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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey everyone it’s a personal trainer
coach Kozak and today we’re going to do 30 Min HIIT Workout for Fat Loss High Intensity Interval Training with Weights at Home Women Men a hit workout for fat loss so there’s a
total body routine we’re going to get your heart rate up get you sweating and
burn as many calories in the shortest amount of time possible the only
equipment you’re going to need or is a pair of dumbbells that weight could vary
anywhere between 3 to 20 pounds all depending on your fitness level just
remember the rule of thumb is to start light and work your way up you may also
want a mat and there is a portion of the workout I’m going to be using a jump
rope but if you don’t have one you go ahead and get by with the full jump rope
no problem as always we’re going to do this whole thing with you let’s get
started alright we’re going to get started with
one dumbbell so go ahead and grab one dumbbell we’re going to start with a
lunge plus chop you’re going to step back and bring that dumbbell to the same
side stationary lunge and either bring it all the way up and over or do your
shoulder depending on your fitness level a little harder to bring it up and get
that full rotation so you can just bring it to your shoulder if you are a
beginner I’ll try to give you some side views along the way we’re going to split
half and half on each side nice keep it up and switch in size so just reverse
the movement stepping back try to get both those knees do a 90 degree angle
before you come back up this one’s weird working your legs your core your
shoulders there is not there are not many body parts that aren’t getting hit
with this one and three two one good we’re going to need both dumbbells for
this when we’re hitting the ground we’re going to do a v-sit fly so you’re going
to do a modified version with your feet ground on the ground or you’re going to
have them up in the half boat knees or bent
you decide which one is right for you either way this one’s going to work your
core and your chest in a whole new way good keeping that core tight even if you
do have your feet on the ground make sure that you’re still leaning back
trying to get at 30 to a 40 degree angle back you up MA there go a little
harder hold on and talk at the same time now you can feel this one working nice
keep it up give me five more seconds four three two one okay good head it
back up to the feet for the next one we do need those dumbbells we are going to
do a dumbbell good morning plus hammer curl so dumbbells are going to come up
top weights going to go back in your butt as I bend my knees ever so slightly
now we’re going to go into a hammer curl and back up hips forward so hips back
down curl back forward good you notice in a lot of combination movements and
this one today and that’s definitely by design trying to get as much work in as
we can and the minimum amount of time nice
good try separate all four movements one two three four feel that stretch in your
back and your hamstrings good and five four three two one good we’re going to
get our heart rate up with the next one go and set those dumbbells down to the
side we’re going to do either a crab kick or a crab touch toe touch so in a
crab position hips are up I’m going to touch opposite side toe or as you see
Claudia doing the modified version she’s just going to go ahead and kick straight
up if you’re not quite feeling that one you can go ahead and rest your backside
on the ground while you kick good again it’s all about going to your pace
whatever that may be trying to get a good feel for these movements in the
first round before we kick it up in the next round nice looking forward to that
next round Claudia exactly
all right keeping it up and 5 4 3 2 1 nice ok we’re going to transition into
either push-up from the knees plus shoulder touch or a full push-up plus
toe touch show you what we mean so from a either high plank push-up position or
from your knees we’re going to go push up and we’re either going to touch your
toes your knees ankles however firing it down or push up plus on the knees plus
the shoulder touch so we’re gonna push you up touch touch it’s the name of the
game good you’re doing this one make sure to get those hips back and bring
the back to parallel with the ground in between repetitions good breathe it’s
important you make sure to breathe on this one anytime you’re holding your
self up it’s easy to forget about breathing catches up with you nice keep
it up and five four three two one nice ok we’re moving on to that jump rope
remember like I said if you didn’t have a jump rope no problem you can get right
into the full jump rope as you see Claudia doing gonna stay light and on
the balls of the feet regardless of which version modification you are doing
stay like keep those knees bent and as always make sure to breathe good come on
keep it up trying to get as many taps in as many revolutions in as you can during
this time period come on let’s go come on keep it going breathe nice hot feet
