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Hi, my name is Nicole team and welcome to the do anywhere booty workout you. Do not need any equipment So let’s get started alright. We’re going to start with the warm up. Give me a deep inhale exhale deep inhale Go ahead Let’s stretch out the neck look down and up we’re going to warm up this entire body because we’re going to work it out Look to the side Yes There you go loosen up the body half roll beautiful give me some shoulder rolls back and forward Go ahead and reach it over to the side get into your side stretch other way And now let’s stay here in a wide create step and you’re going to bounce Open those legs wide So slightly facing out chest is up shoulders are back We’re getting the fire burnin in those legs to activate the booty go ahead and lift that right heel up Yeah pulse it Put all your weight in the toes three two one and split Good, so we’re going to get so much work out Done in these glutes and your legs are connected everything is working together Can you lift both legs now pulse it? warm it all up for ten nine eight Seven Six five Four three three hold their trust back. Yes activating the size of those hips eight seven six five four three two and one lunge it out side to side We’re getting everything warm There you go hold it side to side Turn it over to the side press it up and down Give me four three two Hold it Feel that stretch press it up Center other side Good four three – hold up Walk it to the center jacking off the back of the thighs bend it down and up Yes burn it out three two Roll it all the way up. You should feel nice and stretched ready to get started Let’s go ahead and give me a mid stance. So we’re going to work on some squats This is going to be a regular mid span squat push the booty back and up So every time you come up, you sweet lips down squat back it up Yes, we have ten of these right here. Nah. Yeah, good push. It back whoo There you go All right, we’re going to add to this we’re going to give a squat with a kick Drop 20 ready down push Yeah Plus there you go lean back Get low and really push through your heel So you get nice and low on your squat ah and then you kick down the front door of happiness Because you got that best booty ever come on Yes Keep it going whoo All right There you go three two and One aw, I felt good right shake it out. We’re going to go back to the mid fianc squat go ahead and sit back Once you give me 20 of these Squeeze I’m going to show you from the side when you do a squat it’s all about Getting your butt back and then squeeze it Nice and hard out of there tight and You’re up push back All the way in your heels when you do a squat You should be able To sit in the heel We got five more four squeeze three Two and one I want you to hold this here. We call this the whole thing squat hold it for 20 1980 feel that burn 16 the Burden of your friends, it’ll make that booty nice and tight just the way you like it Keep going ten nine eight seven lower six five four three two and one How does that feel shake it out? Whoo all right? You got to get every single side of your butt muscle It’s so big and it needs a lot of work right you got a tone every muscle. We’re going to do curtsy Control curtsy lunge kick, we’re starting with this left leg. Go behind your left leg and then kick so you go curtsy kick You’re giving me 20. Yes, we just did three whoo Now say you can’t kick hot you can just tap. It’s not about how high you can get I Love kicking I know I do a little kickboxing a little dance So I like to get variety but you could stay here and move your way up That’s what we’re about. Yes. You could tap it and down there you go How low can you go? Get that back knee all the way down behind the heel. Yes 504 also gets your obliques three your cord working two and One yes, let’s try the other leg 20 slade here. We go ready Yeah ah Remember you don’t want to kick you can tap? Yes, my goal is for you to really get low on the curtsy 15 100 Not meet boulders. So you really get into your left or the hip that’s working It has got standing. That’s the knee turn forward how many more guys Let’s do it. Come on Yes, all the way whoo full Yeah, come on. Give me three ah two and one Your butt cheek ears any burning and that hip turn so good we’re going to go back To those Mitts down squats. We’re pulsing Ready, so it’s all about Doing a variety and putting it together, so you get to burn the Extra burn That’s how you make that booty pop and you get results So you know you’re 20 here with ten nine eight? Seven Six five four three two and release Great work, you guys go ahead and shake it out We’re going to work on some lateral lunges, okay? So we’re going to step out to your left side you keep that leg straight, and then you come up Sit into your hip so lateral lunges work, the outside of the hip yes Keep it going yeah, all right You’re doing 20 of these just so you know, so you’re pushing off that foot, and you’re sitting back Yes, but keep it tight notice. I’m bringing the foot up to the knee so I’m activating my core as well We’re getting everything you want a nice tight Waistline to go with your beautiful booty I like to call these funds of screen right here. Whoo let’s go to the back. Yes, all the way five more four Come on three two and One yes, let’s do the