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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

here are the four best core exercises
that beginners can do from home hey it’s coach Tyler from coming to you from right here in my living room and right now I’m gonna give
you a free follow a long workout that you can use anytime you want to target
your core work that excess fat off your midsection and slim up your waist
I’ll give you different levels of each exercise so anyone can do them no matter
how fit you currently are even if you’re injured or have physical limitations
this workout is a great starting point if you’re looking to make a body
transformation in fact we use similar workouts just like this with thousands
of our members to achieve incredible results and stay with me to the end of
this video because I want to give you an awesome freebie it’s a tool that we use
to help our members determine their unique core title which gives you the
exact exercises that you should use and the ones to avoid if you want the best
results possible for your individual body as always you should consult with your
personal care provider before you take on any new exercise program or routine
now core exercises are the foundation of your entire body every movement you make
stems from your core in order to slim down your waistline and get toned or
even six-pack abs you need to be following the right exercise in a
progressive order to properly activate your core and kickstart your weight loss
goals so let’s jump into the workout I have for you today okay so here’s how
this is gonna work we’re gonna do four beginner core exercises I’m gonna
describe each core exercise first all the details that you need to know to do
it with perfect form so you don’t hurt yourself then from there you can do the
exercise for 30 seconds along with me then I’ll go to the next exercise and
repeat the process and overall we’re gonna do those four exercises
you can have about two minutes of actual core work and afterwards you’ll see that
you can get a great core workout in just two minutes so let’s get started with
the first exercise the reverse crunch okay to do the reverse crunch with
perfect form follow along to these steps and then we’ll go ahead and do the full
routine so start out on your back the biggest thing that you want to do is you
want to press your lower back into the ground so the most common thing that
people do with reverse crunch is as they bring their legs down their lower back
lifts off the ground like this and create some space and what that’s doing
is putting pressure on your spine instead of on your abdominal muscles so
the first thing you have to focus on is pressing your lower back into the ground
and don’t let it lift the entire time from there make a diamond with your
hands just like this and put it underneath your tailbone just like that
press that lower back in the ground think about being tall at the top of
your head now inhale as you drop your heels towards the ground exhale as you
bring your knees back up towards your chest so and really just focus on lower back into
the ground tall to the top of your head and your breathing and here’s what we’re
gonna do we’re gonna go ahead and do these reverse crunches for 30 full
seconds while maintaining perfect form all right let’s get ready in three two
one and go make sure to keep your lower back
pressing to the ground the entire time remember to squeeze your legs together
the entire time remember to inhale as you go down and exhale as you go up three two one and rest alright great job
on the reverse crunch you should probably already feel your
abdominal muscles working a little bit but we’re going to the next exercise
which is called the kneeling plank I’ll show you a few key things to think about
to make sure you’re doing this with perfect form and then just like with the
reverse crunch we’re gonna hold it for 30 seconds to really work your core okay
so to start out with come into a kneeling position and then going to
bring your elbows to the ground and you gonna press your elbows into the floor
now the most important part is the position between your knees hips and
shoulders so most people plank and they stick their butt up in the air like this
but what I want you to do is to squeeze your glutes squeeze your butt muscles as
tight as you can and when you do that you’re gonna bring your body into
alignment from your knees through your hips and all the way through your
shoulders okay so squeeze those glutes don’t let those glutes go the entire
time then just like your first crunch tuck your chin and think about pressing
tall from the top of your head now the last thing we’re gonna wanna think about
with the kneeling plank is instead of pushing it up like this with your arms
you gunna wanna think about dragging your elbows towards your hips when you
create that little bit of pressure not actually gonna move but when you
create that little bit of pressure like that you gotta feel your core muscles
work twice as hard it’s gonna be way better for your core so thinking of
those things squeezing the glutes tall to the top your head and drag your elbows
back towards your knees let’s get ready to hold that kneeling plank three two
one and go hold and remember to breathe press your forearms into the ground and
drag your elbows back towards your belly button to make your abs fire harder keep it up let’s go five four three two one and rest all right great job on the
kneeling plank we’ve got two exercises down and we’ve got two to go so the next
one is called the mountain climber and it’s probably the most difficult
exercise I’m gonna show you today so make sure you take it very slow and if
need be we’re gonna show you a different variation that you can do using a chair
or the back of a couch to make it even easier for you but I’ll describe it
right now and how to do it with perfect form so for the mountain climber you’re
gonna come into the same position as you did for the plank only you’re gonna have
your hands flat on the ground and this time you’re gonna lift up on your toes
into a full push-up position from here press your hands to the ground think
tall to top your head and one by one you’re gonna
knee up and back and your knee up and back start slow and use small range of
motion at first and then as you get better at this you can move even faster
to the point where you’re almost running in place okay so think about those cues
as you do the mountain climber and again take it easy don’t push yourself too
much move slow if it’s exercise let’s get ready for thirty seconds of the
mountain climber in three two one and go if this is too hard try this instead make sure all the points of your hand
are in contact with the ground and grip the ground with your fingers turn your elbow pits forward to really activate your shoulders Three two one and rest alright
great job on the mountain climber that one was probably pretty tough and we
only have one exercise left so you only got 30 seconds left so stick with me
because I really want you to feel that burn in your core from these four
exercises now the last one is called the kneeling inchworm so I’m going to walk
you through how to do the kneeling inchworm with perfect form and then
we’re gonna do this final exercise for 30 seconds you’re almost there ok so
come into the same position as you had to the mountain climber only this time
you’re gonna be down on your knees now bring your hands closer to your knees
squeeze your gluts just like we did with the plank as tight as you can and it’s
gonna put you in this round posture that’s okay right now because it’s gonna
keep your core tight and in the right place now from there keep your elbows as locked as you can keep them and walk
your body out as far as you can like this so you gonna walk your arms out as
far as you can keep those glutes tight keep those glutes tight and when you get
up to a certain point in a feat of core really start to work it doesn’t matter
how far you go go as far as you can while squeezing your glutes and then
press up one arm at a time trying to keep those elbows as straight as
possible so really using your shoulder blades to move not your elbows to move
okay so that’s all you got to think about when doing the kneeling inchworm
let’s get started last set thirty seconds three two one and go if this is too hard try this instead try and see if you can go a little bit
further on every single rep keep it up you’re almost done three two one and
rest all right great job and thank you so
much for following along and committing to the workout now I have that awesome
freebie for you as promised the core type quiz so just click the first link
down in the comments below I’m gonna pin it there for you once you click that
link I want to give you free access to a special core type quiz that we created
and if you’re new here remember to subscribe and click the bell to get
notifications for all our latest videos and let me know down in the comments
what exercise you felt activated your core the most take care and I’ll see you
next time

