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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, everyone. I’m rebecca louise. Are you ready to work your body? Yes, the answer is we’re gonna be working our carbs our abs our booty our arms We’re you’re gonna get a total body workout. [you’re] gonna feel amazing Afterwards so I want everyone to give it 110 percent. We’re gonna start off [with] a nice little light [warmup] So just gonna get our body started get that oxygen to the muscles Just give me a nice light jog want to get that heart rate up Okay, we [feelin] good today feeling strong Okay, let’s take it into some star jumps arms all the way out to the top or as you call them here jumping jacks That’s it. Five four three two one let’s take it back into that jog And we’re gonna take it back into some more jumping jacks. Okay. We’re just doing this warm-up is super important We don’t want to go straight into exercises and feel that burn [cuz] you want to get our muscles nice and loose Fluid don’t injure ourselves, okay, let’s give me [ten] more eight six five Four keep it going two One okay, now. I’m gonna have a nice stretch legs apart. I’m just gonna go over to one side, and then [just] keep switching and then inhale and exhale Really important the whole time that you’re working out that you are breathing okay? Because this was happens if you don’t breathe you’re gonna stand up. You’re gonna feel dizzy Okay, ready, let’s switch stretch out those quads Hold it tight And give those quads a nice stretch if you need to you can use a friend And switch over to the other side Hold that tight stretching out those [quads] muscles five four three Two one Okay, just rotate those shoulders round nice and high up to the ceiling all the way rounds Go on really stretch for me. We’re gonna be really pumping our bodies today So [you] want to make sure that we nice and warmed up and towards the front? Okay, are we ready to work both legs give yourselves a little shake Make sure you’ve got your water close by [cause] it’s super important to keep yourselves hydrated We are gonna start off. We’re gonna do a lunge backwards and we’re gonna take it into a high knee Starting with your right leg, so take it back Come up to a high knee Now as you bring your leg back. I want you to go almost as if you’re gonna touch the knee to the ground And as you come up to standing you got to squeeze those abs To help support your balance good start everyone come on. Let’s keep it going breathe Nice and slow and controlled Are we ready to work it today are we ready to see those results and breathe five four three [give] me two more bring that knee up higher and One [ok] switch over onto that left leg give yourselves a little bit of a wiggle in between and let’s take it back squeeze Nice slow and controlled [keep] that back nice and straight as you get to the top think about really engaging those abs it’s gonna help with your balance [all] good, you don’t realize it. Yeah, we’re gonna feel amazing after this workout. You’re gonna get a total body workout it’s designed to work out those glutes your tummy your abs and your legs [ah] three two Give me one more on this leg one [ok] give yourselves another shake. We are going to do 180s You’ve just got 12 reps so every exercise We’re doing it’s just for 12, so you’re [gonna] really push it every single time We are gonna jump to the back and then front okay. You’ve got 12 1 2 3 nice and Low Give me a squat in between Switch those legs three two One bring it up, okay. So my [next] exercise is one of my favorites We’re gonna do a curtsy lunge So simple a position where we were before? [we’re] just gonna bring one leg and the knees almost going to touch the ground so all the way down We’ve got 12 of these you can either put [your] hands on your hips or bring them out [to] the side Let’s go all the way down nice slow and controlled [wave] to my queen if you want to you can borrow mine. I’m English So he’ll let you have it for the workout. Keep it going give me two more And the last one down we go, okay strain to the next exercise. No rest You’re gonna put one leg behind the other you’re gonna lift up I don’t want you to put that toe on the ground okay? If you want to modify it you need to make it easier. You can rest your your foot down Just like this, but if you want [to] make it harder, you’re gonna keep that leg up okay? Let’s give me five more of these five four three Two one Okay, let’s do on the other leg so as you can see I’m gonna do 12 you can either rest the leg down or to Make it harder bring that leg up it’s gonna be really good for your balance Improve those quads and your glute And breathe come on squeeze [CV] to do without that touch in between five. Oh three two One okay, we’re gonna go back into those 180s okay, and then we’re gonna get ourselves hydrated So just give me 