hot feet guys is doing great keep it up give me 10 more seconds of this with 10
more seconds come on pushing through pushing through
and three two one all right setting a jump rope to the side we do need both
dumbbells again for the next one we’re going to do either a leaning windmill
plus curl or just a windmill plus curl I’m going to get into a split stance
lunge stance one dumbbells going up and I’m curling where Claudia is just going
to stay straight up in a windmill stance have one arm up and then she’s going to
curl with the opposite again you decide which one you want this one’s a little
more intense got my corn balls a little more as well as my legs but calm breathe
and keep on moving no matter which one you’re doing remember we all had to
start somewhere all right switching sides switching
sides burning out both sides good keep it going guys keep it going keep this
pace up think about how great you’re going to feel when this workouts all
said and done how proud you’re going to feel pushing through persevere not here
let’s go let’s get it for five more seconds and four three two one nice okay
we need both dumbbells for the next one I’m moving into a rocker so this is the
opposite of like a kettlebell swing so when the dumbbells come up in front of
you you weights in your hips when the dumbbells are back your weight is
balanced so you’re rocking back and forth
thanks a couple around a couple wraps to get used to but I do like this one just
control that weight fill your hips helping you move it
I work in tandem back and forth should be starting to feel it burning and your
hamstrings and your glutes make sure you have that bend in your knee good back
and forth nice try to bring those arms to parallel with the ground for me good
keep it up keep it up only a few more seconds of this one come on burning
through it burning through it let’s go and five four three two one good ok
keeping our dumbbells we’re heading to the ground into a high plank position
I’m gonna be in a high plank ISO row so I’m just gonna hold keep my shoulders
square Claudia’s going to be in a low plank
I’m sorry high plank from her knees good and she’s gonna pull
again you decide which one’s right for you pull back keep pulling back on that
elbow for that back contracting core tight this one feels fabulous doesn’t
Claudia yeah it’s one way to put it in switch good core stays tight throughout
try keep your back flat whichever one you’re doing good hold and as always
don’t forget to breathe don’t hold your breath right now you’ll regret it
nice job guys nice job and three two one nice we’re up on our feet for the next
one keep those dumbbells we can keep this
pace up we’re going to do a lunge plus a press or a squat plus a press
so either lunge plus a press or the squat be honest they’re both really
brutal get that weight back in your hips if you’re doing the squat keep your
palms facing one another on this press doesn’t matter which of the variations
you’re doing go ahead straight down drop that back knee on the
lunge nice keep it up guys now many of these
left these will catch up to you quick come on let’s go let’s go and five four
three two one last one nice ah we need both dumbbells again over to the ground
let’s do it keep pushing it we’re going to get into it I so hip up I’m going to
use one leg Claudia’s going to use two and then we’re going to do a dumbbell
pullover both dumbbells palms facing you whoop
get out of her way there feel your back pulling that weight back up nice keep a
little bend in your elbows not much you’re doing the one leg I want you to
switch good otherwise just go and keep those hips up driving off the heel try
not to hyperextend your back but at the same time keep that glute up nice and
flat and five four three two one good all right what do we got next well we’re
gonna kick these dumbbells to the side going to get into a bear plank position
so a bear plank is going to get on your knees
we’re going to come up onto the balls of your feet give me your back straight try
to keep your knees close to the ground so here’s a position I’m going to do a
kick through and Claudia is just going to do a step ups she’s going to step one
leg up at a time either way we’re returning back to that middle bear plank
position in between go ahead and kick all the way through and all the way back
nice good breathe on this one his body weight exercises can be deceiving nice
come on keep it up get it all the way through that all the way through there
it is come on I don’t want to I don’t want you to catch me slippin either here
we go and five four three two one nice that’s
the end of the first round all right nice work so far
first rounds down we got two more to go stay focused you know all the moves now
so now I expect you to pick it up the next couple rounds give it everything
you got put it all out there this is a 20 second rest not much just enough you
to get your water and remember what your name is we’re going to start back up
with that one dumbbell on the lunge plus chop here in five four three two one
alright let’s hit it guys to the side of that stationary leg and back up remember
we’re splitting half and half good breathe step back and repeat get that
