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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey. My name is Erin, and I’m a former U.S. Junior
Olympic certified swim coach and personal trainer and fitness is my passion, so I cannot
wait to share it with you guys. All right, guys. You should be sufficiently out of breath. You’re going to rest for 30 to 60 seconds,
then repeat the entire thing, rest for another 30 to 60 seconds and repeat it again. So you’re repeating the whole circuit 3 times,
with a 30 to 60 second rest in between. Make sure that you stay hydrated and that
you stretch at the end. And you should be good. Keep clean diet and in 4 to 8 weeks, you will
be bikini ready. Good luck.

7 thoughts on “4 Best Bikini Workout Tips | Female Bodybuilding

  1. Um Howcast what is going on.  It has her intro, and then she says okay you should be sufficiently out of breath and tells you to repeat it.  There was nothing to repeat or be out of breath for.  Where is the work out?

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