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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

All right, you guys! Here are five different moves. I’m going to help you tone your entire arm
area. We’re going to be hitting shoulders, biceps,
triceps. Getting those arms nice, and defined. First thing we’re going to start with is a
curl to overhead press. So with this one you’re just going to start
with a nice, full range of motion curl. So we’re just going to be here, we’re going
to curl up, we’re going to rotate our dumbbells, press to the ceiling, come back to our shoulders,
rotate, and back down. So we’re just rotating, down, out, and up. Now, with this workout you can do 30 seconds
of work, or 45 seconds of work, and maybe do about 30 seconds of rest in between each
set. Or if you don’t want to do as much you can
take a little bit less rest period. Okay, so we’re just getting that curl to overhead
press. We’re hitting our biceps and shoulders here. I love this one after I’ve done shoulders,
or biceps. Kind of burn it out at the end. So you go as heavy, or as light as you want. Okay. Our next exercise: plate pass. So with this one you’re just going to think
about getting down into a deep lunge. You’re going to have whatever amount of weight
you want. You could go light. If you have a plate you could actually just
use a dumbbell. So we’re going to be hitting the outsides
of the shoulders. We’re just going to go down, the plate is
going to go off to the side, we’re going to reach down, and bring it up to the other side. We’re going to think about keeping good posture
as we’re passing it, and keeping it up. It’s okay if you bend over when you’re reaching
to get the plate. Super great for really building the outsides
of our shoulders. So what you can do is, you can do so many,
if you want to change halfway, bring the other leg down. Just make sure we’re working both legs too,
so you’re actually getting a little bit of a leg workout in with this, too. All right. Okay, next we’re going to go into what I call
a T-raise. This is really great for the fronts, and sides
of the shoulder. We’re going to start with raising, rotating,
straight out, together, rotating, down. So with this one I would probably suggest
starting with a little bit lighter weight because it doesn’t take much on this exercise. That’s why you’ll notice I’m changing weights
with certain exercises. We’re really trying to bring that weight out,
and control it. Next we’re going to go into a bent over curl
tricep extension. So now we’re going to be hitting biceps and
triceps. You’re just going to get a bend at the waist,
we’re going to curl, and as we’re coming back we’re going to push the weight. So we’re kind of here, think about twisting,
and turning to really isolate the tricep in the back. All right, so we’re curling, pushing. Curling, pushing. And what’s good about being bent over like
this is gravity is actually making this weight feel a little bit heavier, which is always
a good thing. Good, so we’re getting full range of motion. We’re really curling, and pushing back. Okay, last one. We’re going to finish with a bar trifecta. What I mean by that is, this is the last little
burnout. So you can either do, maybe, 10 of each, or
you can do the full three seconds with each movement. With this last thing I want you to go from
movement to movement with no rest. We’re going to start with reverse curls. We’re just going to grab the bar, and you’re
just going to reverse curl this up. Really think about making that bicep tight
at the top. Really pulling that in getting a nice, little
curl at the top. Once you finish that we can change our stance
a little bit, make a little wider hand. We’re just going to go right into and overhead
press. So we’re going from biceps, right into shoulders,
and you can make this as heavy, or as light as you want. Maybe you just want to burn it out. So you can go a little bit lighter. Once you’ve finished that we’re going to bring
our grip in a little closer, and we’re just going to go right into an upright row. Now we’re hitting the upper part of our shoulders. Tops of our shoulders. So with this one, like I’d mentioned, we’re
going to just go exercise to exercise, no rest. We’re going to burn it out. So once you finish this the goal is to get
through three rounds. All right! Okay, you guys. We’ve pretty much hit everything with these
five different exercises. We went from biceps, to shoulders, and we
got some triceps. So we’re really getting that whole area in. great exercises. I love these. I use a lot of these in my workouts on, almost
a weekly basis. Okay, push through. I know you can do it. Make sure to follow us on Hey, leave us a message, let us know how you’re
doing. If there’s anything, or any other videos you
haven’t seen from us that you want us to get together, we do listen. Hit the like button and subscribe, and I look
forward to seeing you guys soon.

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  1. Very Nicely done! Thanks for your Great video's I really love how you explain everything so simple. I will be trying this!

  2. I have purchased Athleane XX for women about a couple of years ago when Jess was still there. Is it the same program today?? Should I purchase it again??

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