other side Step all the way out so sometimes people undercut themselves like that That’s not going to get you the works. You got to step all the way out Nice and far Yes Sit into that hip it’s all about the push off the push off is your friend Let’s do it Remember, we’re doing 20 on each leg whoo That’s right, sit back feel the burn right there Get it come on Yeah, push it All the way fit push it back whoo Let’s go Five yes, four push all three two and One good job, Shake it up. Shake it out. How you doing out there? We’re gonna work on the back of our legs. We call these good mornings. So your feet Go directly underneath your hips your hands go behind And you’re going to tilt from the hips with the slight bend in your knees Tilt and Up, so I’m going to show you from the side, so you know your porn So it’s just a slight tilt we’re doing 30 yes Come on So this is really good to lift the booty up There you go, please keep the belly in Yes You got it. So anytime you want to add more to this you can always Grab a weight hold on to it as you go down. So you really feel that burn So we’re stretching those hamstrings We’re burning it out Whoo squeeze at the top. You know you always squeeze there you go Countering they’re really important to talk because it helps to lift the booty nice and high Yes Let’s keep going squeezing it Tilt wiping in the knees never want to bend too much Because then it turns into a squat and we’re trying to get the hamstrings So this is why we still from the hips we keep our body nice and straight We break the up You got it Yeah We’re almost there guys come on Yeah, there you go keep squeezing By more right here. Yes, give me four squeeze three – and one beautiful, shake it out guess What going back to those squats? But now we’re going to do a back flip so squat with the back lift. You’re going to take it down Take it back, so it’s more of a lift than a kick notice. I keep my legs straight I’m squeezing right where my thigh and my butt meet All right 20 of these right here down push, whoo Sit it back Nice, and low come on Can you get that but? Even with the knees and then squeeze at the top it should feel nice and hard Every time you lift this five four yes, three two and one You did it you guys we have some lunges So you’re going to go ahead and step forward? Alternating front lunges, so you’re going to start like this front and back Nice, and low all right. Can you give me 20? Yes? 19 there you go all the way down push Get that knee low whoo break it out Chris through that front leg push off the floor You got it Come on. Keep pushing Yeah Work it out work it out Get low chest up think about going 90 degrees five more four whoo three two and one yes Shake it out let’s take it back to some wide squats a wide plie squat right here so get low heelless whoo heels right there 20 of them right here. He’ll live you’re going to turn into something else well right now We’re just warming it up whoo burn it burn it come on See anything swinging these arms 4 3 so we’re going to trim into squat jump like this Go if you don’t like to jump you got 20 of them You don’t have to that’s what the heel is there for that’s your level one or your modification You want to jump you want to add some explosion? To activate those glutes even faster you jump Whoo come on right here We’re getting there move Move let’s go five more four three Two can you hold it and just pulse it low? 20:19 on this wide skI actually a pole. Let’s go lower lower squeeze from Underneath the Glimpse squeeze it squeeze it 5 4 3 2 hold and release How are you doing? You feeling it? I know I am my butt burning my legs are burning, but we’re going to keep moving tank So let’s do from a lateral lip so we did lateral lunges you’re going to do lateral lift Lifting that left leg your left leg you look up and tap one If you find that you could do more than this How about don’t touch the poor? Oh? Yes Not only is this getting your abductor your hip area It’s also getting your obliques You want it all to be where? You want to have a nice tight body buy more? four three Two now I want you to bounce and pulse just pulse it for ten nine eight seven Yes, six five four three Two hold and release you should build out all right here. We got another side Here we go, so pull-ups down nice and tall pull your belly in shoulders back Let’s go. We got twenty singles right here Your knee always face. It’s focused So you get into the hip yes remember you’re not putting your whole foot down. You’re helping tap It’s like bending your supporting lace pack if you don’t want to tap you want to increase your intensity don’t touch Yes balance incorporate your core more whew five? four three two hold pulse it ten nine eight Seven six five four three two hold and release you did it alright now We’re going to take it down to the floor. Let’s get started on some floor work for our foods all right We’re going to take it up all pours. You’re going to get on your knees and your hand You want your hands to be directly underneath your shoulders not out here We are going to start with some stray slate list Starting with our back leg to send that leg straight out you’re going to lift it up and down you have 20 of these You’re lifting it nice and high and you’re pointing your toe to the end of the room Keep your hips squared Keep your