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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Today we’re doing my plateau busting bicep
workout. This will be a great workout for anybody who’s
hit a plateau in a workout when they’re working their arms. Specifically the bicep. Let’s say you’re just not really feeling it
like you’re making much ground on your workout. Hopefully with some of the different movements
today we’ll break right through that plateau. So with this workout, use whatever weight
you feel comfortable with. Maybe something a touch heavier than what
you’re used to using. That way we’re going to go more on the building
side. But if you want to tone, that’s okay. You can keep it a little bit lighter, and
do more reps. So the first exercise we’re going to start
with is a leaning windmill concentration curl. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to
bend off to the side. We’re going to get our arm on our knee, our
other arm is going to be up, overhead straight, and we’re just going to really think about
getting a nice concentration curl on that lower arm. So we’re going all the way down, all the way
up. Full range of motion. Getting a little bit of core workout too,
which is kind of nice, too. So really think about curling, holding at
the top, getting that nice squeeze at the top. Once you finish your reps – however many,
12-15 – we’re just going to stand up, and we’re going to do the same on the opposite
side. Get into a nice, deep lunge, get that elbow,
shoulder up, and we’ll go for 12-15 on this side. Squeezing at the top. Nice, little concentration curl. Meaning it really concentrates just on the
bicep. All right. Next we’re going to go into plank hammer curls. So with this one you probably want to go with
a little bit lighter of a weight. I have a couple variations of weight here
because some things I’ll go a little heavier with. This one, gravity is going to make the weight
feel heavier. So this is going to be a plank hammer curl. So you’re just going to get into a plank position. Feet are going to be wide apart for a good
stance. Nice, straight back. You’re just going to hold the weight. Normally this is our traditional. We’re going to have thumbs up. So we’re just bringing it up, to the shoulder,
back down to the ground. Make sure you tap that shoulder for full range
of motion. And down. And once again, we’re hitting the core quite
a bit with this one. Think about really squeezing that bicep at
the top. Next we’re going to go into an iso-hold curl. So with that I may jump up a little bit. I always do everything on one foot. That’s just because I love working on balance. You can stand on two feet if you need a more
stable stance. What you’re going to do is, you’re just going
to hold one of the dumbbells at this angle, here. Not down here, not too high; perfectly straight
out so we’re getting that nice isometric hold on this side. So here’s my isometric, and then this side
I’m going to be doing a full curl. Once again, I’m going all the way down, all
the way up. So as you’re doing your curls, sometimes you’re
going to notice this hand starts dropping. So just self-correct and try to keep it as
straight out as possible. Once you’ve finished your 12-15 you can take
a slight rest, just to let this arm recover. Then we’re just going to switch over. We’re going to do the other side. So we’re going to get our isometric hold here,
and we’re just going to curl all the way up, all the way down on the other side. Once again, I’m really thinking about squeezing
at the top, and controlling the motion on the way down, getting that nice, full range
of motion. And up. My arms are burning already. Okay, our last is curl to hammer curl. So with this one it’s a nice combo. It’s a nice finisher once you’ve completed
your workout, or the last thing I put in my workout. We’re going to go from a double curl. Arms are coming down to the fronts of my thighs. I’m rotating my dumbbells, and I’m bringing
them up, into a hammer curl. Straight down, flip, straight up. Down. This helps, once again, get that full range
of motion. A lot of time if we’re off to the side we’re
curling here. I just find this gives a better range. Coming straight down, and up. And up. Okay, so once again, once you finish 12-15
you can rest for 30 seconds to one minute. Then you’re going to go through round two. Get that rest in between after your fourth
exercise. Go for three rounds. Three rounds is a great number because it
really gets that muscle working. It breaks it down. Once again, we’re trying to but through that
plateau, so that’s why you really want to push for three rounds today. Check out, if you haven’t
already. It will have everything to help you with your
fitness goals, your fitness needs. Hit the like button, and subscribe. Leave us comments, and I’ll see you guys soon.

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  1. This is so awkward! I would feel ridiculous doing any of these in public and I don't see how distracting yourself with core work is going to help you break through training plateaus??

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