core engaged throughout and switch other side nice step up good this is also a
great one to do with the kettlebell if you got it good you’ll notice on this
wrong Claudia grab a couple heavier weights she’s going to probably switch
you know some movements you might use heavier some movements might use lighter
feel free to do the same switch it up make this workout yours good three three
two one zero both dumbbells needed for the next one we’re going to the
v-sit fly remember working our core as well as our chest sitting back 45 degree
angle feet either up or on the ground and we’ll work in that chest give a
little bending your elbows on that fly like you’re opening them up and then
hugging a tree come on Bri we’re going to get it today we are going to get it
today I’ll tell you what we’ve made it this
far we’re not going to give up we’re going to push through this thing let’s
do it come on let’s do it and five four three two one nice we’re
keeping your dumbbells we’re up on our feet we’re going to move into a dumbbell
good morning Plus hammer curl good so this one hat first move it’s all in the
hips as you drive them back and then drive them back forward nice remember
this one same movement for both fitness levels you just modify the weight as
needed or no weight at all let me ask you still good movement good weight goes
back repeat it one two three four good work guys come on machine like one rep
after another you could do this all day powerhouse your power factory let’s get
it come on let’s get it nice give me five more seconds of this one and that’s
it four three two one dumbbells to the side thank goodness but we do have to
hold ourselves up we’re going to do a crab either toe touch or kick starting
to get sweaty starting to kick in starting to kick in yeah Claudia nice
good nice I like your attitude like that
spirit remember you gotta push yourself really at the end of the day because I
can be over here running my mouth you know like I like to do but but that
doesn’t do anything if you don’t take action right it’s all you at the end of
the day you got it it’s in you just reach down there and pull that out let’s
pull it out let’s go nice Bri you got it you got it
give me ten more seconds on this bad boy right here and five four three two one
zero ahh we turning over don’t get up yet oh
we’re going push up push shoulder touch see wishful thinking guys wishful
thinking we’re going to push up shoulder touch or push up toe touch or push up
knee touch hip touch just get down there do what you can which one is right for
you just show the different variations I can go here to my knees I can go here to
my hips and go here to my shoulders you decide which one’s right for you none of
them really easy come on what have you do don’t stop moving you got to take it
to a different modification that’s okay but don’t stop moving no she’s going on
your knees that’s right I’ve been known to do it myself
in five four three two one all right what are we go next
oh my wishful thinking jump rope grab your jump rope you got it
like no milk all right I like it I just kicking it up a notch you guys I think
she’s making me look bad should have grabbed my weight is don’t bro come on
let’s go you guys got it pushing and breathe little light taps saying
lighting the balls of the feet keeping it moving good you got it you got it keep it up more than halfway done with
this one yeah give me five more seconds that’s it and
four three two one zero good jump ropes down we got our two dumbbells where
they’re doing that leaning windmill curl or just the windmill curl little
cloudy’s getting her big weights back so I’m getting down here deep one up curl
you decide which one’s right for you and get there come on let’s do it guys
remember what brought you here today remember every winner was once a
beginner I heard that today I like it that’s so true getting a little better
every day right here and switch sides remember how blessed we are we’ve got
the opportunity to wake up do this sort of work out put our two feet on the
ground don’t ever take that for granted let’s use it what we’re giving right
here come on good you got it me five more seconds on this one
that’s it and three two one zero moving on to the rocker two dumbbells
remember when the demos are in front weights on your hips and vice-versa go
try to your feet plateau which it’s a little hard nice burn out your legs with
this one keep that weight back in your hips good yeah feeling a claudius
feeling that weight upgrade ladies you names nothing wrong with that
good ooh I like it all hurting together guys we’re all
hurting together let’s get it right here you know we only have five more seconds
to this one and four three two one no rust back to the ground we got that ISO
row from a high plank or from our knees either way here right here and you know
enjoying every minute of it keep your core tight shoulders Square to
the ground what do you got what do you got what are you made of let’s find out
right here let’s find out right here nice switch sides for me everybody let’s
go come on remember you’re not alone hurt in here
