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Hey, what’s up Nation? I’m Scott from today we’re going to talk about five exercises that need to go away forever But never will and some of these exercises or exercises that are just completely useless and then some of these exercises are Variations of what you’re supposed to do but people do them a different way because either they want to lift more weight or They’ve been fed a nice plate of bro science, and they just don’t know better, but after today Hopefully if you’re doing any of these five exercises You will not only know what not to do, but I will teach you the proper way to do them Or give you an alternate exercise to help you maximize your gains in the gym So let’s get started so the first exercise. I want to talk about is 21s for biceps and I know So many of you that are going down that comment section and be like 21 – the best exercise ever I get a really big pump when I do them Well a pump doesn’t build muscle what a pump is is blood being forced to the area not necessarily muscle breakdown before regrowth guys 21s were originally invented for shoulders, okay? And it wasn’t doing a lateral raise you know halfway, and then like this and then all the way all right Which is essentially what you’re doing with the bicep 21s? It was invented to hit all three heads of your shoulders That’s why it’s 21, so you would do seven raises like this seven raises out to the side And then seven raises to hit the rear, deltoids, and that’s what a true 21 is the 21s that gained a lot of popularity because of the pump Was this right here you start off you do seven reps like this at the bottom, then you bring the weight up and then you do seven reps like this and then as soon as you’ve done that you go all the way down and all the Way up for seven reps and guys like I’m not sitting here saying like hey You’re dumb for doing this I used to do these all the time But it was because I didn’t know better and that’s what everybody in the gym was doing so if you’re currently doing this it Doesn’t do nothing for you and a lot of people will say well if you do the half reps the top that works the bicep Peak more guys the bicep peak there’s only two heads in the bicep There’s the inside head And then there’s the outside head the outside head is the peak and if you want to grow the peak you need to do exercises That place more emphasis on the outside head, and this top range of motion like this Doesn’t do that. All right, then there’s also the brachialis, which is right here, which can also help increase your peak But that can be for another video, so if you’re currently doing 21s, and you would like something more intense That’s actually gonna give you more muscle building opportunity, then I want you guys to try something. I invented called mercy 30s and they’re labeled this way because they are intense and the way you performing Mercy 30 is you start off with a wide grip and you go all the way up and All the way down for ten repetitions As soon as you finish those ten you’re gonna do an inside grip and you go all the way up and All the way down, and then as soon as you finish those ten You’re gonna do a neutral grip and then go all the way up and all the way down until you complete 30 repetitions And the reason why that works better than doing twenty ones for biceps is because on Every single rep of your Marci 30s You’re working the entire range of motion and guys in case you didn’t know inside grip like this When your hands are like this you tie get more of that outside head when your hands are wide you tie get more of the? Inside head, and then when you use a neutral grip you’re targeting both heads, so there you have it. That’s exercise 1 Let’s move on to exercise 2 the second exercise on my list is the close grip bench press It’s not because the close grip bench press isn’t a great exercise for triceps It’s just that people like to do it wrong, and I’ll show you exactly what I mean And I’m sure you’ve seen this in your gym hundreds of times where people will go up to the bow And then they’ll pick it up with their hands about you know 3 inches away from each other like this and then as they do the Repetitions you’ll notice as you go down that your wrist kind of Bend in an awkward way and when you’re lifting a lot of weight what this does is it places a Tremendous amount of pressure on your wrist it can actually start to put some pressure in your elbows as well And I don’t really know where this originated from but a lot of people seem to think that they’re able to target the triceps more When they bench this way or they think because the exercise is called a closed bench press That they have to grab as close as humanly possible so Guys if you’re doing this exercise and your grip is like this you’re doing it wrong what you need to do is Just get a grip That’s just wide enough so that when you get to the bottom position of the movement like that Your arms are to the sides of your torso and you’re able to keep your elbows under your wrists the entire time You’re pressing the bar up and down and that’s gonna not only take pressure out of your wrists Like when you would hold it like this way, it’s gonna Take pressure out of your wrists And it’s also gonna enable you to lift much much much heavier weight without any pain And you’re gonna be able to overload your triceps even more so Exercise to close grip bench press wrong form corrected make sure you’re doing it right the third exercise is actually an exercise I like to do in my workouts It’s really great for targeting your rear delts and your upper traps and is they barbell upright row and the reason why this exercise gets so much hate is because 90% of the people I see doing it in the gym are doing it wrong And they’re grabbing the bar with their hands as close as possible and it’s a little different than the close grip bench press People usually grab the barbell closer with their hands on the close grip bench press because they think the name implies Close grip the reason why you see people do upright rows like this with their hands So close together is because the closer your hands are together the more weight. You’re going to be able to lift Unfortunately the closer your hands are together the more you’re gonna have shoulder impingement And I’m sure if any of you guys went over to a barbell right now And you grabbed with your hands like that and you lifted it even to here You just have to feel some pinching inside of your shoulder so not good so if you want to