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COMM: 52-year-old Anton Kraft is just four foot four tall. Although he’s small in stature,
he’s big when it comes to brawn. ANTON: I am basically the only guy in the world who ever benched four times his bodyweight before. COMM: Anton’s a massive personality on the competitive weightlifting circuit, where he showcases
his impressive strength. And his success helped him snag the love of his life. His 6 foot
3 transgender partner, China. CHINA: I think Anton’s weightlifting is so sexy, because I think Anton’s sexy. And when
you hold a world heavyweight title, that means a lot y’know. ANTON: People might say or think “oh they have a big difference in height that must be a
problem”. But it’s not, it’s basically an advantage because I have something to look up to. ANTON: I have a disease that means I’m short. I’m four feet four, normally I would be about
six feet. I have had issues about it, because of my shortness, I was picked on sometimes
but it also toughened me up. COMM: Despite being small, Anton soon realised his strength and started weight training. ANTON: Some of them say that I want to do something that I cannot do because I’m not
built for that but that’s what people say. When I go to the gym, it’s like a sanctuary
for me. H-BEE: When he caught my eyes, I was like woah, I gotta meet him. If he could do it
then everybody could do it. He’s a motivation for everybody. LUIS: A lot of people have lost their money here in this gym, because they don’t believe
in him and they’ll be like okay, here $100 dollars if you can do it, and he can do it fifteen,
twenty times with no problem. COMM: Ten years ago he began competing in powerlifting contests. Anton is the proud
holder of a world record, for being the only man who can bench press four times his bodyweight.
A massive 500lbs. ANTON: There’s only one winner. Second is the first loser. Second do not count. Only
number one counts. COMM: And he’s a winner in the game of love. For the past six months he’s been dating transsexual
China, who at six foot three, is almost two feet taller than him. Proof that opposites
attract. CHINA: Anton and I talked over the internet for quite some time and when I saw him I thought
he was handsome. Not only do he hold records, he hold world records. Which means he’s made
an impact on the whole world and I love it. CHINA: Come on and help me finish preparing this meal ok? ANTON: Ok, Ok. Can you help lift me up? CHINA: Ok, on the count of three. Ready? One, two, three – up. COMM: In order to have the chemistry working, and when you have a man like me high on testosterone
and competing in powerlifting in a man’s sport, then it’s cool to have a partner who is totally
the opposite. Extremely feminine and the transgender woman, she was born as a man, and she does
the utmost to become possible as a female. And that means that she spends more time looking
good, she spends more time being feminine, she spends more time on her appearances. CHINA: I’ve never talked to a guy four feet four, or honestly someone from a different
country. But I’m glad I just gave him a chance and he’s just an amazing person. COMM: China’s friends are supportive of her relationship with Anton. NIKKI: Judging from tonight I think Anton could make China extremely happy. Really looking
forward to that. I feel that the size between Anton and China wouldn’t make a difference
because love conquers all. ANTON: Generally speaking I want to be happy, I want me and China to be happy. I want to have success with our business, and maybe I want to break another world record. COMM: For now though, Anton’s just happy having China as a tower of strength by his side. ANTON: I feel like I’m the luckiest man on the planet. We’re all happy and good and I never
felt better than I do now. And that will be thanks to China.

100 thoughts on “4ft 4in Weightlifter Finds Love With 6ft 3in Transgender Woman

  1. “Second is the first loser, second does not count, only number one counts” – not exactly the message I expected from a guy who had to fight so much to get to where he is now. Being second best at something is incredible in my opinion.

  2. If this is the future then i wanna go back to when men were real men and not some short dude banging other tall dude in a women clothes

  3. I know where I stand on the transgender/transsexual issue, and I came here to see the video anyway. Only a fool would take the time to click on a video like this and then start preaching in the comments about how wrong the people are. Just shut up! No one cares to hear your hypocritical sermon. Whatever you feel “led to say” I’m sure they’ve heard it enough for two or three lifetimes. Ugh.

  4. Why can't yall just leave transgender people alone, they're not doing anything wrong by existing. It doesnt matter if they change their body its theirs not yours and they can do what they want with it

  5. Also when shes like help me prepare food she kinda talks to him like you would a child thats not cool i hope there together for the right reason

  6. where will you walk anton? I am your ex girlfriend the truth is a man note 10! pure soul i passionate heart our hard little for being older than me and i be a very nice trans girl Then I wanted to eat the mute i was not ready to marry just wanted to live life! but he in his house i me in mine then our relationship came to an end because it enters into an agreement

  7. I am so disappointed by all the ignorance in the comments. I love this video and it makes me so happy – these are two very visually different people that clearly love each other very much and it just warms my heart.

  8. I wish the whole world would put their prejudice aside and do and look however the hell they want to ,I wish I could however there are invisible boundaries which become apparent when we step outside the social norms ,good on these folks .

  9. I used to feel like i was a man trapped in a womens body but then my dad transported me into my mom and then I was born a girl 🙋🏾

  10. I guess it's only natural the best that midget dude can do is another guy

    lol at least they're not lonely, even if they never reproduce

  11. Caution this the end of the internet congratulation for meeting this great Milestone please return back thank you

  12. They’re adults and not hurting anyone. A bit out of the norm I guess but they seem happy so good for them.

  13. How did I even get here ? What sequence of events led me to this video and what unseen force made me watch the whole thing ? So many questions…

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