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100 thoughts on “45 Min Best Glutes Workout for Women // Butt Legs Thighs // Bodyweight

  1. Got to this entire video again I feel the burn you are the best I feel some muscles I've never feel before

  2. Hey! I love love love this workout!! Nicole is an awesome trainer! I've been working out to this for a while and there are Real results ! Now my question is – is there a harder workout by nicole? I'm improved so much thanks to this.❤❤

  3. Wow, just wow. I'm doing workouts every second day for quite a long time now (five years I think) and I had problems finding a good video that will leave my muscles burning the next day… but THIS, oh my god. I did it with ankle weights and I LOVE it. Great trainer, I admire your strength !

  4. What an AMAZING workout!!! I LOVE that you explain each muscle group as we go along. It really makes me connect with the muscle group.

  5. Today I do this routine and let me tell you I felt it same way best workout ever love it Gymra Thank yo❤💋❤💋❤💋❤🤝

  6. Incredible, my legs and arse are royally wrecked! Thaaaank you Nicole. Only found you the other day on this channel so im chuffed! ( happy)

  7. Just finished this workout. I am shaking in deed. But please let me know if I should do this workout daily to get a booty. I cannot wait to have a toned butt. :). Thanks Nicole

  8. Nicole Steen – you rock!
    Wooooo, is right. Your buttocks are inspiring me. Great workout thanks again!

  9. my gosh! is the most deliciously painful workout i have ever done. Half of the workout it's all good until we go to the floor exercises. I loved it, i am going to be sore for days. Thank you so much

  10. Love your workouts!!!! When I do some of the courtesy squats I feel it in my quads not butt. What am I doing wrong?

  11. The best butt workout I’ve ever done💪I can feel the burn🙌Thanks @GymRa☺️ Greetings from Slovenija🇸🇮

  12. Did she say deep in hell first thing ? I was already scared enough starting this routine …seeing its 44 mins

  13. Huh I thought I was in shape until I did this workout and I had to stop more than I would like to admit ! 😵…..this was a serious burner ! Wow! Now does this actually make your butt bigger or just tone it ???

  14. Just finished this workout. I was swearing and huffing all the way through but I've never felt so proud completing an exercise video at the end. Great video! Thank you very much. I'll definitely do this at least once a week.

  15. Tried to do this workout and I only felt burn in my calves… the one place I didnt need to feel the burn. Did over half the workout and my calves were killing me and my thighs and butt felt nothing… anyone able to help me out here?

  16. this might sound stupid but I have a butt but I need it bigger would this help me build a bigger butt Nicole?

  17. I love this work out…. I'm subscribe ❤.. And girls use compression socks, it helps Finish this intense work outs …

  18. That was awesome! I did it all with ankle weights and I almost died (I also wanted to cry), but I somehow did it all :DD

  19. @GymRa Hi I just finished your no gear butt workout By Nicole .And let me tell u Nicole I hated u durring the workout .My glutes where cramping up and the burn was there from the getgo of this workout.!!!.Don't get me wrong Nicole u are an amazing instructor but u where killing me.!!!!!!☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  20. Hey Nicole, love your videos and i do some of them at least 3 times a week. I have no cellulite on my butt or back of thighs but have a lot at the front of my legs. Please do a MAT workout that targets these problem areas 🙂 It will be great to remove the nasty cellulite with your great workouts. For the record, i used to have some cellulite on my butt, but by doing some of your butt workouts it completely disappeared! Loved the result from your workouts only and no change in the diet 🙂

  21. This is my favorite one Nicole!! Luv it. More! I love it when my butt feels like it's just gonna fall right on off at the end of a workout. You sure did it. P.s. You look amazing . Thanks!

  22. Omg awesome workout.Holy crap my legs are burning…But it's a good burn. I'll definitely will be feeling it tomorrow. Love your workouts Nicole😘👌

  23. Never felt so betrayed: “ ok give me 20 then we’re done” 20 later “ok now give me another 20”
    No but srsly great workout

  24. This workout was crazy! I really like the variety. Nicole is amazing. She is so strong and encouraging when you need it!

  25. I was looking for a series of strong exercises. I was to burn my lower body. I used to be a professional dancer. Nicole was presenting something totally new and tough. I have knonw GYMRA, yet never heard about Nicole. At last, I managed to find the ONE. She is not only a great trainer, but also a very intelligent presenter and motivator. I am looking forward to seeing more of your videos in the near future. Greetings from Hungary. With Love: Nora

  26. During this workout I felt muscles in my butt, I didn't know existed till now!
    Nicole is my booty guru 😍

  27. girl i'm dead… that matt workout is when i started to die slowly .. but my ass will be popping this summer!!!!! thank u great workout.

  28. This is a great work out! Damn you really BURN!! Planning on doing this every other day to get my legs and booty in better shape

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