incorporate this exercise Into your routine make sure you do it right and the right way is a grip outside of shoulder width and what this is also gonna do is aside from Alleviate the shoulder impingement issue as you bring the weight up you’re gonna feel a lot more true upper trap and rear deltoid engagement as You do the movement now of course you have to go a little bit lighter than when you were doing your Close Grip like this But you’re actually working the muscles hotter What a why grip So you should be doing it that way anyways now we’re moving on to the fourth exercise And if you guys have been enjoying the video so far be sure to smash that like button Subscribe and click that notification bell, so you never miss a new video uploaded from me so this exercise this is actually more for the ladies so hashtag for the ladies and The reason why I say for the ladies because you mostly see women doing this exercise in the gym Not to say that men can’t do it. It’s just usually women in their gym They’re trying to find 30 different exercises to work their legs and their glutes which is fine But an exercise like this. This is more of a case of doing something that’s better versus of this being bad because you will get activation doing this exercise and it’s basically a Glute-ham pull through with a rope and the way you perform this movement is you hold the rope like this your arms are gonna rest On your inner thighs and you’re gonna sit back as far as you can and then push through your heels and then flex your butt Cheeks is how did you can the top of the movement and? Repeat for reps and what’s wrong with this exercise guys is a couple different things Number one you’re gonna be limited to how much weight you can lift based on how much you actually Weigh and what I mean by that is your glutes are one of the strongest muscle groups in your body And I guarantee you’re gonna be able to eventually lift more weight than how much you weigh So if you’re a woman doing this exercise and you weigh like 110 pounds There’s no way you’re gonna be able to do that entire stack without being thrown Backwards into the machine if you lose your footing and the other problem I have with this two guys is the way you have to hold the rope when you get to here It’s just really uncomfortable and your grip might give out eventually too depending on how strong that is so there’s just a lot of Things going on here that are taking away from what you’re trying to do which is maximize that glute engagement So you’re much better off doing a barbell hip thrust or a barbell glute bridge to maximize those gains and really quick Let’s go over proper form so about that Hip thrust is when you actually use the back of a bench to hold yourself in the air So you’re gonna take a barbell you’re gonna place it across your hips like this then you’re gonna slide down and get into place and Your upper back is gonna be the only thing that’s touching the bench right here You’re gonna sit down as far as you can so your butt to the ground And then you gonna push through your legs get to the top and then flex your butt cheeks as hot as you can at the top of the movement and Repeat four reps and when you do this guys Make sure you fully extend and even almost hyper extend your hips at the top of the movement and the same thing goes for The Bob out glute bridge, and if you’re watching this and you’re a dude And you’ve never done a babo glute bridge before but you really want to improve your squat and your deadlift This is an exercise that you should be doing and if you guys follow my push-pull legs program. You’ll notice That’s exactly why this exercise is in that program and for the Bob out glute bridge This is done off the floor And all you do is push the barbell into your thighs Extend your hips to the ceiling Flex your butt as hot as you can Bring the weight back down and repeat four reps and these two movements lobato glute bridge and the barbell hip thrust are way more superior for gluten gage Minh than that ever will be and The fifth and final exercise that needs to go away forever is the dumbbell Tricep kickback and the actual movement itself isn’t bad. It’s using a dumbbell that it’s bad Let me explain when you do a dumbbell tricep kickback guys And I mean you know a lot of these exercises like I said in the beginning I used to do this all the time Until I knew better and the reason why this is a bad movement is because basically from here to here There’s nothing going on you Could you can be holding 50 pounds 60 pounds granted your shoulder might get tired? But your tricep ain’t getting engaged in this range of motion The only time that tricep is getting engaged is when you get from here to here Then you’re gonna marry your results see what I did there so Yeah, the alternative to that is this you can still do a tricep kickback But if you want to make it effective you need to use a cable machine because the cable machine is going to apply resistance to your tricep throughout the entire range of motion We talked a lot about the stretch in the flex being really big parts of engagement with no matter what muscle group You’re training in order to see results and if you guys want to be able to take advantage of the stretch Which is where you get the most muscle breakdown for regrowth, then you need to be able to do this on a cable machine So that even when you’re in this position The weight pulling this way is placing a huge stretch on the triceps which is ripping and tearing that muscle tissue down Then as you pull back you get a nice flex There’s still constant tension on the triceps as you return back to the starting position and repeat For reps so if you’re currently using dumbbells I want you to switch the cables and you’ll see a whole new world of gains when it comes to your triceps workout, so There you guys have it five exercises that need to go away forever But probably never will unless they watch this video if you enjoyed it guys Please show some love by smashing that like button subscribe if you haven’t already and if there’s Exercises that you don’t like that you want to let me know about make sure you post them down in that comment section below Maybe what I’ll do is I’ll do a collective of all your comments, and then I’ll shout you guys out in another video And I’ll title it something like five exercises the community hates that I don’t ever go away or something like that We’ll have some fun. Anyways guys. Hope you have a great week and as always more good stuff coming soon. See ya


