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COMM: Ten year-old Arya is morbidly obese. Weighing over six times more than the average
for a boy of his age. COMM: In the last year, he’s gained over eleven stone. COMM: Struggling to complete even basic tasks, Arya has to bathe in a special outdoor pool. COMM: Arya’s weight draws a lot of attention but he hasn’t always been this size. COMM: His brother is a normal weight. COMM: Worried about his weight, his mother Rokayah, has sought medical help to look for
an underlying cause. COMM: Unable to walk to school, he learns at home. But despite his weight, Arya’s
teacher thinks he has a bright future.

100 thoughts on “423lb 10-Year-Old Has Life Threatening Obesity

  1. Born different? Erm…not really…He just eats too much. The parents are to blame, a child of that age relies on their parents to feed them. My 9yr old son would constantly eat junk food if I let him.but its my responsibility as a parent to keep, healthy and do what's best for him-even if that's not always what he wants. Poor kid. This is abuse, even if Nit intentional.

  2. i don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with this boy he is living a amazing life and i see a good future for him
    he doesn't need to change

  3. I believe that extreme weight gain like this is medical/genetic. Everyone won't get this big even if they eat a lot of food.

  4. I bathe sitting down as well. I take baths and then turn on the tap and use a cup to slash the water over my body. I have a chronic pain condition that stops me doing many things but I remember doing this as a early teen. It actually saves water and prevents the hair being stripped of all it's natural oils.

  5. My cousin got so fat but he eats only 1 time a day and he eats really healthy i dont know whats wrong with my cousin but i dont want him to have obese

  6. Poor thing love you brother please get better bro lose some weight please bro I think you should be nice and fitness not like brother pls get better

  7. Hes huge!!! Hope is parents are strong otherwise if this kid doesn't get the food he wants, hes snapping people like twigs! 😱

  8. Now let’s get some logic here. His parent is a fault here, a 10 year old can’t get up go to the store and buy his own food. This is child abuse he’s being supplied by the supplier food is a drug. And his mother is injecting him.

  9. That's horribly sad, how can they have a video like this & not have all proceedes for such go to meaningful medical care for this child??? Without such this video and those who have produced it are just exploiting this poor child's condition. If your going to make a video of such, make sure any money from it is dedicated exclusively to the health and betterment of this child!

  10. Billshit . kid does not get that size at such a young age without a combo of things . extreme over feeding , horrible parenting I'm sure he's already diabetic . hope this kid can pull through somehow but I doubt it living in that home .

  11. Dang after watching this I realised how bad it could turn out for me if I don't try to lose weight all I do is gain it I'm 10 and about 120lbs it might not be much now but I definitely dont want to turn out like that😐😑😐

  12. and there wondering where all the food is going his mom is shoving is down his throat (this is a joke im not trying to be mean)

  13. This boy is beautiful, he doesn’t deserve to be teased (Not that he is) or bullied in any way.It will be a shame if he doesn’t make it.

  14. For now on every time my classmates say I'm thong I say no I'm not… I agree with them now(not tryna make fun of him)

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