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do you want to banish love handles for
good today I’m gonna be showing you guys five of the best exercises to get rid of
love handles what’s up guys it’s Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and we are
live if you’re watching this live let us know where you’re watching from we’re
going to go right over all five of these exercises right now I’m going to give
you tips along the way and then at the end I’m going to show you how to
incorporate these exercises into your next workout good first exercise a
bodyweight drill called a twister we’re gonna be bringing the knee out wide to
the sides for some love-handle work and we like to take this up a notch like
this burning the love handles now this is a high cardio drill and so very great
for some cardio fat burning and every time we bring the knee up above the
waist to the side getting those love handles work nice and if you get tired
if the going fast is too much you’re gonna March it like this and then work
your way up right here good that’s not painful exercise number one
the second exercise we’re gonna need a kettlebell or a dumbbell so I’m gonna
grab those here I’m just gonna move the camera a little bit back so you guys can
get this in full frame nice okay dumbbell snatches awesome fat burning
and every time we get that weight up overhead give me that nice side ab work
those obliques those love handles from the ground up nice make sure you do both sides and I’m
going to show you with the cowbell a little more technique involved and
actually if you guys want to see video that we did seven tips to master your
kettlebell snatches I’ll put it in the card up here for you if you’re watching
this on YouTube oh yeah nice now those are two awesome
love handle exercises those are the first two the next three that I’m going
to show you how you guys doing coming a little closer I’m actually going to
lower the camera now because we’re gonna be doing the next three are all ground
work so we’re gonna hit the deck these are bodyweight drills the first
one is going to be with a slider you can I’m going to show you a variation
without the slider but man Furniture sliders fantastic these guys right here
this is called an ever a slider all three of these are a plank position
their variations of a plank that are really going to get some extra oblique
those love handles you’ll be getting rid of those love handles and also very
important we need to be totally straight up with you guys proper nutrition is
going to be key and coupled with these exercises works fantastic so let’s get
into exercise number three love-handle exercise number three feet under the
sliders plank position right here and we’d be bringing the knees out wide like
this here every time you bring the knee up I want you to look a little bit to
that side and keep that neutral spine you can definitely do these without the
slider but they’re more intense with the slider and also let’s go a little faster
if you really want to step things up like this that’s so many exercises you can do with
these sliders hey let us know in the comments down below if you want to see a
slider exercises we can do all kinds of slider exercises if you’re interested
let us know that could be a possible video we appreciate you guys the input
on the channel we’re a growing new channel and so we’d love if you guys
have any ideas if they’re good we’ll make a video for you so that’s the first
the third love-handle exercise now the second one is going to be totally
bodyweight drilled we call this the Brazilian plank we’re going to get into
a plank position and we’re adding some rotation twist bring the knee up
opposite elbow to me touch return to plank other side I want you to go slow
and try and hold the opposite elbow to knee one-mississippi love handles get
rid of those love handles today awesome now we call those the Brazilian plank
because there’s a little bit of hip movement going and also we’re going to
be working the ABS side abs obliques and also a little bit of the backside of the
booty so that’s what we call those the Brazilian planks about to show you the
final exercise to get rid of love handles and that one’s going to be with
the kettlebell or a dumbbell definitely gonna need to wait with this and it’s
gonna be fantastic before I show you guys this last video don’t forget at the
end I’m going to give you some tips on how to incorporate these exercises into
your routines and so the other thing is if you haven’t subscribed yet we put out
new videos every week for you guys and we’re all about helping you continue on
this fitness journey it’s a lifestyle amount of sprint and so we’re here for
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more people and guys don’t forget if you have ideas post them down below as well
last exercise they don’t show you have incorporate these drills get you
kettlebell out again we’re in a plank position love these pull it’s a
kettlebell pull through plank position pulling through looks like this right
here star bail outside the body hold it through nice if you’re watching live say
hello let us know we’re watching from if you’re watching us after the live
broadcast say hello as welcome you guys and also welcome now when you’re doing
this exercise we want to literally drag it across the floor and notice the lower
back square hips Square to the ground last one time good awesome stuff now
speaking of time how are you doing incorporate these exercises hey Danielle
on the live broadcast how are you she says have to get me some sliders awesome
that’s true Debs hi from Wales we’re going international
baby awesome love seeing you guys on the live broadcast thanks for tuning in and
so how we want you to incorporate these exercises 30 to 60 seconds each and we
love to incorporate these amongst our circuit training so not just alone they
are they do work alone but really even better for fat loss and really burning
those love handles get rid of getting rid of those love handles we got to
focus on high fat burning so great cardio high
calorie burn and so incorporating those other elements into your workout with
these drills are going to be fantastic to get rid of those love handles
nutrition also plays a role if you guys have any questions or comments about any
of those things post them down below this channel is all about us growing
together you guys and really creating this Fitness lifestyle in this community
so let’s go ahead and and share in the comments and also if you want to see
some full-length videos these are some of the exercises we incorporate in our
full-length YouTube videos so go ahead and check out some of those videos over
here over here and we’ll post a few down below for you that incorporate these
some of these best exercises to get rid of love handles anyway you guys thanks
so much for tuning in we appreciate you have an awesome day

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