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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, you guys! I’m Melissa for ATHLEANXX for Women, and today
I’m going to show you my favorite waist slimming exercises. Let’s go! My five favorites, right now. The one thing you’re going to need is something
to slide your feet on. I have these cool, little sliders. Some people have used paper plates on carpet,
other people have used a little towel that you can find, a little washcloth even, if
you have tile, and that’s not going to be used until exercise number three. Let me start off at the top. First one: para-jumper plank jacks. This one is fun. It might feel a little awkward, so listen
to how we begin, and you’ll have it in just a second. Don’t need these yet. You’re going to start off in the plank position,
but your feet wide. Start with your feet wide. These are plank jacks. So if you s tart with your feet wide, I want
you to do one plank jack, then hop your feet up, and try to clap them at the top. Then put them back wide. In, out, jump. In, out, jump. That’s my first favorite. Number two: side plank hip dip. You’re going to get on one hand, to the side. I like to have my feet one, in front of the
other. Some people like to stack their feet, but
I get a little off balance. So I like to keep my feet just like that. What you want to do – you can put your hand
on your hip, and you just dip your hip low, and push it up really quick. And don’t forget the other side. You don’t want to have one really nice set
of obliques, and then they’re kind of weird, and sad on the other side. Make sure you hit both sides. Third exercise: now you’re going to use those
sliders. So grab those towels, or your paper plates,
or if you have something cool, like these, you’re going to put your feet on them, and
you’re going to start off in pushup position. You’re going to pull both feet toward you,
but keeping your legs straight. And put them back. This is a lower ab exercise. Which, a lot of times, we do not pay much
attention to those. Try to get your feet up as close to your hands
as you can. Number four: scissors. Now, anytime you do an exercise on your back
you really need to focus on keeping just your lower back on the ground, and raising your
shoulders off the ground because what happens is, it doesn’t work if you’re laying completely
flat like this, and you’re just doing scissors. So the focus is to push your lower back into
the ground, keep your shoulders off the ground, legs straight, and we’re going to scissor. This is also a great lower ab exercise. But if you relax, it does nothing. In fact, you could strain your back a little
bit. The last exercise is going to be double high
knees. I always feel it in my abs, even though it’s
crazy cardio, and you’ll feel it in your legs as well, but waist training exercises – there’s
a whole thing you have to focus on. You’ve got to strengthen your abs, not just
up here, but your lower abs, and your obliques. You need to watch your diet, especially, and
you need to do cardio. So this is a cardio exercise that I like for
waist training. It’s the knees, and feet. Knee, knee, foot, foot. And those are my five favorite exercises. Awesome job, you guys. I hope you enjoyed my five favorite waist
slimming exercises. I’m Melissa for ATHLEANXX for Women, and I
will see you guys next time. Bye.

47 thoughts on “5 Best Waist Slimming Exercises (SECRET TO A TINY WAIST!!)

  1. Any workouts for people with injuries I have herniated disc in my back that has revisited and crap knees torn acl in one of them. These are great exercises for most can a video be dedicated for folks in my position but still want to workout

  2. I think she’s beautiful but I don’t think her waist is what I’d call slim, it’s very trained and flat but not slim. It looks kinda square and boxy (if that’s even a word)

  3. love em all! I've been doing all this for a couple years now the only thing different is I do the pike with my feet on an exercise ball and I do the side plank with my elbows insteada straight arms

  4. I like all your exercises, but since I am a man, would you please consider making some comments about 'men's version' of your exercise??

  5. How many do i do of each exercise? im a beginner.Etc how many side planks and is their a similar plank i can do if i cant do it?

  6. No forced multiculturalism, no feminist bullshit, no bitching about patriarchy, perfect and scientific workouts.
    Definitely going to subscribe.

  7. GREAT STUFF!! And then…Geesh! I get why they don’t respond and just post. The criticism is real!!! WTH, ladies! Do the exercises or not but keep the unsolicited, mean girl comments to ones self. Fit chick body shaming is a thing huh? Her waist isn’t as such so she can’t show me how. Sooo, if you want your long hair blonde and the stylist’s is a brunette wearing a pixie cut she can’t make you a blonde? That’s essentially what’s happening here. Anywhooo!!!

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