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Hello my name is Tom Baxter personal trainer And I’m stoked here today to be bringing you a continuation of our TRX high-intensity interval training training This today’s focus is on explosive chest so You may need to make sure that you’re able to perform these exercises We’ll do another video, which is kind of more beginner stuff today’s more an advanced chest explosive chest workouts So what we’re gonna do is show you four exercises again super simple. We’ll put these movements back-to-back If you need about 30 seconds rest in between them that’s cool Take an additional around 90 seconds to two minutes rest at the end And then you can repeat these three or four sets depending on how much time you have you can be done this in about 20 minutes having a great chest all the push exercises so Chester Anterior delts getting a great workout from this as well as a bit of core Okay first exercise set up with the hands in the straps taking your body almost too Flat you maybe want to start at about a 20 or 30 degree incline and we’re going to go into our chest fly position so really slow and controlled about three or four seconds on the eccentric so that’s when we’re Lengthening the muscles and we’re lowering our body down And then again two maybe three seconds squeezes on the way back up Keeping a slight bend in the elbow really focusing that squeezing the contraction at the top All right this one we’re set up both hands in one handle and We’re gonna stand 90 degrees kind of side on to the anchor point legs spread one in front one behind, and we’re gonna be extending that Pushing the hands away from us again about 10 to 12 per side on this Okay, beautiful now for the TRX push-up plyos So we’re gonna have two feet in the straps hands on the ground We’re gonna get set up strong in the quads engaging the glutes and the stomach muscles as we lower We’re going down nice and steady, and then we’re exploding yourself back up and we’re gonna tuck the knees In and either slap the hands onto the knees or you can clap in between whatever way you’re feeling more confident with that Trying to get as many clap push-ups as you can and then just finish out with a good pump on your push ups to finish Finally this is a nice little ad suite that you can do just to isometrically contract the muscle so that’s without any movement of the joint
You’re just squeezing those hands together as hard as you can and really you can see the striations on my chest PEC major Getting a really good pump on this so holding for about 20 seconds at the end to just really burn those muscle fibers Awesome guys, so I want to know how you did with this one I’m sure you got a pretty swollen chest three to four rounds is really good That’s probably ample to get that muscle pump, so we’d love to hear what you thought of it And we can be definitely showing you some more beginner exercises Which we’ll be following up with but I’ve had some requests to get this advanced chest exercise out so guys. Thanks for joining We love you stop supporting us and following us we’d love to hear what you like and we’ll be trying to deliver what we can

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  1. Nice explanation bro – gonna incorporate these methods into my training tomorrow – just subbed! love the P.E. target in thr gym btw!! cheeeers

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