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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Are you ready to rock your body into shape well awesome. You’re in the right place cuz today We are gonna be doing a full body workout. My name is Rebecca Louise I’m gonna be your trainer for the next 30 minutes, and I want you to give it 110 percent Let’s start off with a nice little warm-up. Just when you’re jogging on the spot Just to get our heart rate up. We’re gonna be feeling good Make sure you’re breathing the whole time getting [our] oxygen to the muscles and give you some high knees Are we ready for this? I’m ready to pump our bodies. Give me some booty kickers breathing and star jump four three two one Okay, super important to stretch out we don’t wanna have any injuries We’re just gonna stretch out those [cars]. So one leg in front of the other just Gonna pull this toe up Holly here, and let’s change onto the other side Bring it up to increase that stretch stretch if you want to Bring your legs out nice and wide we’re gonna come down to the middle stretch out the backs of your legs over to one side hold it here five four three Two one Back to the center [and] over to the other side It doesn’t matter even if you’re here just try and get and just feel that stretch in the back of your legs Okay, bring those legs in together arms out to the side just gonna rotate those arms backwards keep moving with your feet Warming up those ankles and bringing it forward Okay, two big circles and another one. Let’s get working those muscles Your friends exercise. We are going to do a lunge back are we gonna take it into a high knee so we have 12? As you go back nice and low and then bring that knee high up towards your chest Down you go and bring it up excellent five four three Two one Let’s go on to the other leg nice and low see if you can bring that knee even higher towards your chest Great start everyone you gotta keep going Start as you mean to go on hungry How are we feeling? We feelin punked ready to go three? Two squeeze those abs as you come up to the top one legs nice and narrow and work those [coupe] and Upwards narrow squat to go down as low as you can and you come up [to] the top squeeze those glutes? That’s what’s really gonna improve the booty make it look so awesome in those shorts. Keep it going squeeze Now [you’re] Gonna feel so good after this workout just get through it if you think about giving up at least just keep your body moving just do something because If you manage to get through ten minutes of this workout Next time you’re gonna be able to get through 15 then 20 and then 13 you do it twice through last one Squeeze [as] you get to the top come down to the ground let’s work those arms and abs [oh] you in the plank position and you’re gonna tap either side nice and slow try and keep your body as straight and Not moving at all okay. So just nice movement keep yourself nice and still That’s it guys come on. You can do it if you want to modify it you can just hold it in the plank position No, one just stay in this plank I just when you can move over to the side okay, so no rest and what you’re gonna Do is you’re gonna bring your leg forward? That’s it nice slow and controlled Lift that arm up you just got 12 bringing that leg to the front really pull up on the side So working those oblique muscles Working that lower leg and working that arm [five] oh great job three squeeze One okay, other side. I’m gonna go straight into it so get up into that side plank get yourself comfortable And then bring [your] leg forward Squeeze those abs bring it up into the side keep trying to lift up even higher And breathe come on guys. You’ve got this Total body workout, it’s really gonna turn up your whole body your arms To your legs to your butt to your abs Last one, okay. Let’s add a power moving Stand up. We able to do some tap jumps, okay? I’m going to do it forwards and [backwards] So I just want you to jump up as high as you can and bring your legs your feet toward your butter knife [bend] in between three Jump, [I] just wanted to go about half a foot Spring High You got this three two one [shake] those legs out, whoo. It’s time to hydrate Super important in any workout must keep yourself hydrated Because what happens is we sweat We’re losing all the efficiency because we don’t have enough hydration in us so number one always make sure you have your bottle next to That keeps you hydrated. [oh] Okay, next exercise One of my favorites Gonna be doing the curtsy lunge So nice white start and then squeeze down all the way Arms out to the side chest up knee almost touching the ground [ah] Feel those glutes get to the top squeeze You’ve got this guy’s despite to go anything – last one okay, let’s [work] those booties, but We’re gonna bring one leg up just a slight bend in the knee We’re gonna go forward and then bring [it] up now concentrate on something Just in front of you if you want to make this workout harder you can add weight