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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

when I first went plant-based almost
eight years ago now believe it or not I lost a lot away I was skinny probably
the most skinniest I’ve ever been since I started training in 2009 in this video
I’m gonna discuss with you foods and herbs for weight gain so if you want to
know how to throw it up some mass hold up some says watch this video let’s go this video was requested by a few of you
if you ever want me to cover a subject or there’s anything you want to see make
sure you hit me up in the comment I read and reply to all comments so do not
hesitate the first thing you need to do is you need to eat calorie dense foods
these foods also should be high in nutrients there’s no point in big mats
and burgers you’re just going to get them bigger and that’s not making
progress and that’s not making gains and so what are calorie-dense foods calorie
dense foods or foods that are high in calorie per volume foods such as
avocados nuts what we tend to do actually when we’re trying to gain
weight is the low calorie dense foods and what these foods do they fill up the
belly because they’re high in fiber and have minimal fat so lucky or some of
your vegetables for example the high fiber they make you feel fuller and this
fullness loss for longer so you don’t have the appetite to wish to eat on the
other hand if you eat a high calorie dense foods it takes up less space in
the belly but it has more calories per pound or per gram and this helps you
hear your goal quicker the main reason you want to eat high calorie dense also
high nutrient dense foods is you want to put on the right amount of mass so when
I gain the right amount of muscle also you don’t want to just be putting on too
much fat or you don’t want to be doing it too quickly so I’ll give you my top
go to high calorie dense foods in a quick succession because I want this
video to be very direct and straight to the point
high impactful so my first is nuts nuts if you get 200 bags of cashews right now
that’s gonna be over 1200 calories depending on where that actual and that
is grown so that is a lot of calories per grab if you add nuts to your diet
correctly you can actually hit your calorie goal
easier because it takes a less amount of space in the belly
nuts as a butcher other things you can have that
high-calorie and also high nutrients I’ve acardo’s you need to be eating your
healthy first so your avocados the chia seeds your olive oil extra virgin olive
oil there’s other oils you can have to but if you do the first correctly you’re
off to a win everything is about balance you need to understand the right macro
breakdown that works you have a high calorie and high nutrient foods or
quinoa if you’re not eating legumes right now you’re obviously missing now
legumes such as your lentils brown green your black beans things like these foods
are amazing to help you put on weight because think of your stomach is so
unlike a muscle the more you feel it the more expense so the actual muscle or
land of the stomach can expand it can stretch so the more you put food in it
the more it can stretch and the more volume that stomach can handle so some
people say to themselves okay I feel full too quickly what you want to do is
have three big meals for the day for example three big meals stretch out the
belly and once the belly stretched out or maybe over like a four five week
period you’ll be able to eat more per meal but make that a progressive thing
fill up your belly high calorie dense foods and then the belly stretches out
and you’re able to eat more that’s why some people who struggle to lose weight
what they do is they get a gastric bypass I believe it’s called where they
put the ring around the stomach that increases how much the belly can stretch
which means it limits how much they can actually eat so think of you in the
opposite if you stretch out the belly that means more you can actually eat as
long as it in the right foods you’re going to be getting the right gains some
of you guys are looking at me health expert why’s he got so much spots yes
guys I’m on holiday I’m actually in Bali at the moment seminyak and my diet
really goes out the window once I’m on holiday so lot of high-fat foods
unhealthy fats like fried foods a lot of sugar and that leads to me having spots
all right I’m gonna do a full video on that soon that’s something you want to
see make sure you comment and let me know on the other hand guys herbs can really
help with your process as well but it’s good to understand that herbs only help
from from a few directions and that’s appetite so the more
feel hungry the more you able to eat herbs will help with digestion herbs will
help with enzyme production and herbs will help with reducing bloating so
one of the reasons why you might feel full throughout a day is because you’re
bloated and when you’re bloated you don’t want to eat because your belly
feels puffed up so how does that reduce bloating will actually make you want to
eat and if you have an efficient digestive system each meal you really
eat should really get excreted out within a few hours maybe like five hours
dependent and the more your system is working not optimally you can add food
and let it go add food and let it go and that leads to you building the weight that
you want so I’m gonna list them out in quick succession as I said I want this
video to be hard-hitting to the point and simple first herb is
ashwagandha I’ve spoken about ashwagandha before in terms of weight
management it has its benefits another herb is chamomile as you know
already from previous video is good with helping you sleep but it can also help
with your appetite and digestion another herb is blessed thistle blessed thistle is
known increased appetite improve digestion and some people say it helps them put on weight the last herb that ill add to my list is ginger ginger helps with appetite
quite simply put it’s got all these herbs I’ve other benefits too but these
are herbs that you can add or do further research on that will help you gain
weight so guys that’s a very quick video for you guys I took a break from my what I eat in a day videos but I should be back to that on Thursday where we release in
what I got up to him vietnarm other videos are in the pipeline guys but if there’s
anything you want to see make sure you comment below make sure you let me know
alright guys I hope you enjoyed a video before you go make sure you check out
this video right here right here above a Paul Gainsville see you guys on the next
one peace

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  2. For those struggling to gain weight or starting from scratch. Hope it's helpful. Smash the like button and hit me up in the comments. P

  3. Another banger bro, im personally struggling to put on weight so i do try eat more calorie dense foods like nuts,avocados, dates etc. Would u recommend to limit fat intake, or just eat as many healthy fats as i want?

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