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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

yo so you want to build a big-ass nice
ribbed chest for the summer you want to get those nice big pouncing pectoralis
is today we’re gonna be talking about five killer chest workouts that do not
involve a bench that will help you get that shredder just for the summer
without further ado let’s go what is going on guys my name is mark
from superhuman fitness and if you guys are new to this channel make sure you
hit the subscribe button first exercise we’re going to be talking about is I
actually don’t know what the hell this is called I’m gonna be straight up but
this is what it looks like right so you’re gonna wrap two plates like a ten
or like maybe even a five two plates right like two fives or whatever you
guys are gonna be able to do you’re gonna take them and you’re gonna make
that a little sandwich right so you’re gonna go like this and you got to try to
keep them together this is hard right and you’re gonna go like this down and
up and it’s hard with just fives you guys are going to try to go get rubber
plates or something it’s gonna be a lot easier than rubber plates metal plates
are harder to keep together trust me when I say they’re hard but go ahead and
try this this is a great workout it’s gonna kill your chest exercise number
two is gonna be cable fly’s if you guys don’t have a cable don’t worry you can
also do dumbbell flyes but the way cable fly’s work is you grab a cable like back
here and one right here it’s gonna be same level same way and you shouldn’t go
straight out then you’re gonna go squeeze that chest and that’s gonna also
kill your chest but if you guys don’t have a cable you can also grab dumbbells
and just lay down on the ground and you uh do flies like that exercise number
tres three is going to be dips everyone thinks dips is like all dude
that’s only triceps dips work your triceps your shoulders and they kill
your chest they go all the way from back here and it goes around so when you’re
doing a dip like for this it goes where it works your shoulders and the outer
PEC right here and it kills it guys you guys need to try these three and the
fourth and final one is gonna be push ups and if push ups are too easy add
weight dude you can even do like incline push-ups you can change your push-ups
there’s so many modifications but if push-ups are too easy just grab like a
45 plate just put that on your back and you’re gonna be set these workouts by
themselves are gonna shred your chest get you that big buff chest for this
summer if you guys like any of those exercises I actually have a book called
the bodybuilding physique it’s a great book I have tons of workout advise ways
you can create your own workouts and an extra workout plan in there as well if
you guys want that the link is gonna be in the description
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