hips going down to the floor as you lift Every time you live you’re going to feel a nice tight squeeze all the way up and down tapping the floor spinning the late Arms are straight and if at any time it hurts your arms you can go on your elbow It’s going to be four more three two Now I want you to hold it up, and we’re going to do some pulses Yes, tiny pulses burning it out You got 20 more right here. Let’s go Yes, filled-out fern right? Where’s a booty enza countering me three two one hole good you’re going to give me some rainbow Top down and over so you got 20 of these rainbows you are drawing a Rainbow with your big coat, and you’re getting it all the way over the other side of the lace Cross it over and down think about lifting Every time you lift that leg high so you build a glute working? Yeah? Keep it moving all that rainbow You’re the pot of gold right under it a nice cold and beautiful booty come on lift it up Keep moving, so you don’t want to move your body. You’re just losing the blade Don’t let the body get involved pull your belly in to the back Raise the core keep everything nice and tight five four three two and one Good job you guys all right now. Take it up, and I want you to toast it Not posted well, you’re going to give me some full donkey kick right here So on a donkey kick 20 of these your knee goes all the way up and all the way down to the other knee Push and down yeah up off the ceiling push it All the way up get it off of you press So when we shorten the leg it gets a little deeper into that glute muscle When we have the leg extended was getting more hamstrings now. We’re just focusing right on that food. Yes, five four three Two can you hold it up there for me posted? 20 of these let’s finish it Up yes keep it going burn it out burn it out. Five four three two hold and release Sit back in that house to get a nice stretch Good Are you ready for the other side? Let’s do it. So you just did your other leg email. Let’s hit stop send the leg out lift it up and down straight Leg Lift Lift Keep your chest pulled up app pulled in Lift that leg nice and high squeeze it please burn the booty Yes It’s a nice bird, but it’s so worth it in the end keep going Buy More 4 3 2 Now hope hook it up. Yeah, 20 of these pulse it nice and tight tiny pulses weaving the belief squeezing where they now stirring in but Beat in 5 4 3 2 wolf let’s do some rainbow down and shit cross it all the way over and Hit you know you have 20 of these Bring it on whoo burn it out Yeah Lift But when you’re crossing that leg over you’re getting deeper into more of a psycho Area and that’s what we want. We want every single muscle in that booty That’s how we do it here at Imre That’s right. Keep it going whoo burn it out Yeah Top with that big toe don’t let it rest for too long Keep going keep pushing Yes, five Four come on three two and one Go ahead and bend the meat and bring it in Donkey Kicks 420 Push it up Fill that squeeze out the top. I don’t want you just to lift your legs I want you to actually build your butt muscle type, nut it is nice and hard on every lip So yes your supporting leg. It’s probably going to feel a little burn of love, but that’s okay stabilize your body So that most of the weight goes into the lake that’s working meaning your hips are facing down five more four three two Hold it up there pull pull 20 of these let’s get it up all the way yeah burn burn burn keep going keep moving five four three two hold and release For the back health cool you deserve a good stretch all Right you guys let’s flip it over and lie down on the opposite side Yeah, let’s get those like nice and straight. So you want a nice straight line You’re going to lie down on your side your hand goes directly underneath your head pull it through the ribs You’re going to give me 20 lifts right here Silas 20 19 18 there you go lift it up So I don’t want you to lay down on the floor. I want you to pull up, so your abs are engaged the whole time You’re pointing that foot extending it to the opposite side of the room 5 4 3 2 now take that foot 1 inch behind you they move for 20 Just one inch like I said, it’s a big muscle We got to get every little tiny muscle in there, so that fat butt is nice and round keep going you got two One and take it back for 20. I want you to take it just one inch behind that foot and lift So we get every single muscle in this boot right now keep lifting so it’s not two bars Just a little bit behind the other foot keep it going lift lift burn it out Yes, five four three two now sweep that leg and trust Samu lifting it up now It’s one foot one inch in front of your other foot for 20 burning it out Right about now there should be a nice fire in your side glute area, and that’s what you want five four three two back on top for 20 I know you’re like when can we stop You want that booty to burn you want the opportunity to get nice and toned you got to let the fire? Keep going because that’s when you see the change when it starts to burn five four three two hold and Release now bend your knees to 90 degrees Alright, we’re going to do the same move but our knees are bent and you’re lifting with the meaty lift plenty of these Angle the knee down whoo Burn it out there you go Lift Fill it right there in the hip lift it up Aha keep moving push Good Work it out five four