  1. As much as I try to explain WHY these exercises are not that great for gains… gym goers will NEVER stop doing them. ESPECIALLY EXERCISE NUMBER 1… What is wrong with us? haha

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  3. Scott thank you so much for throwing out the triceps kickbacks😂they are so annoying I hate it when people do them

  4. What if you don't have a cable machine do Resistant bands work or laying down triceps extensions or over head tricep extensions ?

  5. Actually muscles are growing because of the cells which are producing protein and nourishment much frequently while you are doing exercises with additional pressure (more then in everyday life). Haven’t heard a thing about muscle growing after “tearing” and then recovering. Though I heard it in the gym a lot

  6. I Smashed that like button so hard my monitor got a big black circle permanently….what did I do wrong 🙁

  7. the thing is; I hate all those exercises when I saw people do them in GYM without knowing that they actually suck, dam genious I am !

  8. Jeff Cavalier is adamant about never doing any upright rows and to make sure you INCLUDE the dumbbell kickbacks regularly

  9. BTW if you use 40 to 50 lbs dumbbells. Lean face down on a 30' inclined bench…. then HOLD THE DUMBBELL in the kicked back position for a count of 5 ( the weight should be raised higher than you butt) 3 sets of 8, then your triceps will BURN!

  10. Most people i see that do 21s dont have proper muscle mind connection anyways so they dont build anything…

  11. On the tricep kick backs, are resistance bands as beneficial? I do some of my workouts and train others at home so was wondering if there is another alternative if we don't have access to a cable machine.

  12. You were absolutely right about the first 4 but the last one (not so sure) cuz we use tri kickback cuz it allow you to place the max load at peak contraction (simple physics '' the gravity vector parallel with the dumbbell and perpendicular to the tricep) and what the cable does is the complete opposite. if you need max load at max stretch you can do skullcrushers or …. since you can overload more. Anyway that was my opinion with complete respect to yours.

    thank you, great content.

  13. deadlifts. i have no idea why, but they make my nose bleed every, single, time. no other exercise makes my nose bleed and i dont usually get them, unless im deadlifting

  14. I've just recently been going to the gym for 2 weeks and I actually do the DB Tricep Kickbacks, but now I think I'll do the cables.

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  16. I agree the dumbbell tricep kickback is terrible for hypertrophy, BUT for those without access to a cable machine and who have shoulder/rotator cuff issues, it's one of the few tricep exercises they can do without pain.

  17. You don’t even have to tell us to subscribe/like so frequently😂
    This is my first time here and I subbed immediately after you used actual science to back up your explanations. This is quality content. People will recognize that💜

  18. Whats so terribly Bad about number 1. So just because its origin lays in shoulder training, it should not be done for biceps? Also you said that a Pump doesnt help With muscle growth while this is simply wrong. A pump is directly linked to musclegrowth because it flushes blood and nutrients into the muscle which helps to supercompensate the damage. I dont even do this excersise but theres no need to say that people who do it are idiots

  19. I used to use the curl bar for CGBP in the squat rack. One day I missed the j hooks and the baabell cracked me on the bridge of the nose. Still have the scar.😂

  20. I find this video hilarious, because I am 38 years old and back when I started working out in high school gym class, I was taught by the coach ALL 5 of these wrong exercises and I used to do them for years ! I since have learned how to do a lot of them right such as the upright row. But that’s only been in the past 3 years that I have been refining my workouts. Lesson learned, wrong ways of working out can take decades to unlearn lol

  21. Just because the ROM of the dumbbell tricep kickback is cut to the top half of the motion, doesn't make it a bad exercise. With that logic, the preacher curl should be on this list too… The point of the kickback is to get that long head of the tricep fully contracted.

  22. I disregarded Athlean-X's anti upright barbell rows stance. Went wide grip exactly as in this video, which helped me to thicken up side delts, improve overhead press, and actually eliminate shoulder pain. It's an unbelievably effective side delt and trap builder.

  23. Scoottttt thank you for this video!!! I can totally binge watch all of your videos because I know I will learn a TON!

  24. A proper training program using linear progression will contain: the squat, deadlift, press, bench press, power clean, barbell rows, and chin-ups (substitute negatives or lat pds for the people not yet strong enough to complete reps). All of these are big and powerful barbell movements that use a full range of motion and ensure the most muscle is being used under the biggest loads. These are the only training movements most people will ever need to build big, strong muscles and bones. (Running, curls, triceps extensions, leg extensions/curls, lateral raises, and every other puny, fashionable exercises for voluminous amounts of sets and reps are simply time-wasting fluff.) hashtag logic.

  25. Thanks Scott! Off to slaughter my bis on some mercy 30s right now! Have been using your tips on close grip BP too. Appreciate the videos man!

  26. Those very close grips can cause a Dequervain injury, you won't be able to lift weights at least two months if you get that.
    I got that injury from doing work, and it was hell to not train

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