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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, I’m Dr. Jon Saunders, owner at Chiropractic
on Eagle here in Newmarket, and I just want to thank you for clicking on the video. If
you’ve clicked on the video, though, I’m going to make an assumption: a) you’re in pain and
want to get out of pain, or b) you’ve been in pain and want to prevent pain from happening
again. So I’m going to give you my four best exercises to a) get you out of pain, and prevent
that pain from coming back. I do, though, want to give you a caveat and
that is this. These are general exercises, they are not meant to treat a specific condition.
So if you do know that you have a specific health concern, then I’d ask you just check
with your health professional before doing this. All right, so let’s get to it. So for this exercise, you’re going to start
by supporting your low back with your hands, you’re going to bring one leg up, you’re going
to keep your head neutral and your focus on bringing your trunk up, and hold. And down.
And then you can switch legs and repeat. Again, head neutral, supported trunk. And down. Okay, the second exercise I’m going to give
you is called the Bird Dog, or some people call it the Cross Crawl. For this exercise,
again, we want to talk about neutral neck, neutral low back, and one of the biggest things
is, we do not want to see your pelvis rotating over during the movement. So take a look at
this exercise. So the Cross Crawl, what you’re going to do
is keep your toes pointed to the ground, Dorsey flex, head neutral, opposite arm, opposite
leg, and reach, and hold, and down. Other side, and down. Really focus on not rotating
your pelvis through. Okay, the third exercise now is a Front Plank.
Now this is an exercise that’s done quite often, but as often as it’s done, it’s done
incorrectly. So again, for this Front Plank, we really want to focus on the core, here,
but we want to make sure our neck is in a neutral position so that we’re not trying
to prevent back pain and creating… So the Front Plank, you’re going to start
on your toes, again. And for some people that have just started, you might only want to
go off your knees, but ultimately, what we want, we want head neutral, knees at a slight
extension, and you lift up and you’re going to to hold, and hold. Notice, we don’t want
bum up, we don’t want bum down, we want neutral spine. Finally, the fourth exercise I’m going to
show you is called the Side Plank. So this is a little more advanced than the Front Plank,
but it’s equally important in terms of your form, that you’re doing this correctly. Okay, now for the Side Plank, we can start
off on our knees. We want to keep our spine neutral and we want to lift up our bottom,
our pelvis, and we want to keep it lined up. So we don’t want it too low and we don’t want
it too high, we want it neutral. For the more advanced move, you’ll come up on the side
like this, and you put your arm up here for balance, and you just, again, you hold it
for the 5 to 10 seconds, and then you rest. One last thing about this demonstration, I
did demonstrate this on a table. I actually don’t suggest that you do that. I suggest
that you do it on the floor or a stable surface. I just did this for the purpose of this video,
to be able to show you from a better angle. So those are the four exercises. Now I want
to give you some caveats prior to you jumping off on this video and going and doing these
exercises. The first and foremost is, understand these are endurance exercises. They’re not
meant to build lots of strength, they’re meant to build endurance. This is something we need
to do in today’s day and age. I think the last time I read, says we sit around nine
or nine-plus hours a day and that’s why these muscles get weak. So focus on endurance. The other thing I want to say about these
exercises is that I want you to do them kind of in a circuit. So I want you to go 1, to
exercise 2, to exercise 3, to exercise 4, take a few seconds or few minutes off, and
repeat. Each of these exercises are meant to be held between 5 and 10 seconds. For my
patients, I kind of push them up to at least the 10-second mark, but to start, anywhere
between 5 and 10 per each side of these exercises would be ideal. And again, focus on the endurance,
not the strength aspect of it. I just want to thank you for watching this
video. I hope that you found that it had some value for you. If you have any questions,
please comment below the video. I will answer them. And you can also contact us through
our website. You can see that up on the screen here. We will answer any questions you might
have. Until next time, good luck with this, and be well. Thank you.

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  1. Hi sir…I did work out in a gym for almost a month then there started pain in my lower back. I took medicines for more than a month did some exercises. It has reduced but not fully cured.

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