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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

the funny thing I always get people who tell
me they want to gain weight I eat a lot of food I eat a lot of food then you’ll see you’ll
go out with them and you’re like you don’t eat that’s what you call eating I’m like you
want to grow you need to eat hey what’s up Muscle & Strength this is Juan Diesel Morel
welcome to my house you’re about to follow me on a full day of eating so right now we’re
about to have some pancakes these are actually p28 pancakes turkey bacon 6 whole eggs some
cheese and with my meals right before I work out I always take fish oil since I’m going
to work out not long after I take my creatine with it bcaas and I also take my multivitamins
which I’ll get in a second and this is it this is breakfast meal number 1hey whatsup
guys right now we’re getting to meal number 2 we’re going to la bottega it’s an Italian
restaurant not far from the gym so I come over here and eat 2-3 times out the week sometimes
I’ll eat at the gym you know I’ll heat up some food and sometimes I’ll just come here
take my bag out with me so I can take my supplements with food so we’ve got uh a burger so this
is actually made with mozzarella cheese its got bacon tomato a lot of good stuff and we
got some fries nice post workout meal I’m taking my creatine right after my workout
and some fish oil so you’ll notice as soon as I left you know I texted and told them
I was on my way so he has this ready for me as soon as I come in everything should feel
nice and soft everything should feel lose your body should just feel very good if anything
starts to hurt during training or you think it may not be moving quite as well or you
don’t think it looks right or doesn’t feel right there’s something going on and it should
get addressed because it may not be a big deal now but it’ll be a snowball effect and
really quickly other things will start to go down and you won’t even realize it right
now what I’m going to do is um I actually mix it with almond milk this why I buy a whole
bunch of these when I go it’s actually pretty low so I’m going to have to use some water
so hope there’s enough I try to get 12 ounces and mix 2 scoops into it this is actually
chocolate peanut butter which is my favorite flavor so I really just eat a dessert first
I bring it with me and use this to wash it down oreos chocolate chips chocolate chip
cookies the funny thing I always get people who tell me they want to gain weight I eat
a lot of food I eat a lot of food then you’ll see you’ll go out with them and you’re like
you don’t eat that’s what you call eating I’m like you want to grow you need to eat
hey what’s up guys so right now I’m having meal 4 it’s a weight gainer it’s called beast
mass and it has about 1300 calories close to 300g of carbs and this is what I’m having
today after my second workout we’re at vincents clam bar you guys are about to see the best
italian dishes in New York City twice a week we come here and get some good italian food
especially right now in the offseason precontest can only do it once per week I’m deciding
between the chicken parm and the lasagna hey what’s up guys last meal of the day I don’t
even want to eat anymore but I got to eat because we got to keep these gains coming
so this is what my last meal looks like we’ve got 5 whole eggs 5 whites cheese 3 slices
of turkey bacon and a bagel it’s about to go down

49 thoughts on “300lb Bodybuilder Juan Morel, Full Day of Eating, 10,965 Calories!

  1. Heck if i eat that much in a day i want to be mr.olympia how come is he satisfied with something less than that?

  2. For everyone saying he eats like shit this isn’t even that bad he eats los of protein and carbs plus he works out twice a day and for someone of his size he burns off 1000 calories from just sleeping he probably burns off another thousand from just walking around and of course lifting

  3. does it make any of you feel better talking shit about him? This is what he does, works for him. Doesn't look to healthy but whats point of talking shit about anybody. Damn yall are some pathetic people

  4. this video seems like juan is someone who was destined to be super morbidly obese but was dealt a diffrent hand of cards saved with steroids and weight lifting amazing if someone who was normal weight ate that calories and even literally exercise 14 hours a day would still be obese you cant burn 10000 kal it would take 15 hours of running lol

  5. I love how bodybuilders actually think their bodies look good, like bruh that isn’t attractive. You literally are wasting your life so you can look like a balloon

  6. Blood preasure.
    Sometimes hard to breath when sleeping.
    Always hungry
    No thx .

    Huge dude but no thx. Dont wanna train like him

  7. This explains why most bodybuilders today have that gut looking like a pregnant goat. Eating fried foods, ice cream and not getting most of the protein intake from real clean foods.

  8. Its funny that all these Body builders talk about what they eat but FAIL to mention the most important ingredient for body building. Anabolic Steroids. Sure, you need to eat but a modern non natural body builders HAVE TO take steds. Why miss the injection part hey?

  9. This is a Strong Man Diet. Eat all you can of anything. You can eat all these types food only if you are taking drugs. The drugs burn fat like fire. These type burgers are for cheat days. This 3:25 is a treat. If you are a natural bodybuilder this diet will put on so much fat you will be depressed.

  10. Please do not take this advice if you're not a steroid head. Promise you will get fat if U eat like this if Ur nature. Good video tho!! 🤭

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