12 more of these you can do it 12 jump Go nice and low in that squat Come on accelerate lift up high give me some power if you need to modify You can just do a squat either side, but what I really want you [to] do. I really want you to jump it We’ve just got a few more to do breathe Good job everyone five four three Two one Whoo that one’s a tricky exercises you manage to do that one a big [thumbs-up]. Now. You’ve got your water bottle next to you I told you at the beginning super important to keep yourself hydrated because what happens is when we sweat we lose all the nutrients out of our body if we lose the water and we have to replenish it, so Number one you’re when you’re working out keep yourself hydrated oh Yeah, now I feel much better, [okay]? [you] [ready] to go into the next [exercise]. I’m gonna be working those coughs so slight bend in your knee We’re Gonna go up for 12 pulses [I] don’t want you to touch your feet your heels on the ground, okay? So really use your abs to pull you up to keep you nice and secure four three two One now stay at the top we’re gonna do quick 12 pulses 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 [2] 1 [okay] straight to your next exercise. Just like we did we put our leg to the back we’re gonna keep it to the [side], okay nice tall back lift your leg up and [down] if you want to modify it again, you can put your toe on the ground if you want to make it harder Just bring it up and each time see if you can just lift it a little bit higher Use your core Focus on something straight ahead of you 3 [2] go [on] higher you can do it one stray onto the other leg bring it up focus on something One side is always gonna be easier than the other So you just make sure that the side that you find harder. You just got to give it [that] extra 10 percent Squeeze come on guys we can do this together. You’ve just got a few more to go to one Next exercise and know your legs are burning, but this is the time where you really are gonna work your muscles So we’re gonna go into a squat. We’re gonna lift it up. Just like we did without the squat Breathing the one we keep using the same muscle over again You can really feel it [working] in their legs and your glutes you want that perky little [butt] I’m trying to [improve] mine too. So let’s do it together 3 2 go lower on your squat come high as you get up One more straight to the other side no rest Ah breathe Come on. You can go lower than that Give me a little bit lower just each time push your body See how far you can get yourself to go cuz I bet you can get further than you think right now excellent job everyone stay with me five Four lower come on three two Last one make sure you’re making it count all the way up [I] release those legs okay, everybody loves doing squats for their buck. We’re gonna do that right [now] We’re going to do narrow squats okay, so your feet are gonna be hip width apart We’re gonna go down for 12 all the way to the bottom And as you come to the top Squeeze those glutes you want to be [working] them There’s no point doing this exercise if you’re not engaging your muscles cuz you’re not gonna see results. You’re not gonna sweat squeeze as you get to the top harder five Ball you got this three? two last one Now come down you’re gonna pulse for 12 Nice, and slow. I know it burns, but it feels so good keep it going Nice and slow the slower you do it the harder It is I know you can feel the burn [in] the calf and in your quads and in your glutes breathe five four three Two one Okay, we’re gonna do a little bit of stretch on those quads, just cuz we’ve been really working them So when you just stretch it out So just take one leg hold it out by your side nice and tall and stretch that quad out And let’s take over to the other side are you feeling good you feeling your legs [getting] a good workout in? Awesome. Let’s work on that booty so your next exercise The Romanian deadlift, we’re going to use any weights for this if you do want to make it harder You can increase it by using a weight So we’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your left leg back your right leg back And we’re just gonna drop down and then come up Oh, you’ve got 12 See if you can touch the ground and this is really gonna help your [core]. It’s good for your balance You have a slight bend in your knee? And then as you come up Maybe right now. You can [just] do three eventually [you’re] gonna be able to do 12 Keep it going five Four can you fill in those quarks? Yes [three]? two And the last one this is definitely my weaker leg. [I] get to sweep on some I might better leg. Let’s go for here We’re going to do [Twelve] one two three squeeze those abs [four] good job everyone keep it going keep your concentration. Oh Breathe remember I know it’s painful, but [no] pain no gain as they say keep it going guys 302 yeah, this is