three two Can you hold it up there and pulse it for twenty I bet you can come on let him do it Pulse pulse pulse pulse get it up get it up Burn it Keep breathing five four three two one now. I want you to draw a circle right here for ten Just ten circles Yes, five four three two and reverse that circle for Ten oh It is burning so good five four three Two and one I want you to kick it back and bring it in push back kick down that door For 20 I like the number 20 it means you’ve done a lot keep God put squeeze right here in the Middle part Feeling it nice and hard. Go ahead take your hand and touch it up and give it a nice slap because nice and hard, right Just the way you like it keep pushing. Let’s go You got it Yes, kick it the out kick it down five four three two and one Now I want you to go ahead and kick it in front 20 of these So your knees don’t let them touch kick it in front exhale Let’s go push it Push it. You got it all the way in front see it in front of your eyeballs right in line Are you still keeping your core tight? Are you pulling up through the ribs? Good focus five more four three Two now I want you to hold it up there cool separately yes, we’re coming today, and I promise We’re all over there. We could do this and guess what your abs are getting somewhere, too this is all going to be nice and beautiful five full three two take it down and Lift Down and lift I know it’s heavy I know it’s hard you’re coming to the end of the side work out on these toe taps ten more Yes Come on. Push. Oh You’re there we’re going to finish it together. We got this come on five four three two and one Let’s check that out really quick. Go ahead. Take it down pull the foot over your knees Go ahead and push the right the me away with your elbow That’s stretch And let’s take it to the other side Here we go. So you know what we’re going to do. You just did it you get those legs completely straight Lie Down Make sure your body is in straight alignment here. You’re going to extend your legs all the way out and lift Lift it up or 20 straight up and down Good balancing on that hip keeping your core engaged Sending the foot to the end of the room Or wherever you are maybe you’re outside like me get it all the way to the end five four three Two and take it behind you take it up up Lifting you can even angle the toe down a little bit Good You know you got plenty of these? Lifting a three number just one foot behind the other foot five four three Two now go ahead and sweep it in front one inch in front keep going for twenty Yeah so don’t let your body get too relaxed you want your apps to Beyond this entire time as Well have your glutes? Lift it up five four three two Take it back on top. Let’s finish it out 20 right here whoo Burn it So get that late nice and long and you know if you need to take breaks that’s okay. Take a break pocket come back Because I want you to be able to feel comfortable five four three two and one Good job, bend your knees. It’s all about building up and getting to that next level bend the knees same, ooh lifting 20 of them lift with the hip Yeah You got it burn it out Plus so make it like a checkmark where your knee is facing down your foot is facing up. You’re lifting feeling nice and strong five four three Two can you hold it up there and pulse it for twenty I bet you can Come on. We got to do what we did on the other leg. You don’t want those uneven butt cheeks Five four three two. Let’s draw a circle. Oh Ten of them yes, draw that circle all the way front and back Let’s do it draw come on yes, and Reverse it Ten of these three birds who burn it out five four three Two and while we got those pickups so cross and frost push fat yeah Plenty come on Kick it down Push I like to think of kicking with the ball of my foot. It’s pushing it Back it’s closing the door Yes keep kicking Don’t move the body a lot of times people want to sway back and forth just about the leg five come on four three two and one Now I want you to bring the knee up in front space and kick and from 420 yes, whoo burn it out You got it Can you get it in front of your eyeballs a little bit more get it there come on. Keep the me separated? Keep burning it out. Yeah, let’s do a team. We got this push through five more four three Two and I want you to go ahead and hold the leg out and pulse it for twenty. Let’s do it. Let’s finish strong Out there tight Put some front of your eyeballs pulsing tiny closes lift it up get into those tiny muscles right there burning burning burning and Release let it go and like Down and lift can you give me ten more of you right here lift it up ten Nine, you see that finish line up there eight Seven six come on. I’m burning with you five four three two and release All right, you guys you finished the hard part let’s stretch it out by taking that foot. You. Just worked over the other needs Push it away with the opposite elbow Stretching out the back of the hip you worked so hard Good all right. We’re going to be on our back right here. You’re going to put your feet down Even with the knees you want your hips to face up, and we’re going to do some bridges So you’re just going to press up and down? easy breezy right both feet around the fort Every time you push up you’re squeezing those buns Touch them nice and hard 20 of these regular bridges I just want