17 thoughts on “4 Best core exercises for beginners

  1. OMG, the greatest, simple exercises. A huge thank you. I am concentrating on my core to improve posture and breathing.

  2. it said clam was exercise for me but still do not understand how to do it can you do a step by step on one of your videos

  3. Hi Tyler / team, I thought I’d try this channel of communication, since I can’t reach you in any other way, you see…
    I’ve tried everything I could think of, but got no response, other than a couple of automated replies, so…
    I think I like you’re product, I’m not sure, because I CANNOT log in, no matter what I do, and so…
    I would like to ask for my money back. Since I’ve no idea how to reach a human being on your end, I’m trying here, I’ve nothing to lose – if you delete my comment, at least I’ll know someone read it…
    You could still keep me as customer if you would only provide me with some form of customer support… so, what say you? Are you for real?

  4. I know I am part of your team but wanted to watch these exercises for my core. I have a very difficult time being able to push my lower back to the ground on this first exercise. Not very flexible in that area of my back.

  5. So helpful! Thank you. I am a work in progress but on my way. I am very much inspired by your willingness to share your expertise and passion! Thank you!

  6. Okay in all Honesty, I would have fathered you just tell me what the exercise was instead of having me listen to a 45 minute video and then try to sell me something. That really sucked. And still you didnt give me the exercise you promised at the beginning of the video.

  7. When I searched 'core exercise' on Youtube, every videos are about plank!!! Every time I try plank, my elbow was burned because of scratches to the ground, even if I have yoga mat under my elbows! I found the reason I feel pain at my elbow was 'I DO NOT HAVE ANY CORE MUSCLES!' I don't have any powers from my core so I only use my elbow to do plank! So I need any core exercise video for me which doesn't have plank. And this is it!!! I'm so happy to find this easy, helpful video. Thank you so much!!!

  8. The inch worm i haven't gotten the hang of it yet i have trouble keeping my glutes tight and inch my arms up foward.

  9. Didn’t train tonight at the gym & Love the core exercises to activate my core. Nice burn & The Planks Are Becoming My favorite regimen to do in morning & night & it honestly stimulates my core & feels so so good!!! Thank You for sharing these exercises with Me & The World “Happy & Healthy with Great Core exercises!!! 👏🏽👍🏽🏋🏾‍♂️

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