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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Incirlik Air Base’s third Clash of the Titans
Bodybuilding Competition gave airmen a chance to show off all the hard work they put into
fitness. For some it was a great motivator to keep
them on track with their goals. By hosting it twice a year we try to give
the competitors enough time in between to get their bodies ready or do whatever they
need to do so that they’re ready for the competition. As the competition approached, competitors
and spectators alike were excited for the event to begin. I know a lot of people are amped up, you know,
to see this competition. Just people that I see around town, around
the base, you know, they are pretty excited for this show so it’s something that I wanted
to participate in. There were three separate categories; women’s
bikini, men’s physique, and men’s bodybuilding. Audience members cheered as the competitors
showed off. It was a good time on stage. You guys saw out there. There was good energy. The crowd was awesome and the competitors
were even better. For AFN Incirlik, I’m Airman First Class
Alexis Stanley.

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