I’m hurting he should see this pool of sweat know if you can fully grasp how
much it’s pretty glass pretty gross you know she’s my wife so she can say that
sort of thing and three two one okay we’re up we have our dumbbells really
doing a lunge plus press hooah or a squat plus price you decide which one’s
right for you get there the squat it’s probably a little more friendly on the
knees if you’re concerned about that good
oh my shoulders are on fire I feel so good burn so good oh yes very important
ah come on and five four three two one thank
goodness to the ground we go to that ISO hip up Plus pull over remember I’m gonna
give you one leg Claudia’s going to do it on both you decide which one suits
your needs either way I want you to keep moving no breaks right here one wrap
right into the next I can’t break Claudia cam can’t break me break Claudia
yeah yeah exactly cuz I make her keep you on and switch if you’re using one
leg so that being said don’t quit on us come on let’s go
do it for you don’t do it for us but keep moving come on let’s go
nice keep driving off that heel and five four three two one zero
all right number to the side make that bear plank I had almost forgotten about
how amazing it is so we’re up and we’re either kicking through or we’re stepping
back remember you decide which one is right for kicking through rotate those
hips all the way nice work everybody come on breathe
you got it you got it coming back to that neutral position in between each
rep so that means don’t have your knees too high in between the refs nice
kicking through pushing through what do you made of right here put it all out
there I’ll talk for you prove it to yourself right here prove it to yourself
and five four three two one zero high into the second round only one more
to go guys only one more okay here it is step point of the workout where you
could easily hit the pause button call it a day say I’m good or you can take it
to the next level and do what most people aren’t willing to do so you can
go get what most people will never have it’s your choice right here we’re here
with you’re ready to work let’s push this pace here we’re going to get going
here in five and you one dumbbell three two one we got that lunge and chop
let’s hit last set of these every set from here on out every rep let’s do it
like it’s your last one like your life depends on let’s get it going I’m going
to try to push pick up the pace with you nice come on let’s hit it
and switch sides keep those shoulders square on the way down good working
those legs it’s all going to be burned out by town we’re done here aren’t so
good and three two one good both dumbbells we’re going to the ground
v-sit fly VSIP fly last one of these right here sitting back 45-degree angle
if you can if not try to get as close as you can to there and fly fly away right
here nice come on think about what drives you what motivates you during
this last round what is it for you Claudia what is what is it it’s
motivating you right now true statement she’s a little crazy here we go in five
four three two one nice and I want to be able to help you’re on your feet for the
next one you need those two dumbbells Oh Carl we
have dumbbell good morning Plus curl dumbbell good morning
Plus her heart I’m goes up a tree shoulders nice if Zack hips forward who
working it working it working it right here last set of these arms are starting
to feel it there we go it’s working all the
different body parts but usually whichever one is the weakest is the one
that’s going to stand out the most come on pushing the pace guys what do
you got today what do you got let’s put it all out there no holding back and
three two one rest dumbbells are down getting into that crab position so crab
position I’m gonna do my toe touches my last set of these she’s doing the kicks
but no matter what what are we doing we’re moving here we go come on kick up
the pace you want to kick up the pace on some harder kicks feel free to do so up
to you see Claudia is trying to get some extra credit come on let’s go what you
got what you got put it all out there getting a little better every day only
competing with yourself you look in the mirror that’s your competition
come on let’s get it going in five four three two one zero we’re turning over
into a push-up position oh wait it might have been me
alright we’re going to push up don’t touch or shoulder touch you decide which
one’s right for you but remember keep the pace up let’s go you got to go down
to a easier difficulty modification to keep moving that’s totally alright nice
I’m borrowed it’s route to my knees and here’s some push-ups here in a second
whoo ah burn so good fighting through guys right here with you come on go get
it go get it go all could be yours just got to go work for it
Linda we’re showing our age on that one guys we’re showing our age come on let’s
go 5 4 3 2 1 nice what do we got next oh we got the jump
rope alright if you’re using one get it let’s go we’re not resting we rest when
we’re done come on let’s go right here with you trust me I’m feeling it too
Claudia’s feeling it millions are doing at home all feeling it but we’re gonna