definitely my stronger leg. You’re gonna find that [too] you gonna Have one there’s gonna be a lot [easier] than the other so as I said [just] work even harder on the other side Take some water in we really important to keep hydrated. [whoo]. You feeling good. I’m feeling [rocking] Okay, you ready to burn that butt awesome coming down to the ground We’re gonna do everything using our right leg first, and then we’re gonna switch over to the other side So you really are gonna feel the intensity and feel the burn so I want you to [bring] your leg forward for 12? Okay, now the first few times you do this. You’re not gonna be feeling anything But I swear to you once you’ve done this whole section your butt is gonna be on fire [5] [4] [3] [2] [1] okay, bring in your knee in you’re gonna open it as if you’re doing a fire hydrant to the side Keep it going keep your chest up nice and tall and then really think about engaging that glute muscle, okay? Keep it going Squeeze use the glute to pull you up Repetitive you keep doing these actually four three two One now can you feel your butt burning great? We’re gonna take it back for 12? Oh? excellent job everyone If you can feel it it burning you’re doing an awesome job. Oh Three two one okay. I’m Gonna take it a circle Frontways, [oh] now if you’re not feeling it you need to really think about engaging your glute muscle really squeeze it Hold it really really tight as if you’re squeezing your glutes together. [oh] Two one okay back round the other way You can feel it now now. It’s really starting to burn Excellent work everyone, [we’ll] do one more exercise, and then we’re gonna take it over to the other side four three Two one okay bring it in we’re not having any rest You’ve got to do this all in one go to really feel the burn bring that knee in Keep it going Squeeze those glutes come on guys you’ve got this they go awesome your butt’s gonna look at those tiny short [two] One okay, let’s [switch] over to the [other] side we can do [exactly] the same you’re gonna really feel [that] burning your butt, okay So remember the first one we did we’re gonna take it forward for 12 Keep your chest up engage those glute muscles Don’t think about using your legs to move it think about using your butt to move your leg forwards and backwards [oh] Come on. You’ve got this two One okay, those fire hydrants the side oh lift your chest up nice and high Open the leg so then the knee is facing to the sky. [oh] and squeeze those glutes. [I] know it’s hard You just keep forgetting but you [got] to hold onto them tight four three two One okay, we’re Gonna go forwards [oh] forward circles Using the glue muscle to move your leg okay, so just think about your leg being like a dead weight And you’re just gonna use this muscle [right] here to move it forwards and backwards into a circle, okay? We’re going to go back the [other] way [for] [12] Everything is just for 12 guys so you just keep on making yourselves motivated when you keep changing the exercise You’re still going to get that total body workout? [oh] Few more we’re going to take it back in 2 [1] [okay] back the leg goes so you just want to keep the leg extended and then take it to the back again Using the glute muscle remember to take you back squeeze oh Good job everyone. How are we feeling feeling like a bun is working? Yeah me too. Keep it going two more Now this is the real one. We’re gonna bring the leg into the chest [you’re] gonna really feel it now the first bit it’s just like a warm-up to get your glutes working ah And then you really [feel] the bird use the glute to squeeze you in breathe in five to go [oh] three Two you got this last one and extend Okay, gently come up to standing Okay, let’s work on those abs all you come down to the ground. [we] are gonna do Mountain climbers? We’re gonna do it nice and slow so get yourselves in a good position your arms out straight in front of you And we’re gonna bring our knee into the chest nice and slowly, so keep those tummy muscles engaged You’re also gonna get a workout on those arms, but really concentrate about keeping your body in nice straight form You feeling good. It’s work on that six-Pack breathe everyone Give me two more and the last one okay stay on this side. We’re gonna go right over to the side And we’re going to bring the left leg Into our chest okay, so 12 of these extend the arm out bring it in Extend the arm all the way over the top [of] your head squeeze those oblique muscles. [you’re] using those side muscles. Oh Really breathe keep it going just [five] Four you got this three – and The last one stretch it out switch over to the other side come on We got to do the other side just as well as we did the first side so arms up and bring that knee in one two three four Keep it going guys. You’ve got this stay strong Don’t give up now. You want to do the other side [just] as well as you did the first side keep counting three two last one Okay, bring it down. So I want you to lie down onto your back We need to put your legs into the air and you’re gonna imagine that you’ve got a ball on top of your legs, okay? And you’re just gonna be pushing it up and down put your hands underneath your bottom and push up. We’ve got 12 see if you can get nice and high Now we’re working out those lower, abs now the lower Abs are the hardest part of our body to work out okay? So you’re finding that is your problem area then don’t worry it happens to everybody Keep it going give me one more now. We’re gonna keep our legs here, and we’re just gonna drop down nice, and slowly bring our knees into the chest and up that’s one so the slower you can do it the Harder you’re Gonna make it for yourself and up we go slowly down come on You can do this work those lower, abs and I always say abs are made in the kitchen 80% of what you look and feel [like] is down to nutrition so super important the eating right and Exercising because that’s when you’re gonna maximize your results [whoo]. Keep it going guys Just a few more of these to go see if you could do it even slower Excellent job. Hope we go and low down Come on. Slower. Keep it going hot in there and breathe Keep it going just a few more to go Legs extended up keep them nice and straight now. You just want to bring it [to] about a [2-3] inches off the ground then bring your knees in Three come on we can do this. We’ve just got two more to do I’m gonna get these ones even slower stay with me everyone. It’s gonna be worth it in the end one more Okay, and when you get down here. I want you to hold it and we are gonna pulse for 12, so 12 11 I know it hurts come on. You can do it stay with [me] It’s worth it promise you you’re gonna get those [abs] keep it going. Oh three two One next exercise bring in your legs your feet to touch the ground [what] I want you to do is sit up And you’re gonna twist, and you’re gonna come back down. That’s gonna be one rep now the first time you do it You’re gonna have to adjust your legs a little bit because you’re not gonna know where your legs need to be Until you come up, so just do a practice one so come up double check That’s where your legs need to be and then come [down]. Okay. Let’s do 12 Twist those abs as you get to the top now if you need to or if you’re doing this workout with a friend You can always get someone [to] hold [onto] your feet or tuck them underneath your chair in [your] living room That’s gonna help you keep your legs on the floor because if you’re a beginner your legs are gonna tend to come off the ground And that’s absolutely normal you’re gonna be able to progress up And you’re just gonna use your abs to [bring] you up come on guys push Twist as you get to the top the more you twist The more you’re working those oblique muscles Bring it up are to go engage those ab muscles Use your abs and not your arms okay, so come up use the abs even if it takes you slightly longer slowly down do give me one more and Twist all the way around and then gently slowly come down This exercise is best to do after you’ve cut done a couple of ab exercises because then you’re gonna really feel the difference, okay? So you do push truth, so I just want you to lift your shoulders off The ground try and keep your feet flat on the ground making a [try] hover But use those abs I want your whole shoulders to come off the ground [free] squeeze Come on guys three [two] well squeeze and down Okay, coming up I want you to get yourself into a V and we’re going to do is we’re [gonna] [do] reverse Crunches so extending your leg out and wringing them in. Oh you should really be feeling the burn in your belly, okay? It’s gonna be hurting [you’re] gonna feel the pain, but it’s gonna be so worth it Just think about what your six-Pack is gonna. Look like in your bikini or your swim shot. You’re an amazing [ah] Just a few more 302 [chests] up one now hold it here pulse for 12 one two three four chest up six Seven eight nine, I can feel it 11 12 [and] relax your leg okay, let’s stretch out those abs a little bit so come over I just want you to do a nice Cobra stretch We’re gonna just stretch up here and hold it here for ten breathe in and Exhale super important to stretch after we’ve we’ve been working those muscles so [that] we don’t injure ourselves Okay, your last ab exercise. We are gonna start in a plank and [then] I want you to come into downward dog. So we’re gonna keep moving We’ve got 12 of these come back to your plank and then back into downward dog, so when you’re here You’re gonna be stretching out those hamstrings as you come down. You’re gonna engage those ab muscles and have a nice neutral spine So this is your rest period [You’re] not a quick stretch and then you’re gonna use your abs and your arms to hold