Now I’m really concentrating on a spot right in front of me. I want you guys to do exactly the same I’m gonna tell you interchange so just hold on to that spot keep looking We got to get five Four don’t look away three squeeze two And one over till the side can you feel it in those cuffs? [I] mean definitely fit in my cuffs down we go you’ve got 12 As you come up [to] the top. I really want you to squeeze those glutes Keep your back nice and straight as you come to the top [keep] an eye on that spot if you need to keep your tummy pulled in nice and secure. It’s gonna help with your balance And down we go and five Four you can go a little bit lower three come on on my statue ground last one and up Okay, got my [cars] fit on by it feels great, though doesn’t it what we’re going to do Now is we’re going [to] come down into a plank. [I] want you to TriceP dip and then direct route okay, [so] we’re going to come here We’re gonna go down and then we’re going to extend out so come back into this plank position You’re just going to use your triceps. Keep them nice tight to your body and extend Use those toes to support you on the ground And extend out really stretch out those abs come back to the plank position down you go and breathe so inhale and Exhale come on guys you [can] do this keep it going Breathing back to the plank [you] feel the burn in your arms Stretch out up. We go three two. Go three into the plank down two okay last one Up you go and release those knees and your arms give you a bit of a wiggle and [let’s] stand up We’re gonna be using our glutes to pull a leg up to leg out to the side You’re gonna squeeze up and down. You’re gonna feel this in your quads And your also gonna feel it in your glutes try and not touch the ground pull up nice and tall Breathing come on five four three Two one And the other side straight up into it get your balance And breathe you need to have your arms out to the side or in front of you Just make sure you’re really squeezing the abs It’s gonna help keep you nice and tall and it’s also gonna support your balance and keep you nice and steady three two One let’s go into some power. We’re gonna jump 180 degrees 12 times let’s do it Nice lunge my squat in the middle three four five six come on halfway eight nine Ten Eleven Twelve [good] job everyone give yourselves a wiggle get some hydration [onboard] Let’s keep pumping our muscles [get] back to it. I want [you] to do is a nice wide squat I’m just going to go to either side you [got] 12 of these I’m just gonna warm up. I glued cuz we’re going to go into some pulses, and then it’s gonna really burn Remember the burn is good when your body is burning it means it’s working. So you want to keep going 5 4 3 2 1 [now] hold it here nice And low you’ve got 12 pulses nice and slowly try and tuck your hips in so you’re really Using [your] glutes stay low get lower however. Loo you are I want you to just get an inch lower Come on push your body keep it going [5] [4] [3] [2] [1] good job everyone now back down onto the ground You’re going to do a plank Just like this, and then you’re going to go into your downward dog You’re gonna get a nice stretch in those hamstrings and get a nice and controlled. You’re gonna bring your body back So it’s nice and straight we have 12 of these stretch out and Then back so that your weight is on your hands, and we’re just gonna hold it there. So really engage those ab muscles stretch out and again Good job everyone keep it going stay nice [and] strong Nice stretch [in] those hamstrings and then using your arms Gonna build a strength in your shoulders And breathe just five to go oh Three but the way all the way over onto your shoulders onto your hands – And then the last one here [good] job everyone bring your knees down to the ground okay when you come back into that plank position I know your arms are hurting, but we’re gonna keep going just to twelve more reps. We’re gonna bring our knees in Towards our chest Okay, really as far as your knees can go pull that tummy in keep your arms nice and straight keep yourself strong Good job everyone five four three Two one Okay, jumping straight up. We got our power move we have got 12 squat jumps you can do it. Let’s go Breathe nice, and high in the jump come on really spring use your feet five four three Two one Good job everyone, okay next step. We are gonna be working those calf muscles We have a nice little stretch afterwards, so give this everything you’ve got we’re gonna go up for 12 Make sure that your heels don’t touch the ground Just like a tiny tiny bit just before you get to the ground you’re gonna bring it up So nice and slow 3 2 1 now we’re gonna do 12 pulses really quickly at the top three four five keep these abs pulled in nice and tight 8 9 10 11 12 Now Super Bowl We’re gonna have a stretch out those calves great exercise that you can do for it [from] the wind is getting You just bend over one leg Can feel the stretch here if you want to increase the stretch Just put