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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

COMM: This model is watching what she eats. And so are her fans! CAITLIN: Snack just for you! COMM: 22-year-old Caitlin Finley is an online supersize sensation, who specializes in a
fetish known as feeding. CAITLIN: I can eat three meat lover pizzas, four double cheeseburgers, an order or two of fries, a litre or two of soda and two to three milkshakes normally, in one sitting. COMM: And she’s got an unlikely ally when it comes to making it big – her mum. MUM: My favorite one is this one. Her stance is like look at me, I’m big, I’m beautiful, I got the boobs, I got the butt and the belly!
It makes me smile when I see the photographs. I think she’s beautiful and
I love it. She does a great job. COMM: Caitlin wasn’t always so comfortable in
her own skin. As a child she was bullied for being big. CAITLIN: I would be pushed down the
stairs, I had food thrown at me, they would go out of their way to write ‘fat pig’ on my desk before I came in. COMM: Desperate to fit in
Caitlin went on a crash diet and kept the bulge at bay for more than a year,
but she still wasn’t happy. CAITLIN: I actually felt worse when I was thinner, because I felt like I had betrayed myself. In myself I am a big person and being thin I felt like I was faking who I am to fit in and it didn’t feel right. COMM: Then she stumbled on a group of morbidly obese women who called themselves super-size big beautiful women or SSBBW’s for short. CAITLIN: I forget who it was, but it was a big
beautiful woman, she was like 600 pounds and she just looked like a goddess. I
came out of high school and immediately started doing webcam work. COMM: Now Caitlin, or Calico Bombshell as she’s known to her legion of fans, will gorge on up to 10,000 calories in one sitting. CAITLIN: The most unusual food requests I get are things like vanilla pudding and mayonnaise mixed together eaten with a spoon. I’ve
been asked to drink bacon grease or eat just bacon fat. Yeah, for me, it’s if
something is greasy it’s more erotic than anything. Being able to bite into something like just drinking a milkshake or something isn’t erotic for me, but biting
into a burger or a pizza that’s erotic, or if it’s covered in cheese! COMM: Caitlin was worried about what her conservative parents would think of her career choice, but her mum has become her biggest fan and even acts as her photographer. CAITLIN: I love that one! MUM: I don’t like that one, I like this one. MUM: I’m her mother and I feel that’s what I should do. She loves it so and I love her so, that makes it all worth it. CAITLIN: When my mom says she’s proud of me, it
makes me emotional because I feel like, I feel like I’ve accomplished more than
making money. MUM: Aw, I love you. CAITLIN: I love you too. COMM: Her friends are also supportive. JENNIFER: I think it’s wonderful. She’s being a role model for girls who are plus-size and showing everybody that you don’t have to fit in a size zero just to be awesome. COMM: Caitlin, who’s a dress size 24 and has a whopping BMI of 80, has a message to people who think she’s killing herself. CAITLIN: I say you haven’t seen my doctor. I have perfect health. I just went yesterday. My blood pressure’s
actually athletic perfection. I’m not going to say that eating three pizzas, four
burgers, fries and a frosty is going to, you know, make you live to be a hundred.
But if that’s what makes you happy, whatever you know? COMM: For now, Caitlin has set herself a target
of hitting 500 pounds by the time she’s thirty. When she’ll have a BMI of over
100. CAITLIN: My long-term goal is to be as big as physically possible without being bed bound. COMM: And with mum’s help she hopes to become one of the most successful SS BBW’s in history. CAITLIN: Having my mum support me means everything to me. It makes me feel like I’ve succeeded more than if I would have made more money, or if I
would have gotten famous right off the bat. MUM: I’m proud of her for following her
goals, for doing what she wants to do, not what other people think she should do.

100 thoughts on “400lb Feeding Model Making It Big With Mum’s Help

  1. La mamá la malacostumbró. Debió enseñarle desde un principio que debe comer MODERADAMENTE y NO ser GLOTONA !!!
    : Conozco una madre así acá en PR le dio tanto de comer a sus hijos desde 6 a 7 años les daba comida exagerada y se pusieron así que ahora tienen que obligado comerse un plato como Shrek porque si no,,no se llenan. Cada día quieren más y más y más

  2. How? How does she eat all that garage in one sitting without health issues? I fairly healthy and my body hates me anyway. Lol.

  3. Her mother is a sick greety mother using her ugly fat daugther for money saying her daugther has the boobs and the butt that fat cow is fat shes suppose to have boobs annd butt shes a fat pig her ugly mother is pimping her ugly fat daugther out for eating shows

  4. This girl is killing herself slowly. I am obese, but I am currently working hard to lose the weight (lost 72 pounds so far), because I have been diagnosed with both Chronic Kidney Disease and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. It was either lose weight or lose my vital organs, which means losing my life. She needs to turn it around before it's too late!

  5. She looks like raw chicken in the thumbnail.
    This just feels like not wanting to help yourself or change bad habits so deciding this is ok because people fetishise it.
    I wonder what her insulin/how near diabetes she is. Talked about blood pressure fine but how about fatty liver, cholesterol, lung capacity, pressure injury.

  6. "My long term goal is to become as big as possible and not be bedbound"
    Gorl, you're not gonna have a long term life to live it.

  7. Disgusting, you are not big and beautifull your gross.Only weird men with sick fetishes like this sort of woman.Get real goddess no pigs.

  8. DISCUSTING !!!!!!
    Im a Nurse and when i would start to write down what shes doing to her health i would still write tomorrow morning !
    Yuck !

  9. This is absolutely ridiculous. Gluttony shouldn't be a job. All these MUKBANGS they have online now are horrifying on all levels.

  10. How can anyone do that in one sitting and how does her mum support that I would be disowned for being that fat omg

  11. Her mom is proud of her for killing herself???!!! She’s gonna regret it when her daughter is buried underground in a shipping container instead of a coffin

  12. I'm happy for her that she likes the way she looks, but how cute will she look when she cuts decades off her life and suffers from all the medical complications that come with such a terrible diet. Living your life the way you want is great, but she won't be doing that when she becomes immobile or loses her feet to diabetes or something

  13. I’m only 13 and really struggling with the way I feel bought myself and the way I look and this girl living her best life being confident HOW?!😭😂

  14. Anything the public has to foot the bill for should be illegal. Sign a petition so these fat pigs can just get this over with sooner than later. Let's not throw money at this to prolong this

  15. Um your doctor did not tell you that you are healthy because your not and if he did he should not be a docter cuz he definitely wrong lol

  16. Bad mother why whould u want yr daughter to put her health at risk heart trouble dibetis high blood pressure cant understand why as a mother u whould be happy bout it

  17. I can barely eat two pizzas without feeling like I'm about to explode and it's not like I'm small, I'm friggin 140 lbs and 5'2, but how is she like 5'4 and 300 lbs and only 300 lbs after eating 10,000 calories in one sitting daily, like she must have a decent metabolism, because sis would be like 600 lbs if she had a normal metabolism, eating like that

  18. I see it like this. We’re all given one life to live. How you spend yours is up to you. If this is how she wants to live her life, let her get on with it. Unless you’re from another planet, we should all know, by the now, the consequences of being overweight, obese, morbidly obese, super morbidly obese etc is. Preaching to people who obviously don’t gaf, is a complete waste of time. Once they realise they don’t want to live like this anymore, they’ll seek help if it’s not too late.

  19. She eats more calories in one meal than I eat in almost 2weeks and claims she's healthy
    She can say she's beautiful and I'll agree but not healthy
    One of my goals is to eat food a swell but it's not my career choice

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