keep moving we’re gonna go push cuz we’re fighters
that’s why right there not quitters we’re fighters let’s go hot feet hot
feet what you got what you got nice nice give
me ten more seconds ten more seconds let’s go put it out there put it out
there let’s go and five four three two one jump rope down dumbbells up let that
windmill plus curl burning it all out right here whoo burning it all up gets
harder to get that dumbbell up there every time what we’re going to push
through we’re not quitting we’re not quitting come on let’s go come on you’re
not a quitter I know you’re not I know you’re not a quitter
let’s go pushing it pushing it push five four three two one
switching sides switch inside up and go ah I think that’s her way of telling me
I need to step up my dad game tomorrow come on let’s go make sure you guys
check out our snapchat at has fit if you want to see some more of a little girl
our day-to-day life my wife getting upset at me you know all
that good type of stuff come on three two one let’s go a rocker right here
rocker waiting the hips and for rocking back toes like the name suggests nice
this one’s burning my legs out hold my legs and your legs are feeling the same
what’s working for you Yass keep your feet flat on the ground
good breathe you got it you got it yeah I’ve been doing a lot of cool work a lot
of back work on this one five four three two one
speaking of our back let’s go to the ground high plank ISO row hate it come
on get down here and go get down here go don’t waste no time let’s go stop
lollygagging come on let’s go concentrate on what you your goals are
where you’re headed how you gonna get there how hard you have to work to get
there what do you got to do what has to happen
switch focus on it get there go to your happy place what are we doing what are
we at where are we at come on stay focused concentrating on that deep breathing
trying to ignore that pain three-two-one we’re up we got either a lunch for us or
a squat press my shoulders are going to fall off
yes well that’s okay but that’s okay that’s what I came here for I like it I
like it got to have that positive attitude otherwise it just doesn’t work
come on let’s go stick with it stick with it
nice come on push him up pushing them up mmm ah ten more seconds almost there almost
there in five four three two one to the ground like so hip up you know how close
to you all right now two more sets that’s it come on don’t quit don’t quit
fighting to the end what do you got left put it out there don’t save any of it
let’s go somewhere out there there’s somebody fighting for what you want for
what you deserve and do not ever let them outwork you
right here right now let’s hit it switch if you’re using one leg nice come
on fighting through not much left fighting through we’re not quitting
we’re not giving up we’re pushing through we’re pushing through and five
four three two one zero dumbbells to the side bear plank this is
it right here people what are you saving it for I’m gonna give you what I got
let’s go let’s get crazy let’s get crazy what do you got let’s get crazy I’m
slipping I’m sliding that’s cuz I’m that dang sweaty right now I’ll kick these
off high hate it I’ll make up for it I promise
let’s go ah that’s better that’s better pushing it pushing it back
to square every time you got it back to square you got 15 seconds and your day
is done what are you quitting for what are you
slowing down for let’s go come on come on come on come on in five four three
two one ah nice work huh yeah all right guys that
looked our but I hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did and if you did
make sure you give this video a big old thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube
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interested thank you so much for joining us today I’m your personal trainer coach
Kozak and we will see you at your next workout

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    You have made me physically and mentally stronger.

    God bless you both.

  30. Thank You both so much for pushing me today!!! I used my 8 lbs weights for most of the exercises. A few months ago, I wouldn't of used any weights. Or quit. I did all of this workout, EXCEPT the final one exercise. I will do 100% of it next time! I promise!!! I am starting to notice a difference on the inside of my thighs!!!!! So again! Thank You so much for these workouts!!!!!!!!!

  31. 2nd time doing this workout – SMASHED IT!!
    I had a sluggish day today – over ate ๐Ÿ˜ž – I wasn't going to workout today but thank you God for kicking my butt up and making me do this workout. I don't feel so guilty now and I know I will wake up in the morning in a positive mood.

    Thank you Coach and Claudia. Your both a Godsend.

  32. Awesome workout! I missed Claudia's voice but then I realized that this is a 2016 video..we love you Coach! but, now that we can hear Claudia voice we all know she compliments your workout videos so well :)!

  33. ู…ุงุนุฌูŠู†ูŠ ุงู„ุชู…ุฑูŠู† ุจุงุฑุฏ ุจุงู„ุนุงููŠู‡ ุฎู„ุตุชู‡

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