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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[music] We’re doing pullovers first,
because it’s isolating the lats without bicep involvement. Usually the weak link in our lat
exercise is our biceps are gonna give way. So we’re just trying to work
the lats without having any biceps involvement. If we had a pullover
machine, that’s ideal, because it’s full range
all the way around, where a dumbbell
is only half range, but we work with what we got. That’s what we got today,
so we use dumbbells. Good, two, good. From there, man, yeah? Good, ten, now if you go,
you can count past ten. That’s eleven, yeah. Twelve, okay, I’ll
do it with you, man. I’ll do it with you. All right, then.
Good on you. Okay, boyo. Is this the same
thing, brother? Yeah, nice and tight, then. Good stretch, good pull. Two, three, four, five, good. Come on, six, strong. Seven, go all the way, eight. Big pull. Squeeze, nine, one more. Last one. I got it. We’re gonna use a pulldown
where the biceps are coming into play. Nice stretch, bring
’em down, squeeze. All the way down, man. There, squeeze, yeah? Pause at the chest, good. Pause, good. Keep the body still, man. There, good. That’s better. Nice, two more. All the way down, squeeze. One more, all the
way down, squeeze. Nice, nice, nice. Arch at the bottom, yeah? Because if you pull down and
you’re like this…you’re not getting a contraction. It’s gonna be like that. You’re at 225. You gotta go, man. Stretch that body movement. Stretch out with your shoulder
girdle, bring down, squeeze. And squeeze, nice. Two, good. Three, nice, come on. Let’s work lats. Four, five’s good. Come on, squeeze, six. Arch and squeeze at the bottom. Seven, and again. All the way down.
All the way down. Squeeze it in.
Squeeze it in. One more, big
stretch and big pull. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, good. One knee on there. The other leg out and back,
’cause you’re gonna be pulling in towards your
waist, as opposed–no, if you’re pulling up here, then
that’s gonna be more traps and rhomboids. Lats, pull it in, arm traveling
close to the side like that, into your waist…and
back down again. Up and back, yeah. Hitting the lats for this one. Easy, right here. [music] We’re gonna do base rows, and
we’re gonna do out like this. So we’re gonna go up there
now, rhomboids, traps. For the first few exercises,
you’re pulling in here, we’re working the lats,
yeah…Working lats, the elbows, the arms are traveling
close to the body, yeah? Pull down, grow. Those are lat movements. Now with elbows out,
we’re going upper back. Of course, the lats
are still involved, but we’re putting more
emphasis on the upper back, which is the lower traps, the
rhomboids, the teres, and so on. That’s why we’re having that
grip and bringing the elbows out. Nice, you’re in there, yeah? Three, four, good. Five, yeah, six. The only reason to use ’em
is if the power of my lats is greater than my grip, you know? If my grip’s gonna give way
before my back gives way, then I’m gonna support my grip,
but if it’s not necessary, I’m not gonna use ’em, because
if you keep supporting your grip all the time, it’s not gonna
get stronger, you know? [music] Nice and tight, mate. Come on, crunch it right
back, double bicep. Flex and squeeze, good. Two, three, four, five, come on, squeeze. Pull it back. Six, pull it back, and again. Half rep, come on, half rep. Man, one more half rep, pull. Good, good set. That’s how we do it. I just do the initial
one from the floor, then I’m just going here. So if you’ve got racks, then
you can just do it from there to start with, you know? Keep the head up.
Keep your back flat. You never want to lift with
your back rounded like that. You’re putting your back in
a very vulnerable position. I like to do it in front of the
mirror so I can watch the form. The initial lift from the
floor is more quads and glutes. That’s why after we
lifted it from the floor, just going to mid-shin, so
we just keep it on the back. Keep the tension on the back. Good, up, two, up, three, four, excellent. Up, five, up, six, seven. Maybe just a tad
higher, you know? That’s gonna work my waist? You’re working your legs more
once you get down to the bottom. It’s like mid-shin,
keep it nice and tight, just keep it on the back. Come on, then. Get the straps on
there, nice and tight. Just do as many as you can
where the form is perfect. If you start breaking form,
then it’s time to put it down. No risk on this one, yeah? Finish it all up
now, the whole back. Strong, good, okay. Nice, that’s it, man. Two, three, four’s good. Five, keep it tight, pull. Six, and again, pull,
seven, up, eight. Two more, man, strong. Pull, one more, big
pull, yes, okay. Good, perfect, perfect. Muscle growth is an
adaptation to stress. If you give your body stress
that it’s not used to, it’s gonna try to adapt in
some way, and in this case, we’re looking for more muscle. So you gotta go beyond
what you’ve done before. That’s the idea. It’s certainly the reps that
you really struggle on that give you the growth,
isn’t it, really? When you you’re training,
you’re not just stressing that muscle group, you’re stressing
your system as a whole also. And legs and back are so taxing,
I try to schedule those with a day off afterwards, so you
got overall recovery as well. [music]

