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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet


  1. As much as I try to explain WHY these exercises are not that great for gains… gym goers will NEVER stop doing them. ESPECIALLY EXERCISE NUMBER 1… What is wrong with us? haha

  2. Hey, gets a tad of Florida Tan, you are almost washed out in video, just a shade darker and everyone could see The Engaged muscles better. hope you have a Great time in your new location

  3. Scott thank you so much for throwing out the triceps kickbacks😂they are so annoying I hate it when people do them

  4. What if you don't have a cable machine do Resistant bands work or laying down triceps extensions or over head tricep extensions ?

  5. Actually muscles are growing because of the cells which are producing protein and nourishment much frequently while you are doing exercises with additional pressure (more then in everyday life). Haven’t heard a thing about muscle growing after “tearing” and then recovering. Though I heard it in the gym a lot

  6. I Smashed that like button so hard my monitor got a big black circle permanently….what did I do wrong 🙁

  7. the thing is; I hate all those exercises when I saw people do them in GYM without knowing that they actually suck, dam genious I am !

  8. Jeff Cavalier is adamant about never doing any upright rows and to make sure you INCLUDE the dumbbell kickbacks regularly

  9. BTW if you use 40 to 50 lbs dumbbells. Lean face down on a 30' inclined bench…. then HOLD THE DUMBBELL in the kicked back position for a count of 5 ( the weight should be raised higher than you butt) 3 sets of 8, then your triceps will BURN!

  10. Most people i see that do 21s dont have proper muscle mind connection anyways so they dont build anything…

  11. On the tricep kick backs, are resistance bands as beneficial? I do some of my workouts and train others at home so was wondering if there is another alternative if we don't have access to a cable machine.

  12. You were absolutely right about the first 4 but the last one (not so sure) cuz we use tri kickback cuz it allow you to place the max load at peak contraction (simple physics '' the gravity vector parallel with the dumbbell and perpendicular to the tricep) and what the cable does is the complete opposite. if you need max load at max stretch you can do skullcrushers or …. since you can overload more. Anyway that was my opinion with complete respect to yours.

    thank you, great content.

  13. deadlifts. i have no idea why, but they make my nose bleed every, single, time. no other exercise makes my nose bleed and i dont usually get them, unless im deadlifting

  14. I've just recently been going to the gym for 2 weeks and I actually do the DB Tricep Kickbacks, but now I think I'll do the cables.

  15. Never seen anyone do a Close Grip Bench Press w/ hands THAT close. You’d have to be ReTAHHHded to think that was the correct way!

  16. I agree the dumbbell tricep kickback is terrible for hypertrophy, BUT for those without access to a cable machine and who have shoulder/rotator cuff issues, it's one of the few tricep exercises they can do without pain.

  17. You don’t even have to tell us to subscribe/like so frequently😂
    This is my first time here and I subbed immediately after you used actual science to back up your explanations. This is quality content. People will recognize that💜

  18. Whats so terribly Bad about number 1. So just because its origin lays in shoulder training, it should not be done for biceps? Also you said that a Pump doesnt help With muscle growth while this is simply wrong. A pump is directly linked to musclegrowth because it flushes blood and nutrients into the muscle which helps to supercompensate the damage. I dont even do this excersise but theres no need to say that people who do it are idiots

  19. I used to use the curl bar for CGBP in the squat rack. One day I missed the j hooks and the baabell cracked me on the bridge of the nose. Still have the scar.😂

  20. I find this video hilarious, because I am 38 years old and back when I started working out in high school gym class, I was taught by the coach ALL 5 of these wrong exercises and I used to do them for years ! I since have learned how to do a lot of them right such as the upright row. But that’s only been in the past 3 years that I have been refining my workouts. Lesson learned, wrong ways of working out can take decades to unlearn lol

  21. Just because the ROM of the dumbbell tricep kickback is cut to the top half of the motion, doesn't make it a bad exercise. With that logic, the preacher curl should be on this list too… The point of the kickback is to get that long head of the tricep fully contracted.

  22. I disregarded Athlean-X's anti upright barbell rows stance. Went wide grip exactly as in this video, which helped me to thicken up side delts, improve overhead press, and actually eliminate shoulder pain. It's an unbelievably effective side delt and trap builder.

  23. Scoottttt thank you for this video!!! I can totally binge watch all of your videos because I know I will learn a TON!

  24. A proper training program using linear progression will contain: the squat, deadlift, press, bench press, power clean, barbell rows, and chin-ups (substitute negatives or lat pds for the people not yet strong enough to complete reps). All of these are big and powerful barbell movements that use a full range of motion and ensure the most muscle is being used under the biggest loads. These are the only training movements most people will ever need to build big, strong muscles and bones. (Running, curls, triceps extensions, leg extensions/curls, lateral raises, and every other puny, fashionable exercises for voluminous amounts of sets and reps are simply time-wasting fluff.) hashtag logic.

  25. Thanks Scott! Off to slaughter my bis on some mercy 30s right now! Have been using your tips on close grip BP too. Appreciate the videos man!

  26. Those very close grips can cause a Dequervain injury, you won't be able to lift weights at least two months if you get that.
    I got that injury from doing work, and it was hell to not train

  27. At 9:28 when you say ”this is an exercise that you should be doing” you sound a lot like Antoni Porowski

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