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hey everybody it’s doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you my top 5 sciatica exercises for a herniated disc. so let’s
get started. so if you haven’t already clicked the subscribe button, make sure you click it
down there. so again these exercises are for a herniated disc type of sciatica, so
if it’s the piriformis syndrome they’re a little bit different and you can check
that video out. so the first one we’re gonna do is just lying down on your back
with your knees propped up, and we’re just going to start off with a pelvic
tilt. so pelvic tilts are a nice way to kind
of get everything loosened up, work those core muscles, and just to start
strengthening that area in general because if you have that sciatic nerve
pain, that sciatica, you want to get your core nice and strong. that’s what’s going
to help keep it safe and protect it. so with the pelvic tilt, all you’re doing is
using those core muscles to tilt your pelvis back. so as you can see here,
you want that little curve that you have here back to flatten out. but you’re not
pushing with your legs you’re actually using those core muscles to tilt back
and hold it. so if you feel like you’re pushing on your legs, like if you
can’t kind of lift them up a little bit because you’re pushing so hard, you’re
not quite doing that tilt right. so you just want to rotate it back and be able
to breathe normally while you’re doing it. if you have to hold your breath
you’re not quite doing it right again. so just tilt it back and hold it for about
three to five seconds, and then come back up. so just start off with about ten of
these. you don’t need to overdo it. you’re just kind of getting those muscles
working. start getting those core muscles activated about five seconds and then
relax. so after you kind of get those worked a little bit, then you’re going to
go into a bridge. so bridging then you’re starting to activate those glute muscles
those hamstring muscles again to get that area strong again. so with a bridge,
imagine that you’re kind of going up one segment at a time with your spine and then slowly coming back down. but make it a smooth movement.
so you’re kind of coming up. so you get to a straight line here just about and
then nice and slow coming back down. really trying to do a smooth controlled
motion. not going fast just using momentum, but really coming up and then
nice and slow coming back down. now with bridging, you want instead of just trying
to lift straight up by going one segment at a time, it should help
you’re almost bringing those knees that way and then coming back down. so really activating those gluts and those hamstrings while you’re doing it. A little
pause at the top, and then nice and slow coming back down. so same thing just
start off with ten, then you can do two sets of ten, and two sets of fifteen.
if you get to 20-25 and that’s pretty easy, then you can kind of move on to
something a little bit harder. so now the next one is going to be a clamshell
exercise. clam shells are a lot harder than they look and sound, but it’s really
gonna again get those glutes firing, get those muscles stronger to help protect
that area in the core and the trunk. so the key to a clam shell is you want to
keep your hips perpendicular to the floor or the bed, whatever you’re lying
on, but if you feel like once you start to do the exercise you’re rolling your
hips back, you’re not quite doing it right. and if you need to lean back
against the wall the first couple times you do, it that’s fine because if you’re
rolling back like this, you’re not really doing the right exercise to get the
correct muscles activated. so your feet stay together and then all you’re gonna
do is lift the top knee up. so it doesn’t have to be really high because again if
you’re rolling like that you’re not getting that exercise. so you’re just
coming up this way and then nice and slow coming back down. so really that
movement is in the hip and the glute area. so nice and controlled.
nice and slow. again just starting off with ten, working your way up. If these get super easy, you can put a band around
your thigh, a resistive band, to make it harder. or if you have an ankle cuff
weight you can put it around the top. I would recommend then flipping over and
doing the other side as well just to kind of keep things even for you. so then
the next exercise is going to be a bridge again but this time we’re gonna
do a squeeze with it. so if you happen to have a basketball, a soccer ball, if you
have a yoga block, just something kind of solid and firm. if you have a foam
roller, just something to be able to squeeze in to. if you don’t have anything
like that you can just take a big pillow and fold it up, but you want your knees
to still kind of be at about hip width apart. so if you have a smaller ball,
that’s probably not going to work because then your knees are going to be
kind of leaning in towards each other, and you don’t really want that. you want
it to still be in a fairly neutral position. so this time with the bridging
you’re going to add a movement where you’re squeezing into the ball. you want
to hold that squeeze the whole time and then come up into the bridge. so make
sure you’re squeezing all the way through. a lot of times people will want,
they’ll squeeze, and then they’ll let go of the squeeze, and come up into the
bridge, but make sure you’re squeezing into the ball the whole time. squeezing
squeezing, squeezing, and then going all the way through that movement before you
let go. if you can keep the squeeze the whole time and do it continuously, that’s
great, but if you have to reset each time that’s fine too. so again just starting
off with ten and then working your way up from there. so the last one is going
to be rolling over onto our stomachs. so with this exercise, again we’re kind of
activating the glute area because that one’s really important to keep our trunk
and our spine nice and strong. so what you want to do is bend your knee and
have your foot facing up towards the ceiling, and all you’re going to do is
just push up like you’re taking your foot towards the ceiling.
now keep your hips on the floor or on the bed wherever you’re doing that
exercise. try not to lift everything up like that because
then again you’re not activating the muscles you want to. so it doesn’t have
to be a big push up, but you’re just pushing up through that area activating
all those muscles doing that heel lift towards the ceiling. so again you don’t
have to do a whole lot. just start off with ten, switch do the other side, ten on
that side. If that’s too much, you can just do five on each side. so those are my
top five sciatica exercises for a herniated disk. if you’d like to help
support my channel, click on the link over here to find out how, and don’t
forget to subscribe by clicking down there. and remember, be safe, have fun, and
I hope you feel better soon.

19 thoughts on “5 Best Sciatica Exercises for a Herniated Disc – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Thank you for this. I'm going to try it and also share. I am hoping this may also help some groin issue I have. SUCKS not having insurance! I'm in pain every hour of every day and I take so many ibu to try and get relief. I think this may help to get some relief, although it's hard for me to raise my leg lying down. If anything, it will help my back with Sciatica, Degenerative Disk Disease and Osteoarthritis.
    Oh, and I like your unicorn socks. I just bought a few pair myself. Thank you for all you do, Dr. Jo. πŸ™‚

  2. Good morning Dr. Jo.

    Thank you for the video. These exercises are helping. I now have 25 exercises for my disc problem.

    I picked up my foster dog yesterday and he gets along great with my three girls. The problem is I already want to keep him! He justs fits in with us perfectly. πŸ˜ŽπŸ’πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ†

  3. Hi dr jo i want a help from you i do drilling on the head of hip because i have avn proplem so i want a exricies to make my hip more strong without hart my head of hip and thank you very much

  4. thank you so much!! I've been following your videos and it's been helping me! πŸ’– thank you and I'm so glad i found you!

  5. I have satica problem my left leg is not working wen i want to walk so my leg is very heavy no power please help me.sir i dont know english .clearly .dont me exercise.

  6. Hello madam I am from India . My left side lumber point and my left side leg is paining , burning . And there is stiffness . I can't walk so much . I have disc bulg & compression please guide me . I can't understand your language properly because my english language is poor

  7. Thank you, Dr. Jo. How many times a day do you recommend doing these exercises ? I've been doing them once a day for over a week now, and I'm starting to feel better. I've got 2 herniated discs, but I don't have any back pain. All my discomfort, numbness and pain are in my right leg and glutes when I walk. Yet, my doctor never told me if this is sciatica or piriformis, caused by herniated discs. Again, thank you.

  8. I've got a protruding disc -is this the same as a herniated disc? Do you advise different exercises or the same exercises as shown in the above video? Thank you.

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