’s fairly difficult looks easy Maybe doesn’t Squeeze so we don’t give up right, so this one burns. Just like that. Low squat. [you’re] going [to] keep going only 30 seconds 3 exhale few more Good home stretch And bring it up. Shake it out. All right. Take your 30 seconds right here Your some few more things to do we’ll be laying down and we’ll just really quickly go through some flutes and some lower back So I personally am obsessed with back fat, so we have a whole series laying on the ground take another 30 seconds We’re actually to stay down for a little bit more get our glutes a little Bit lower back alright So if you need to put your towel down if you’ve you know moistened up your mat a little bit like I have Put it down also. We’re going to be on our forearms, so sometimes the mats are slippery okay, so you can slide out? So I’m going to put my towel down. We’re going to go into forearm plank and These were actually going to count so you’re not you’re not going to be in the 30 seconds anymore so we’re just going to kind of give you a Teaser at the end. I’m [just] going to blast these out. So [you’re] going to go into forearm plank here So the core is activated we don’t have our butts lifted I’m going to lift my right leg up pull everything nice and tight then my knee And we’re gonna do 15 glute lifts three two [one] two three [four] five six seven [eight] nine [Ten] you have five more five four three Two one Stay in plank lift the other leg Then the knees squeeze your glute fifteen one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten [so] [buy] more four three two One hold plank give me [10] counts [here] ten nine eight seven six five four three To drop it right down to your belly so shake it out so now we’re going to work our glutes and Our lower back so first one you’re going to ground the feet hands behind the head Shoulder blades track down [your] back so lift up for fifteen, so one two [three] four five Three so it’s like honestly. It’s like doing crunches for your back So think about back fat overhang summer bathing suits jeans that are too tight [buff] and tap all that now Grab the upper body bend the knees on the lower body heels together a little bit of a diamond shape squeeze your butt So you want your thighs completely off the floor just the hip bones fifteen one two three four? five six seven eight nine ten two last five four three Two one Now everything together so [beat] zip up Arms extend we left up fifteen So one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten five four three Two one Bring it down Slide your tail back. Take a child pose. So just drop the heels back Take a breath Coming into the side so we read more on plague here Now we’re going to go [onto] the side You’re going to lift this hip up So to modify you’ll just stay here with the knee if not. We’re going to come all the way up Lift Count behind your head again if you need the help put your arm down Let’s try to do it this way, so I’m going to lift this up, and you swing it forward one two Three so see how lifted I’m staying four five six seven eight nine Five more go five four three Two one Push it up take them up and over stretch I’m going [to] drop the knees take it right in a mermaid stretch up and over Bring the right hand down lengthen the other side big bend Okay, one more side, and we are done. You are out [of] here. So one more Forearm plank other side where you can drop the knee I’ll show this one with the modification, so you can take a look at it So same thing we just sit on the other side I’m going to line it all up [dip] stack hand behind the head lift the leg and comes forward? Okay So you guys that are modifying bottom knee down probably out four five? So six seven eight stay lifted. That’s a key okay Few more That’s last one right there bring it in mermaid stretch. He’s down stretch it up and over Take the hand down So bring it in that’s it so let’s just take a little hamstring stretch here pull everything in take it down, so inhale lift exhale dry yourself down and breathe Drop a little further into it Come all the way up draw the right knee and take a twist to the back Bring it in try the left [hand] take a twist to the front Check it out And you’re done so that concludes your no wait Workout right all you need is yourself. Have a great day

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