it here ah We’re feeling good we feeling pumped Yes, I’m feeling good. I tell you what exercise. [we’re] does get your adrenaline going makes you filled it inside It works your body works your mind It’s really good for your overall health keep it going We’re almost done with their abs are they’re gonna go on and wet those arms Five that’s it nice slow and controlled don’t rush yourself for squeeze those abs engage them three Give me two more come on. You. Can do it push it all [the] [way] make this last one camp Stretch out and then drop down to your knees and then stretch out those arms Okay, so that last part we’re working out our abs next part. We’re doing our arm So that’s a good exercise to get as from working in from [our] abs into our arms, okay? So just warming up those arms. So just give me a nice stretch here inhale on Exhale Rotate those shoulders. Let’s get ready to work those arms. Okay. Let’s work those arm muscles We’re gonna be working those triceps, [so] on your hands be facing your feet. We are going to dip [down]. We’re gonna walk out We’re gonna dip down again, and then we’re gonna bring up. That’s Gonna be one Okay, [so] really think about squeezing your elbows in Towards your towards your body, okay? Now don’t touch your booty on the ground just a light tap and then extend If you’re finding this too challenging, you [can] just go up and down [like] this, but let’s see if we can do it The Harder way come on guys. We’ve got this keep it going Extend out dip all the way down Give me two more extend dip Bring it back in last one And dip okay over onto our front. We’re gonna do a standard push-up, okay? So really are working the shoulder muscles and our arms now. I’m going to give you two variations You can either do it with on your toes or you can put your knees down So let’s all try at least get one or two in with our feet up onto our toes. So we’re gonna do 12 push-ups ah Keep it going stay nice and strong. [oh] five keep breathing remember [ah] six seven over Halfway eight nine Ten Eleven come on push 12 Straight on to your side and do a side plank you just got two exercises left to go with your arms You can do this bring your leg up and we’re just [gonna] extend one at a time. So we’re gonna be working those ab muscles We’re gonna be also using the strength in our arms, so nice and long body okay if you’re finding this too challenging you can just hold the plank and Don’t move your leg, but let’s see if we can really push It come ace is the last exercise you just got a few more to do breathe [to] One and come down other side straight up 12 to go breathe one [to] count down with me if it helps then you just know you’ve [just] got a few [left] five six seven breathe pulling those abs eight nine Ten two more and release those legs [oh] How do you feel you’re feeling good feel like you’ve had a total body workout. Oh, well I certainly do now it’s super important after you’ve done act any exercise that you cool down So just gonna give you some nice stretches just to stretch out those muscles So lean over to one side for me stretch out that inside thigh oh And let’s just breathe. [oh], I feel good. Hey guys you staying motivated You feel good. I’m burning your abs and your [butt] and [yoke] your glutes everything just feels amazing feel super tight [I] just want you to go down put your head between your legs [ah-hum], we’re just gonna go over to one side As far as you can get if this is your this is your maximum range that’s great and over time You’re just gonna feel yourself getting more and more flexible each time you do the workout move back to the middle And then come over to the side Okay, now your muscles after [your] working out. They feel super tight, okay, and when you are working out You’re breaking all the muscles and what we need to do to make them stronger for next time is to get the right nutrition inside Us I always have this after I’ve worked out just some powder and some water [I] mix it up anyone can do this. It’s so easy. [oh] And I need some as well. Oh It tastes good as well it’s super important that you have a post recovery [mill] if you want to get stronger for next time if you want to keep your Muscles intact and you want to build get lean it’s super important nutrition Let’s finish off by extending our arms up Taking it all out to the side nice and high Stretch those arms up and we worked out those triceps So one arm over the top of the other Inhale Hanan exhale take it over to the other side keep breathing everyone So important even after you exercise You need to make [sure] that you keeping your body hydrated because that is exactly what keeps your body moving But you got to keep you guys efficient. It’s been super fun working out with you guys. My name is Rebecca Louise Make sure you check back again soon

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