100 thoughts on “5 Back-Busting Exercises | Dorian Yates’ Blood & Guts

  1. Love how he pulls him up on the lat pull downs at the start because he’s leaning back on every rep, see so many guys doing this trying to show off with heavy weight. Actually making slower progress than if they just lower the weight and do better form.

  2. Does the weight increase apply for teens as well or should we use light weight up to 15 reps so we don't stunt growth.

  3. DY is a Class Act. I like his vids, they reveal so much true info. I like his info before doing an exercise to prevent injury and get the best out of the exercise being done.

  4. Amazing to see people do exercises like that with no weight belt, i use two, a guy once laughed at me for wearing two he asked me why i did so, i asked him if he'd ever slipped a disc to which he replied he had not,… i then laughed and told him that that is why i wear Two and you wear NONE.!

  5. Finally, someone that not only tells you how to do the exercises, but also does the exercises with you. Kudos, sir

  6. Pardon for the silly question but English aint my native language . So is it 1 warm up set + 1 regular set until failure per exercise or 1 warm up set + 1 warm up with moderate weights + 1 regular set ?

  7. I like how Dorian focuses on the details with form, negatives, contraction and intensity, but this also seems like quite low volume. Not sure if this is the most optimal amount of volume for me at least.

  8. I tried this workout trying to maintain good forms with heavy weights challenging myself. I died… if I have a spotter with me, it will be more effective but no excuse!!!

  9. just praying that Cedric can come into the OLY the most ripped guy on stage and shut the rest up. Do it Cedric…. all those dysfunctional kids you give them hope that you can be what you want to be. Besides you are the best ambassador for the sport. kind, humble and honesty.

  10. All asshole gym owners, im looking at you Xsport, Lifetime, LA fitness, we need a godamn Pullover machine, trash the lame crossshit stuff, the fucking tires, and the sled and make room for some real bodybuilding equipment. I wish i was born in 80s, gyms back then were badass and had better machines.

  11. My Hat is Off to You, Mr. Yates!! I actually went to failure on my quads extension according to your instructions on weight training and in 2 or 3 days I can feel the power come back in great definition and isolation of each quad. I later tried this with hammer curls on the preacher bench, alternating to Brazilian grip on same at the extremity of resistance. The difference is beginning to reach the threshold of sensation for me. I'm 8 months into year 4 and the metamorphosis is slowly beginning to show, even though my work out numbers logs have showed somewhat linear increases through the period. Yet I also employ some mind over matter methods.

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  16. I train in the exact same way Dorian does. He helped perfect that style of training and I wouldn't be anywhere without it. Obviously I don't look like he does know why would I ever want to be that big. But this man knows his stuff and the only pro bodybuilder I truly respect. He was the last of an era that valued training over the latest drug stack.

  17. What a fabulous workout, hitting all angels of the lats and hitting the upper back with strong movements Ima use this for the next 6 weeks

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