one of your hands on your toe and just lift up gently that’s sewer is so important because if you like me, [I] really tend to get lactic acid build up in my calves and [that’s] what makes them crap and another thing that makes your body crown is if you’re not hydrated So really one always to have that bottle next to you. It’s gonna keep you hydrated because it’s Gonna It’s Gonna Avoid that cramping happening in your muscles Okay, next exercise Right let’s get [down] and work that but again what I want you to do is slow circles to the front Really big circles as wide and as high as your leg can go if you’re Gonna make a circle in the sky Now if you want to build this in your glute your booty area You just [got] to think about using that muscle to bring the leg up and around to One [ok] back the other way keep that chest up nice and tall Again if you’re not if you tend to forget, that’s okay But think about using that glute Not the leg to move it you want to think the glute is Gonna move Your leg round around tighten your leg that’s doing it. It’s gonna be your glute. This is what’s Gonna get you to adults [ah]? two One switch it over to the other side The last rest you have the more you’re gonna feel the burn let’s take it to the front Nice big circle see if you can make them even bigger keep that chest up you want that elbow underneath your shoulder and circle your leg round excellent job everyone again engage those glute muscles Give me two [ball] ah ah let’s go back the other way round Breathing well done guys it it awesome. Keep it going you want to stop now Just think of the results ah [breathe] four three two more to the back Where we go and then flip over onto the next exercise? We have no rest and go straight into it [or] you to be in a plank And we’re going to bring your leg out to the side and then in so we’ve been working those glutes You’re gonna still feel in the glutes. We’re gonna be working those abs And we’re also working our arms, so good total money work out five four three Two one and guess what we’re doing on the other side as well. Go for it stay strong Keep your body moving excellent job everyone squeeze those glutes Oh, [let’s] tummy in three Two one [and] come down to your knees Flipping over I know I’m getting moving for the backwards cords of efforts, but you know what that just burns in extra calories So it’s even better coming down onto your back. We’re gonna do scissors So we’re gonna start with our legs and though. It’s sort of like we’re at V I were just gonna split bring our legs together here, and then wide again [we’ve] got 12 Can you do it? Yes is yes, you can Now the hardest part of your body is to work and to get results It’s the lower pooch [and] this is all down to nutrition okay eighty percent Or what you look and feel [like] it’s down to your diet So if you’ve got a great diet, and you’re getting there exercising you’re really gonna see the results now. It’s your power move Flipping back over to the [other] side [or] [when] you in the plank position. [we’re] gonna jump our legs out to the side and back So see how far you can bring your legs towards your elbows I keep breathing We don’t want to be dizzy when we stand up so super important to keep making sure that we’re inhaling and exhaling to get that oxygen to the month oh three Two one [bring] it back. Whoo good job everyone keep it going Remember any [time] you need [to] always wait to keep a bottle next year to keep yourself hydrated You can always press pause get some hydration, and then keep your body’s working [there’s] number one to make sure that your body is working efficiently Just a couple more exercises to go Right your next exercise. We’re gonna have a nice wide open stance. We’re gonna come down. I’m Gonna post For 12 we’re gonna go all the way down to the ground and back up So squeeze those glutes as you get to the top keep that chest up keep your back nice and straight I’ll breathe we’re feeling good. We’re almost at the end of the workout 5 4 3 2 1 let’s Switch over to the other side down we go breathing in and out Good guys, you’ve done so good so far. You don’t want to give up. [you’re] just a few minutes left You’re gonna work out all the way to the end. This is when you’re gonna see the most results when your body’s really working 3 2 1 come back down to the ground We never do full situps. [I] want you to put your arms over your head, and [we’re] gonna come up [then] stretch over [our] legs, and then Gonna really gently and slowly Come down and Using your abs to bring you up Relax over those legs [a] nice little stretch, and then slowly down stay with me on this And bring yourself back up Stretch over those legs. Let’s see if you can do this one even slower test yourselves push your body see how far it can go And bring yourselves back up Excellent everyone keep it going you just got my barbies to do come up And slow down come on. Keep it going [is] that last bit that’s really hard. I don’t [your] [need] to calm down Or when