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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So training at home is either one of the biggest
luxuries or necessities, depending upon where you’re coming from. See some people have to train at home because
they either can’t afford a gym membership or can’t get to one, or some people like to train at home and they’ve
actually gone out and created a little bit of a home gym and it provides with them a lot more convenience
to be able to make sure that they can stay consistent with their workouts. But either way, regardless of what situation
you’re in, if you are working out at home, there’s 5 things you better start doing, and I’m going to cover them here today. See some people think that training at home
means that you can’t build muscle and that’s the biggest bunch of bull I’ve ever heard. Matter of fact, I devoted an entire program,
the ATHLEAN XERO Program, that requires no bands, no bars, no bench, zero equipment at
all and it’s main focus is to help you build muscle. So today I’m going to show you, pulling some
of those principles from that program to this video, how you can actually start building
some serious muscle training at home but you better start doing these 5 things.
So let’s kick it off. The first thing you have to do is you have
to start looking around at your surroundings. There are so many things here that will provide
you with the options for equipment, that you never thought you had in the first
place. Check out just some of the ways that you can utilize some of the very things in
your house to help you to start getting more exercise options I’m using a countertop here to actually to
Bicep exercises and this is a difficult exercise. There’s no difference between doing it here
on the edge of a counter and doing it with a bar. The exercise stays the same, the benefits
stay the same. Or the counter here, I’m using the corner
of a kitchen counter to do things like Captain’s Chair Ab work. Or Dips, we can certainly build our body with
a Dip, we know what an effective upper body building exercise that is. Who cares whether we’re using Dip bars or
in the corner of a counter. Or I can use furniture here to do bodyweight Tricep extensions. Or more advanced variations of Push Ups. Or
even this very piece of furniture in front of me that I can use to do Step Ups and other
things. So guys, stop putting the blinders on. There’s
so many things around you that will allow you to get more exercises in that arsenal
for your home workouts and therefore make your workouts better. The next thing you’re going to want to do
is make your exercises hard at every opportunity. Look, I can do lots of Push Ups. And doing
a lot of Push Ups can definitely give me a workout but is it going to give me the overload
I need to start building muscle? Likely not, especially if you’re used to doing
a lot of Push Ups. So let’s start finding some harder variations of Push Ups. This is a great example. I use the corner,
just a wall here, what we call a One Arm Posted Push Up. Now you can overload on that one arm, at one
time and make sure that it’s doing a lot more of the work. I can tell you this, you might be able to
bang out 30, 50, 60, 70 Push Ups, try these One Arm Posted Push Ups, I guarantee you’ll
be doing a lot fewer and therefore getting a lot more work done in
a shorter period of time. Number three and following along on that same
very concept, Train to Failure. Number three and building off of that same
very concept, start Training to Failure. What I mean by that is Stop Counting. If you think that you are going to count your
reps and that’s going to equate to an intense workout? Forget about it. Because a lot of times, counting
is the biggest crutch we have. Stopping at 12 because you’re supposed to
stop at 12 because someone told you to stop at 12 is not going to get you those extra
reps if you still had them in your tank. And those extra reps, those last few, the
ones that provide the biggest struggle, are the ones that are going to provide the biggest
benefits. So stop counting and start just training until
you can’t do any more reps. That will dictate when the end of the set is. And now for the clothing portion of this video.
Shirts are optional and socks are mandatory. See what I mean by that is, if you stop thinking
that you’ve got to wear your shoes all the time, now you’ve just unlocked a whole new
avenue of exercises to go down. And that is, a bunch of exercises that utilize
your socks on a slick surface. It could be a tile floor, could be a hardwood floor, could
be a linoleum floor, I don’t care what floor you have, but some
surface that your socks will slide on. And now we’ve got options, things like this,
this Closed Chain Hamstring building exercise. This is an actual, very difficult version
of an exercise to work your Hamstrings. And it’s all possible because we can actually
slide our feet on the floor or we can shift our entire focus somewhere else, like our
Abs. In here we’ve got our Serpentine Ab Slide,
again possible because of the socks that we’re wearing on the floor. This is an intense exercise that works our
Abs and our Obliques. And it’s just really simple to do once you throw those shoes off. Or you can take your own shirt and use it
for things like this, an Upper Body Pulldown. This is like my favorite Straight Arm Pulldown
exercise for our back that we now can do with a little bit of creativity and the use
of our own shirt. So stop thinking about what you can’t do and
start thinking about what you can do just by rethinking your own wardrobe when you do
these workouts. Last but not least, my biggest tip I can give
you if you’re going to be working out at home, is to do something. You see doing nothing is no option. If you
do something you’re going to start pushing yourself beyond where you are today. And that’s what I hate the most, is excuses
for not doing something. You don’t have one. As I just showed you here in this video, there’s
so many things that you can do to turn your own home into a much better gym than it is. And if you start to become more serious about
your workouts and you start to love the results that you’re getting, you might go out and invest in a small little
home gym and that doesn’t need a lot of equipment either. You can get by completely, as a matter of
fact, you can do the entire ATHLEANX Training System with just a bench, a resistance band,
a pullup bar and some dumbbells. That’s all you’ll need and it won’t cost you
much to do it. But of course if you’re looking for an option that requires no equipment at
all. I’ve already told you guys, ATHLEAN XERO is
a complete Bodyweight Only Program that doesn’t even require a pull up bar and yes the main
focus is to build muscle. So here at ATHLEANX I don’t believe in excuses.
I believe in giving you guys the solutions you need to get in shape wherever it is that
you want to train. To find out more information guys, head to
ATHLEANX.COM and check out our Training Systems. In the meantime, if you found this video helpful,
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. Whatever else that it is that you want to
see me do. Whether it be here in the home environment or down in the gym, you let me
know and I’ll make sure and make a video on it. Alright guys, I’ll be back here again real

26 thoughts on “5 Best Home Workout Tips (APPLY TO ALL HOME WORKOUTS!)

  1. Am doing workout in the gym at eveng.. Aftr that am doing arm workouts in my home.. With dumbells. Is it good or bad

  2. I love working out at home, just due to the fact that I can do stuff on my own time. I’m not rushed. I don’t have to wait, to use equipment. It’s actually way less stressful. Love all the tips man! Videos exceeds excellence. Stop with the excuses and start with solutions!

  3. I’m 53 and I’m only using my bodyweight and a yoga mat. I exercise every second Day for 45 minutes.

  4. I have a question is it smart to bench press a high amount try and do it as much as you can and then you put on lower weight go as long as you can and do on till u tired that’s what I do

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  6. I know this is an old video, however i have a question for you. What are your thoughts on a 5×5 with body weight if i use a weighted/isometric style of training? Thank you if you take the time to respond.

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