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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– We have strength and
conditioning coach Abe Edson, he needs an average Joe who he can torture with the workout process, and that’s where I come in, so Brian McCormack, Abe
Edson, it’s strength day. – We’re gonna start off
with a deadlift variation, we’re gonna stick with
the trap bar deadlift, and we really like the trap bar deadlift more than the standard deadlift, it has a lot more quad and
glutes and it’s a little safer, more back friendly for our players. Now we keep those
shoulders back, get tight, push your feet through
the floor and stand up. Good. – [Brian] Abe, how important
is that squeeze at the top? – Critical, our athletes, all of hockey players need their glutes, so by emphasizing that squeeze
it’s kinda similar to that push off where you get that hip extension. – Onto our second move, Abe,
now we are going to incorporate the shoulders. – To make this a full body exercise, what we wanna always note
is where is his hips at, where is his shoulders at,
and where are his feet at. So what I want you to do is
drive your toe into the ground, squeeze your butt forward,
that locks our pelvis in. – Yes it does. – Now what we’re gonna do
is take this barbell here. – Yep. – Now crunch down, perfect, now press up to the sky. When we do the deadlift
we do this movement and we always look to emphasize our core, we wanna make sure a
lot of hockey players, when they walk around, they
kinda walk around like this, like their butt sticking back, their ribs are super pushed out, we wanna try to always do
our exercises with our ribs pulled in, our butts kinda more tucked, so we try to get away from everything that
we’re doing on the ice. So to make this again full
body, we’re gonna have his hips always to the sky, he’s
gonna keep his core engaged, and now you’re just gonna row. – You’ve been talking about
how important the core is and how strengthening the
core is of peak importance in the off season, what
weight is an NHL guy usually pulling on this? – On this machine, probably around 40. – And we are on? – We’re on about 25 pounds. – Protecting me from myself. Are there some players
who are better at this one way than the other? – Yes, for sure, sometimes
it feels really awkward for some people, so
take this back heel up, and pivot through that foot, there you go. – You have one more exercise for us that’s gonna be a little bit
more challenging, I guess? – Called the assault bike,
for those of you who know it definitely know it, it’s not very fun. So what we’re gonna do is
a little interval training, we’re gonna do ten seconds
on, 20 seconds off, sort of like a shift, the goal
is to go as fast as you can during those ten seconds,
but you only have 20 seconds to recover, so it’s kinda like
that repeated sprint ability.

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