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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(upbeat music) (exhales) – What’s up, guys? It’s Chris Heria,
welcome to another video. Today I selected five
of my favorite exercises in which I believe are the best for growing a bigger chest and with these five
exercises that I’ve chosen, we’re gonna be targeting
all areas of the chest and the reason why I chose these exercises is because these moves also train different elements such
as explosive, static, stabilization, and a lot more. Focusing on these different elements is gonna work your chest out a lot harder and probably in ways that
you don’t often do it which is definitely gonna fire up all those muscle fibers,
shock those muscles. That’s really gonna build that
dense muscle for your chest and best of all, this is gonna be a calisthenics workout routine, so you can basically do all these moves anywhere in the convenience of your home. So the first exercise,
we have ring push ups and to really increase
that progressive overload and push that chest like
you never have before, we’re gonna put on extra
weight onto our body. (upbeat techno music) So I told you guys in the last video I’d show you a sneak peak
of the Heria weight vest coming soon, here it
is, check it out guys. We’ve been designing this thing
for the past couple months. Honestly, it’s been a lot of work, but this is where we’re at. The weight vest is actually designed to have the same amount of range of motion that you have when you’re
not wearing the vest. A lot of weight vests that are out there, you can barely move
around in these things. They cover your whole body and they’re just not the right size and they’re not practical for working out. So if you want the best weight vest for working out when
it comes to the build, the comfort, and the range of motion, the Heria vest hands down is the best weight vest
for elite training. You can find them on, but if you wanna win one before
the official release date, find out by watching the
next video next Thursday. All right, so we’re gonna
get into these ring push ups. So first things first guys,
grab really, really tight. You wanna have a real good
tight, tight, tight grip. This makes all the difference, all right? We’re only as strong as our weakest links, so you wanna make sure
that grip is super strong ’cause that’s the first point of contact. So you’re gonna kind of over grip it, squeeze as hard as you
can, move a bit, squeeze, and we’re gonna start dead in the center. Perfect form, straight from
your heel to your shoulder. We’re gonna go down, all
the way down, chin up, and then we’re gonna come back up, when we come back up, we’re
gonna twist and touch. When you touch like this,
you can feel the tension in your upper chest and your chest squeezing together, all right? So we’re gonna come back down, squeeze your hands, control everything. Come back up, twist. So you see it also has
that stabilization factor of keeping these rings steady which is really gonna fire up those deep muscle fibers. All right, let’s go for a third. (upbeat music) All right. All right, we’re gonna move on next into deep incline push ups. Now we’re gonna be using the rings for that stabilization factor. We’re also gonna be using the vest for more weight, increase
that progressive overload. Have a tight grip guys, tight, tight grip. Let’s put our feet up. Now you can do this if you
don’t have this equipment, you can just take three
chairs together, all right? Most important part is that you’re gonna be able to go down and pass to go deep, right? Now come back all the way up to get that really, really
long range of motion. So you go deep, deep, deep. Come up now. We’re gonna go for 10, all right guys? So squeeze everything,
squeeze that core, go down. Control, control. (lively techno music) (exhales) Last one. Whoo. (pants) That one right there (exhales) that’s the upper chest killer. If you guys could even
do that without weight, I’m proud of you guys. (laughs) So now we’re gonna move on to ring flies. All right, this is a tough one. (pants) So I’m gonna lose the vest for this one. Oh. Ring flies. Remember squeeze, squeeze guys. So now you should feel super light after taking that off. ‘Cause this is definitely
a really hard move, guys. So you wanna work your
way into different angles at the beginning before
doing an angle like this. All right, here we go. (upbeat music) Whoo, damn. You can clearly see why
you need to be adding these exercises into that workout. If you guys are really trying to develop a strong chest,
you need to rip that open. You can’t just stick to the same bench press routine forever. All right so next we’re gonna
move into 90 degree hold. This is gonna be a static move. Now we’re using a different
element in asymmetric position to really put that overload on the chest and it’s a great exercise to put in between reps if
you’re feeling a bit fatigued, but it’s also gonna push
yourself a lot harder than doing reps because
of the time on attention that you’re holding in
asymmetrics position for, let’s say you do 10 reps, 20 reps. That should take about 15 to 20 seconds. If you’re really holding
an asymmetrics position as long as you can, that can last all the way
from 30 seconds to a minute. That becomes a lot more effort and a lot greater of an
overload in the long run than just busting out a
couple reps really quick. So now we’re gonna go
into some 90 degree holds, and to really take this to the next level, we’re gonna put the weight vest back on. 40 pounds baby, let’s go. (lively music) (pants) Whoo. (upbeat music) All right so, if you can’t do this move, of course you just wanna hold it with your feet on the
ground just like this and from here after a while you should be able to lean
forward, lift your legs up. (upbeat music) Whoo, damn. It’s like I got my son sitting on me when I’m wearing this thing. (exhales) All right. We’re gonna go for the last exercise and that’s straight bar dips and that’s gonna emphasize mainly on the lower portion of your chest, so let’s go straight for it. So for these guys,
these are the last reps. So we’re gonna make these count. I want you to squeeze the bar. I want you to come up as hard as you can. Literally explode. Try to get this bar off the ground and when you come back down, really control and slow yourself down. So this is gonna be explosive
mixed in with control. All right guys, let’s go for it. (exhales) so you’re gonna explode and
then come back, control. (upbeat techno music) All right so there you have it, guys. Those are the top five
exercises in my opinion to grow a stronger and bigger chest and to really take your
training to the next level and to get there a whole lost faster, you’re gonna need one of these. Which you can pick up at coming real soon. We’re gonna be putting something together so that you have a chance to win one before they even come out yet. So watch the next video. It’s gonna come up next Thursday for your chance to win one
of the Heria weight vests before they come out. If you enjoyed this workout, definitely smash that like button. If there’s any chest exercises that you think I missed
or that you thought would of been dope to be in this video, comment it down below so that other people can try them out as well. I’m also super excited
and proud to announce that we have reached over
two million subscribers on the THENX channel. Honestly from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys so much. I never expected to get this far. Definitely not this soon,
but aye, here we are. So hard work definitely pays
off, keep chasing your dreams. We’re gonna have that two
mil subs special video for you guys this Sunday on
the THENX YouTube channel and before I go I wanna give you guys a tiny sneak peak into the
brand new Heria Pro app that will be updated and released in just a couple of weeks, check it out. All right so here’s a preview of the new and improved Heria Pro app. So as you see, as you log in you get to your collections
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every single exercise just like before except with
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more in the next coming videos. I will see you guys next Thursday. Mad love, peace out. (upbeat music) (thumping) Smash that like button, guys. (rapid thumping)

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