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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys today we’re gonna speak about
some of the reasons why you’ve not been able to build muscles or why you’ve not been able to put on some weight but before we start please like share and
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gonna speak about the most important reason and the most important factor why you’ve probably not been able to build muscles whether if you workout at gym or
if you’re working out at home first problem or first mistake overtraining people think the more is the better but it’s not only the right amount of the
right type of training is the better now I have seen people at gym perform so many exercises for the same muscle or even train the same muscle every day thinking that that will help the muscle to grow it’s not, you’re destroying your
muscle I have seen other people even training one hour and a half two hours every day guys we go to the gym to stimulate our muscle not to annihilate them and if you go down that path it’s more likely that you will continue down that path because what happened is that you will see no result and then you will
think oh maybe I have to do more and then you will keep doing more and more
and more and more until you hit a wall guys if you wanna be drug-free
unassisted lifter and I’m not speaking about steroid here you need to cut back
because without the assistance of drugs you will have no time to nearly recover
enough so you can go back to gym and bring that high level of intensity and
focus that you need to perform your work out properly to see the gains that you
wanna see or to build the muscle that you wanna build you need to understand! that without recovery your muscles will never be able to grow you will see no gains if you don’t give a chance for your muscle to recover so your workout
should be 45 minutes one hour top and then you’re finished you’re done you are home recovering… mistake or problem number two under training some people think that if they go to gym and swipe the gym card with
their protein shake and hit over to the machine do a bunch of everything they will build muscles it doesn’t work that way and when I start working out they start by doing those useless reps counting from one to ten looking to the
time looking forward to go home well if your idea from going to gym is just togo count reps you better stay at home sit on your sofa watch a movie or count from one to ten over and over again because those reps that you’re
counting at gym they mean nothing without the high level of intensity and
focus without bringing this complete focus to those reps those reps will help you build nothing so you better stay at home save the money save the trip and
save the gas if you are in the last two reps and you don’t feel like lifting a house then those reps mean nothing and you workout mean nothing problem or mistake number three hard exercises so many people try to avoid hard exercises you know like bench press like squat you know what I’m talking about well for your information those hard exercises hold the biggest benefit for
you to build muscles so if you want to build your foundation you better build your foundation with those hard exercises in them don’t shy away from them don’t avoid them start somewhere we or we all started from the bottom I’m not saying go jump and do what everybody do and lift with everybody lift not if somebody is lifting 150 kilogram you have to go to the same build yourself up those hard exercises are very important for you mistake number four or problem number four as I promised in the beginning of the video I’m gonna speak about the main factor or the biggest problem why you’ve probably not been able to build muscles whether if you are working out a gym or were you working out at home and you’re trying to achieve something nutrition if you are doing mistake in this section then you’re never gonna be able to build any
muscles if you are doing nutrition mistakes then everything you’re doing
gonna collapse you know we’ve all heard of that a
hardgainer person he eat a ton of food and he has never been able to build any muscles what’s the problem here fast metabolism I don’t think so if you supply your muscles with the wrong type of calories you’re gonna never be able
to build any muscles so in order for you to see results you need to supply your
muscles with the right type of calories take for example 500 calories of chicken rice or broccoli versus 500 calories of burger fries inside your body it will make a lot of difference so the moment you start supplying your muscles with the right type of calories the idea of hard gainer will no longer exist so the bottom line you need to supply your muscles with the right type of calories and that is more nutrient-dense food you can add some supplements you can add some protein to your daily meal in this channel I have a very good video about making protein bar at home it can help you a lot guys before I finish this
video I need you to keep in mind that more nutrient-dense food is little bit
less in calories so you have to think what you’re taking out and what you’re
bringing in inside your body so what you need to understand this is a plan you’re not gonna eat one day good and then everything turn ok you have to start adding every day little by little more nutrient-dense food to your daily meal and then you’re gonna see a result it is all about consistency guys guys thank
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  1. Is a 41 years old man still able to make a good body shape( definetly not muscle bulding) just strengthen his muscles and give them good shape?

  2. Ok, i'll start with you as a beginner from today, BUT look! If you stop to add videos without asking me to stop, i promise that im gonna start chasing you even if reach to the moon! Then when i find you I'll ask u 2 do more videos or I won't fight you cuz i know very well MY ASS WILL BE KICKED.
    Thanks & keep goin

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