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Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of, and in this video I’m going to outline 5 tips that you can
employ in order to stay more consistent with your bodybuilding diet. The key to effective
bodybuilding nutrition is consistency. It’s about structuring your overall daily meal
plan in a way that is as simple, streamlined and sustainable as possible, so that you can
simply go about your day with minimal to no guesswork involved and know that you’re
on the right track towards your goals. So here are 5 effective tips that you can employ
to stack the odds as far in your favor as possible and maximize the chances that you
will maintain proper nutritional habits over the long term. Tip #1 is to follow an exact
step-by-step meal plan. Tracking your diet on the go throughout the day can certainly
work well once you gain more experience and once you really know how to accurately track
things properly, but if you’re having a tough time staying consistent with your diet,
then the simplest solution is to just map out exactly what you’re going to eat each
day, in what specific amounts and at what times. Not only is this approach going to
deliver superior results and ensure that you’re landing in the proper calorie and macronutrient
ranges for the day, but it’s also going to keep you more motivated and consistent since
you’ll know that all you have to do is just follow the set plan that’s in front of you
in order to reach your goals. Now the way that you specifically employ this approach
is up to you. You could simply create one single plan and eat the same things every
day until you get tired of it, you could create a 3-day or 7-day plan and then just rotate
through it, or you could map out a few possible options for each meal that have similar macronutrient
profiles (for example, 3 different breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 snacks etcetera), and then just
choose the option that you most prefer based on how you feel that day. Tip #2 is to prepare
your meals in advance. So rather than preparing every single meal on the fly throughout the
day, set aside one or two days a week to pre-package your meals in bulk. That way, when it comes
time to eat, you can simply reach into the fridge and grab your pre-made food without
having to go through the entire cooking and cleanup process every single time that you
need a meal. Not only is this type of approach going to streamline your overall diet in general,
but it’s also going to save you a huge amount of time over the course of the week as a whole.
You can either prepare entire meals and then store them in the fridge or freezer, or you
could just cook up a few of your main items in bulk that usually take longer to prepare,
such as chicken breast, steak, fish etcetera. Tip #3 is to base your diet around foods that
you like. Now this tip sounds really obvious, yet so many people fall into the trap of thinking
that certain foods are somehow “mandatory” to include in their bodybuilding diet, and
they end up choking down these foods on a daily basis even though they don’t like
the taste. This is totally unnecessary, it’s counter-productive and it greatly increases
the chances that you won’t stick to your nutrition plan over the long term. Always
remember this, your body does not view your diet within the context of individual food
items. It only sees the big picture, so the total calories, the total protein, carbs,
fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other micronutrients, and there are a virtually
infinite number of different ways that you can go ahead and reach those totals for yourself.
So if you don’t like tuna, don’t eat tuna. If you don’t like eggs, don’t eat eggs.
If you don’t like oatmeal, then don’t eat oatmeal. No single food source is a must-have
in your diet plan. So if you specifically enjoy blueberries and mangos, then use those
as your primary fruit sources. If you prefer turkey and salmon to chicken and beef, then
use those as your primary protein sources. If you’d rather have sweet potato in place
of rice for your carb sources, then just go ahead and do that. If you simply take some
time to plan your nutritional approach around the foods that you most prefer for each major
category (such as proteins, starchy carbs, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats etcetera),
then your diet is going to be far more enjoyable and your chances of long term success are
going to be hugely increased. Tip #4 is to optimize your daily meal layout and frequency.
The research on meal frequency and its effects on protein synthesis and basal metabolic rate
are pretty clear at this point, and that is that long as you’re hitting your overall
calorie and macronutrient needs for the day as a whole, then the specific way in which
you lay those meals out is essentially going to be a non-issue when it comes to optimizing
muscle growth and fat loss. And for that reason, just figure out what you need to consume for
the entire day as a whole in terms of protein, carbohydrates and fats, and then lay out your
meals in the way that you enjoy most and that maximizes your overall adherence to the diet,
whether that be 3 larger meals consumed in the morning, afternoon and evening, 5 medium
sized meals spread all throughout the day or 7 small meals consumed every couple of
hours. And tip #5 is to utilize a “flexible dieting” approach. I’ve said this many times
before, but assuming that around 80-90% of your diet is comprised of nutrient-dense,
“clean” foods (so lean proteins, minimally refined carbohydrates and healthy fats), then
the other 10-20% can come from whatever food sources you’d like as long as it fits into
your overall daily calorie and macronutrient totals. As I said earlier, your body does
not view your nutrient intake within the context of individual food items, and with the exception
of foods that are particularly high in partially hydrogenated oils, there is almost never such
a thing as a food that is inherently “good” or “bad”. All there is is an overall diet
that is “good” or “bad”. So including a small amount of higher sugar or higher fat
food here and there is not going to negatively affect your muscle building or fat burning
progress, and it will make your overall eating plan much more enjoyable while still delivering
the same muscle building and fat burning results. If you’re constantly depriving yourself
of the foods that you enjoy most, then there’s a much greater chance that you’re going
to become discouraged and quit in the long term. So figure out what you need in terms
of overall daily calories and macronutrients (and the level of detail that you specifically
apply here is going to depend on your individual goals and situation), and then allocate a
small percentage of that total to allow for the foods you crave most. By basing your diet
around the “clean” food choices that you like best (like we covered in tip #3) and
also allowing yourself to indulge in the “flexible” foods that you crave most in controlled amounts,
you’ll be able to structure a nutrition plan for yourself that you fully enjoy and
that gets you into the best shape possible at the same time. So, here’s a quick recap
of the 5 tips we just covered. Tip #1, create a structured daily eating plan for yourself
because this way there will be no guesswork involved and you’ll already know exactly
what to do each day in order to get the best results. Tip #2, prepare your meals in advance
in order to save time and to maximize overall efficiency. Tip #3, take some time to figure
out which foods you enjoy the most when it comes to lean proteins, starchy carbs, fruits,
vegetables, healthy fats etcetera, and then simply base your diet around those choices.
Tip #4, Don’t worry about the specific intervals between meals and instead just structure your
meal frequency and meal layout in whatever way you most prefer based on your appetite
and your schedule. And tip #5, allocate 10-20% of your overall diet to indulge in the foods
you crave most. Employ these 5 bodybuildig diet tips and your chances of long term muscle
building and fat burning success are going to be greatly increased. So thanks for watching
this video today, I hope you found the information useful here. If you did enjoy the video, as
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19 thoughts on “5 Bodybuilding Diet Tips To Help You Stay Consistent

