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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, I want to show you today four stretches that
you should do every morning. I know a lot of us don’t stretch because
A: we don’t know what to do; and B: we’re not really sure how we’re supposed to do
it. So, I want to cover both of those here in
one shot. I talk about doing it in the morning. Why? Because a lot of time what we do overnight
when were resting is actually reinforcing tightness that we’ve developed from the
day before. If we worked out the day before we tend to
heal and shorten overnight. Then we wake up stiff. It doesn’t have to be that way because there
are some things you can do right off the bat. What are some of the problems when you sleep? Well, we know if, let’s say you’re a side
sleeper. When you look at your position of your arm
under the pillow, if it’s propped up like this, you’re going to get some internal
rotation tightness in your shoulder. We want to make sure we address that. Also, in this position a lot of times you’re
laying on your side and you’ll pull your knees up. Your legs are squeezed together. You’re going to get hip flexor tightness. You’re going to get adductor tightness. We want to fix that. Maybe you’re a stomach sleeper. There again, your arms are up underneath your
head like this. Internal rotation of the shoulders. You’ll want to do something about that. And of course, you can go down to your heels
or calves. If you’re laying on your stomach your feet
are going to be pointed downward, which is going to tighten up your calves. The same thing happens even if you’re on
your back. Your ankles are getting pulled down by the
sheets, you have your head propped up, your thoracic spine get stretched out. You need to be able to extend through that. So, all these things are things we can address
here right off the bat. So, it starts off right away with a dynamic
exercise. Five reps of this is all it takes because
we don’t want to overstretch the hamstrings, but we know the hamstrings can be chronically
tight in a lot of people, but we also know – as I covered in my anterior pelvic tilt
video – overstretching your hamstrings is not a good idea. But they can still feel stiff. So, what you do is reinforce two good things
at once. Number one: get through the hamstrings. Number two: learn the hip hinge. We don’t hip hinge enough. Whenever we try to bend down, we often bend
from the knees. What we want to learn how to do is bend from
the hips. Hinge from the hips. It’s one of the most critical movement patterns
we can do. So, what you want to do first thing is get
into an anterior pelvic tilt. Try to tilt your pelvis forward, arch your
low back, and then slide down with your hands down your knees, and come back up. Hinge, hinge, hinge from knees, back from
the hips here, and come up. Hinge, you’ll feel a good stretch on your
hamstrings if you do this right. It’s much different than doing this. I could do this. I can’t do that from that position because
I’ve taken that slack out of the hamstrings by being in that anterior pelvic tilt. But that is how you want to do it. So, there’s your first move. Your second move it more of a stretch. What we do is come down from that position,
straight down to the ground, right in through here. You’re going to go with your palms down,
fingers backward. Down, drive your elbows into your legs, and
then from here you’re going to push your thighs into the back of your elbows. So, what is that doing? It’s stretching out my forearms here, which
tend to get tight if you’re typing a lot throughout the day. Stretching out my upper arms and, of course,
I’m getting that groin stretch here. A deep groin stretches and deep hip flexors
just by being in this position here. So, my elbows are acting to drive my legs
out and down. I try to keep my chest up, thoracic extension,
and heels down. So, we work on that calf tightness, too. So, I’m in here about 30 seconds. Then I come up. I’m already feeling pretty damn loose. The next thing I do, the third stretch. Grab some kind of stick. A Swiffer stick. Anything. Anything you can use. What you do is drop down, one leg back, and
the other hand up here on the stick. We drop in to get a good hip flexor stretch
right here on the back leg. What I’m trying to do is open this area
up. Don’t stay in here. Open that area up. But we can make this even more intense by
getting rotation in this direction and leaning in this direction. So, if we take the other arm up and then lean
in that direction it opens up so much. Right there. You’ve even got this lat that tends to get
tight and you have that back-hip flexor. Again, you have thoracic extension through
the back here. Opening this up. Not rounding. Anything you can do to get long and tall is
good. Of course, you do that on both sides really
quickly. 30 seconds. Then my favorite I saved for last here. Think about a golf swing. This is how you perform this. What you do is throw the dowel over your shoulder
here and you let it dissect your bicep here. Then you reach across like this, and then
you sink in, and let that hook on your leg. So, I took it from here, I get it out in front,
it’s hooked over here. It’s right down the middle of my bicep. My arm is about 90 degrees here. What’s going on here, as I move my thigh
forward, I’m getting external rotation here of the arm. Just like that. External rotation of the shoulder. Then I take the other side, I reach across,
and hook my pinky – if I can – one finger, onto this pinky. So, I get the backside over here. Posterior delt, backside over there. Then I rotate. I rotate and I’ve got rotation and backward
leaning. So, I have this extension through the thoracic
spine once again. This just feels horrible, but amazing at the
same time. In like that, and rest, and then in. 30 second on this side, and then 30 seconds
on the other side. Again, the components are all there. I’ve got external rotation, I’ve got thoracic
extension, I’ve loosened up my hips. I’ve got my hip flexors to be more loose. When I was down in this position here, I was
stretching out the adductors in the groin. You’re going to feel great. You should be stretching every day, guys. But don’t make it take a whole hell of a
lot of time. Follow the advice I’m showing you here. Implement these. Do it in two to three minutes and I promise
you’re going to feel better for the rest of the day. Realize that you are doing good things to
your body when you train in the gym, but that can sometimes lead to tightness if you don’t
address it when you wake up in the morning. Even if you address some stretches at night. Try those out, guys. I promise you’re going to like them. In the meantime, if you’ve found the video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
and I’ll do that for you. If you haven’t already, subscribe and turn
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athlete all matters. We do that for you guys step by step. All right, I’ll see you soon.

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  6. Always stretch warm, and always remember to breathe while stretching. Slow, deep breaths are best, holding the stretch for around 30–60 seconds.

  7. Do 10 minutes core and stretching and/or yoga before you go to bed. Wake up less sore and tight plus you sleep better.
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