you to get used to it. And if at any time you want to get closer. You can hold your feet Just to make sure they don’t know Good, so you feel this exercise in your lower back your butt and your hamstring for three hold it up, and I want you just to pose for 2000 up up Leaving it nice and tight keep going up Your goal is to get as far away from the floor as you can Keep it moving nice and high five four three Two and hold I want you to slay it side to side front and back so now not only are you getting up? On your lower back your glutes your giving me some side action for 20 Come on all the way five four three Two and now I want you to hold it to the front for 20 pulls into that one side for quentin burn out that one but Zeke get it higher Keep going pulse. It side side side a little higher. Can you do it five four three? Two and one can you do the other side now take it to the back for 20? Yes Really working on that one leg sometimes one leg stronger than the other one glute muscles stronger So we want to give each one the same amount of attention five four three Two and one I want you to come down and open up 20 of these Press it open you have to add your own resistance if you feel like you want to do more with this Maybe you added Beyond to give you resistance right now at it and push up This is enough for me. You’re going to definitely fill in regardless All the way up Yes, push Let’s go nice and high So burnin yes, all the way up all the way down work it out 5 4 3 2 now can you hold it up there and just close it out out out for 2000? out Keep going keep going push it push it 5 4 3 2 now take it in in for 20 Get those inner thighs as well. Go go go squeeze it slap those thighs 5 4 3 2 1 and hold it up and release You’re going to draw a circle to the front for 10 Come all the way down enough draw that circle lift up Push through the heels can you get higher 3? 2 and Reverse let’s go higher press it up There you go Your lower back is also connected to a glute so you will fill up very well 3 2 and 1 just hold it up count to 10 Yes 3 4 and higher five six squeeze 7 8 9 and release Stop felt it right go ahead and bring your knees in Feel that stretch in your lower back Alright, we’re going to keep going you’re going to go ahead and lift one leg up Being a leg bridge so right now. We did two we’re doing one, and I just need you to give me 20 How easy is that so the leg closest to me lift it up as you push into the other leg So guess what got leg in the earth. It’s not getting the work its leg on the floor and you can challenge yourself You want to go harder? You can lift your toe? Or you can even lift your heel keep going five four three Two now I need you to hold it up there colten for 20 come on higher higher that leg gets Tired jump up you can let it rest but push away from the floor 5 4 3 2 hold and release Shake it out Let’s do the other leg Press it up here. We go 20 singles easy push Remember I said you want to get isolation in each butt cheek. So that’s why we’re now doing the one-legged bridge Push it all the way up Yes, get it up there Coming to the end of this booty workout y’all we got this 5 4 3? 2 close it for 20 let’s finish strong team. Let’s go Let’s get it up yes, higher higher 5 4 3 2 hold and Release I’ll bring it in and do I’ll complete your booty workout. We’re Gonna stretch Leave into the chunks go ahead and pick those legs above your head all feel your hamstrings your calves Your lower back your glue We will leave it and roll it up Okay, we’re going to take those legs in front reach up and over grab your toes Flip your heels off the floor Hamstring stretch and point your toes and let it go beautiful Now I want you to bend that front leg bend it in and extend your back leg And you’re sitting on top of that blue house where you’ve worked so hard today And lean forward extend the back leg keep the hips straight build up stretch Maybe you want to get a piece of stretch reach the arms full Great and take it up bend the back leg extend the front and reach forward you know see your knee and Take it back Get into the hip flexor The quad is all connected it was all working today. You did a great job, and you deserve this good stretch Let’s change it up bend the other knee Extend the other leg Jack I’m going reach Deeper for Deeper Trust Good job lock it up bend the back knee extend your front leg Reach up and over Get into the hamstring And take it back so if at any time you feel that You weren’t able to complete the whole thing. It’s okay. You can come back and finish it another day It’s all about progress so don’t beat yourself up. Just keep working hard to be the best you can be Slowly take it up. You’re going to give me a nice little butterfly here. Oh, take those elbows to the knees and open up and push down put the knees open with your elbows cross One foot over and twist your body Stretching out your lower back your glutes other side Great job guys, and that was my booty workout that you can do anywhere. No equipment needed I’ll see you next time hi guys. This is Nicole speed I hope you enjoyed my anywhere booty workout with no weights or anything needed Go ahead and subscribe to the gym rack YouTube page right here do it right here right on the right side yes, push it see you next time

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