he’s doing nice and slowly Last one down you [come] And bring yourselves up oh Okay now for your power move. I know it’s no everyone’s [favorite], but we’re going to blast through it nice [and] easy We’ve got 12 burpees so up and down Nice big high jump as you come down keep those legs nice and straight Or you to hold that position and then bring your legs in and jump up nice and high ah Come on guys push [turek]. You can do next [just] think what your body is gonna. Look like afterwards, you’re gonna see the results Keep pushing yourself ah [hold]. It here nice high jump And breathe two more Last one come on one Big jump oh That’s a tough one. Well. Let’s go straight into [our] sumo squat then go down to 12 nice wide squat squeeze those glutes as you get to the top really squeeze ah It’s your time. Just inhale and it exhale after you’ve done those burpees whoa great job everyone you’re so nearly there just keep working hard ah three two one back down to the ground they’ll be back to working out, but What I want you to do. Let’s get your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Just like we happen in the plank position you’ve got this point out and You’re Gonna kick back to the diagonal So not straight back Take a little look In your vision and check you’re going on the diagonal Great job everyone use those glute Muscles pull those abs in three Two one Now here. I need to pulse just out to the diagonal up and down using those glute muscles Breathing in and out keep your body up just open [oh] three two one [and] the other side [of] course Kicking it out onto the diagonal bringing your knee back to where the other knee is Keep that tummy pulled in Use your hands to [support] your body and keep it going you’ve done one side. You’ve just got to do the other oh breathe excellent job everyone oh three Two one And remember I’ve got those pulses for [Twelve], and this is when you’re really gonna feel the burn [it] feels good, right? Just think your pots gonna. Look amazing keep it going That’s it. Just pulsing [oh] Three to Town okay, we’ve been working those shoulders Let’s work on those triceps, [so] your hands want you to be facing at your feet. We’re gonna go up We’ll extend one leg out and we’re Gonna go up and down Really squeeze Remember this is a total body workout When using no weights. We’re using no resistance. We’re just using our body weight, so you could do this at home Don’t even need a gym membership so easy four three two and one And you guessed it. I’m going on the other side down you [go] ah squeeze Keep those elbows as close to your body as possible And bring your hips up to the ceiling Breathe come on. We’ve got this we could do it together you’re doing so great ah and Up now for your power move. We’re gonna be doing tap jumps. We even go side to side. It’s a nice big jumps across to Come on. Really give it some effort You’re gonna jump think about selling in the middle of you, and you’re gonna jump over the log I Remember us in the brownies, please don’t jump up for a look keep it going – Okay, I’m gonna get some hydration want my body to work efficiently throughout the whole workout, so this is pretty important Okay, just a few [more] minutes to go [Gonna] take lunges to the front we’ll do the nice and quickly okay. I’m going [to] speed it up. So you’ve got one two [I] still want you to keep your posture, right ah we’re just gonna speed up the lunges Breathe come on if you can go a little bit faster. Keep your push to right three Come on. Let’s do this last one and the other side one Keep breathing everybody keep your back up straight use your abs to pull you back up. [oh] We gonna have such strong legs at the end of this well this plyometrics power [302] Down and up coming down onto the ground can we work in that back so like we did earlier We went out to the side But we need to bring it into the chest out and then a pulse [we] have 12 on each leg so up pulse again Remember you’re Gonna use those glutes? You’re gonna feel it there you’re gonna feel the burn when [you’re] engaging those glute muscles. Oh your stomach in keep those arms nice and strong Few more minutes guys you can definitely do it. Just keep your body moving squeeze and three two and the last one and it’s go straight on to [the] other leg [you] gotta bring it through up pulse ah All about feels like it’s a fire. He feeling good guys you’re doing so awesome. Just keep up the good work it’s gonna pay off ah [whole] set and when you do that pulse use your glute to bring your leg up so glute up Bring that knee a little bit closer to the chest if you can all those abs up give me two more and again Okay Over onto your back here onto your bottom. I want you to extend the legs out. We have got 12 crunches, but we need to do this nice [and] slow, so you’re gonna go as far back as [you] can keep that chest open [and] using your abs to bring your legs in stay nice and strong hold it out bring it in ah Breathing guys come on. Just five to go five [oh] [let’s] see if you can hold it there [for] a little bit longer three Just two to go and the last one bring it in back over onto [your] front We are going to get into a wider plank position Keep your hands nice and secure get your arm straight. We’re gonna bring one leg in at a time We’ve got 12 on each side oh five Six halfway there keep it going keep your arms nice and straight keep your belly pulled in bring that leg up to the side three two One okay stretch those arms out inhale And exhale open up these shoulders See if you can get your hand just a little bit further just to stretch out And we’re going to do exactly the same on the other side You’re almost there. Just give me this few more minutes a good time, and it’s gonna be worth it. So hold up here Nice and secure we’ve got 12 ah Bring that knee as high as your elbow as possible [you] want to keep trying to see if you can touch it three five four three two and the last one and release [oh] Okay, just two more exercises left to go What I want you to do is you can have your legs behind you you get to bring it up? Round in front and all the way around so really are working these glutes And we’re holding our balance now. This is hard to do after you’ve done lots of jumping and you’ve been working your muscles You can feel a lactic acid burning up inside whoo and breathe feeling good everyone feel like [we] got a good workout in ah keep it going it’s for three Two you [got] this one and the other side So taking it back and round and this is my weaker side, so I’m just gonna have to work a little bit harder So you have to concentrate and really focus on a point? And that’s gonna help me with [my] balance you can put your arms out to the side This helps helps lots of people – or your hands on your hips whichever way you can do it keep that leg lifted up five to go oh Come on squeeze use the glute – and the last one Round okay your last exercise. We’re gonna finish it. We have finish your heart when you go to 12 squat jumps Are you ready? Yes? Let’s do this together. [I] want you to give it everything You’ve got really spring off those feet up onto the toes. Let’s go twelve one two three four five six seven eight [nine] Ten Eleven Twelve [oh] Good job everyone give those legs a shake you guys did so awesome I’ll be feeling sweaty. I’ve hope [you’re] feeling about a good workout. I know I have now guys when you [workout] If you want to maximize your result which we all want to it’s super important that give our body what it needs afterwards Two scoops of powder some water. [I] shake [it] up. It’s this easy even my mum. Can do it He’s Gonna have this I? Love the taste of this well it feels good because what happens guys is when you’re working out you tear all your muscles Okay, yummy If you don’t give your body what it needs afterwards a good post recovering meal You’re never Gonna build stronger you need to build those muscles Repair all the damage that you’ve done and next time when you go to the gym when you workout you’re gonna feel so much stronger ah Big important we also need to calm down. So just give me two more minutes. We’re gonna stretch out our bodies [are] [we] to breathe out? and then Vertebrae by Vertebrae come down and hang your head over your Your knees, and you’re gonna feel this stretch out the back and gently keep breathing remember, you’re gonna come up to the top Rotate those shoulders for me big big shoulder rotations, and then bring it forward You can also do your neck as well because we’ve been using all those push-ups You can really feel the strain in your neck [so] it’s a great idea [just] to get your neck a little bit of a stretch Just gentle pressure on the side of your head and [on] the other side And then for your arms. I want you to stretch it out if you can’t touch each other I mean just here. [it] is absolutely great. Make sure you feel the stretch going down your arms and your back Now so just keep moving your feet up and [down] Let’s take it to the other side And move those feet oh Feeling good. I feel so pumped after I’ve worked out this feels great Okay, give me some big shoulder big arm circles coming forward And we’re Gonna just stretch out these quads We’re using those muscles when we’re doing our squats moving those jumps really using these quad muscles as big muscles here Let’s take Em to the other side If you feel a [little] bit wobbly when you’re doing this stretch It’s good it means your muscles have been working so definitely give yourself a pat on the back for that Last stretch, I’m Gonna give you just to do those coughs those car phrases again Just stretching out I tend to get cramp here a lot. So you know it’s important to stretch as well as keeping hydrated And stretched out the leg out for me Give yourselves a wiggle. Shake your arms, and you are done. You did so well today guys [I] had so much fun training you. My name’s rebecca louise, and I hope to work out with you again soon

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