  1. Sean, how much time do you spend preparing meals throughout the week?  I've gone back & forth between cooking meals & bulk & planning them out & just not doing it at all.  It is always terribly time consuming for me to cook all the food & measure them out.  So it'd be helpful to know how long it takes someone whose had success with it to prepare their meals, including measuring out the macros.  Thanks, love your videos.

  2. I've been doing pretty well as far as calorie intake and staying at a deficit, while still getting my exercise in, but I've been doing this with frozen burritos (390 cals each) and other things. If I do 2,000 cals per day, while still working out, I lose weight.

    The point of this comment is that these burritos have a lot of sodium. If I don't compete, some water retention in the winter months isn't so bad, right? High blood pressure associated with sodium is more for older folks, right?
    Are there other negatives of sodium that I'm not aware of?

  3. Im pretty sure that food loses its nutritional value after it is cooked and sits in the fridge for days. Not only that its gross, dried out with mushy vegetables. Yuck.

  4. @Sean Nalewanyj: Your channel and that of Victor Costa (vicsnatural) are the real deal. No fancy music, animation, bla bla bulls*** – Just straight forward information. I hope it's fine with you that I mentioned another channel of youtube as well. Keep it up. Thanks! Greets from Germany

  5. Awesome information man, ready to apply immediately and hoping for the best results. Subscribed. Also what would you recommend to do in the situation of really craving bad/junk food? like happens to me often and messes my whole progress up.

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