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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Whenever a fresh beginner finally musters
up the courage to get in shape, they often go in with a great deal of motivation but
very little knowledge. Unfortunately, this often leads to mistakes
that all beginners, and sometimes even more experienced people, tend to make. For the sake of some of you newbies, here
are five beginner mistakes that you should try to avoid. Number 1: Going Too Heavy Too Quickly. I’m a huge supporter of heavy lifting for
building muscle and strength, but often for beginners, the idea of going heavy precedes
a much more important factor: doing it right. Immediately lifting heavy makes it difficult
to practice technique and you end up doing an exercise wrong over and over again. Eventually, it leads to some unfortunate boo
boos. Best practice: go moderately heavy until you
get the movement right. And since heavy eccentric lifting also tends
to lead to a higher degree of delayed onset muscle soreness, going lighter first can cut
down on recovery time so you can spend more time lifting and less time crying when you
try to walk. Number 2: Too Much Cardio
Just like lifting heavy, cardio can be great, especially for your heart. But it doesn’t mean that you should ONLY
do cardio. One common wish I hear from beginners is that
they wanna get “toned” and not be bulky. Thing is, there’s no such thing as being
‘toned.’ It’s actually a matter of building muscle
and losing the fat covering it. If all you’re doing is cardio, especially
steady-state cardio, you’re only focusing on half of that equation: the fat. Not only will you not build any significant
muscle with steady-state cardio alone, it also takes a long time to burn any meaningful
calories. It’s much easier to skip that frosty donut
each day than run 3 miles each day. If you want that so-called ‘toned’ look,
then the goal should be a mixture of cardio AND resistance training. That goes for you too ladies. Plus, you can still burn fat while lifting
weights or with calisthenics. Check out my video on burning fat with weights
if you want to learn more. Number 3: Not Getting Enough Protein
It’s true that you can’t outwork a bad diet, but you also can’t outgrow a lack
of protein. Protein is crucial in all physiological facets
with the most pertinent being its importance to muscle growth. Exercise alone won’t build muscle. It’s just a stimulus. It’s the nutrients, especially protein,
that feeds the stimulated muscle. General guideline is to get roughly 0.8 grams
per kilogram of your bodyweight, but there is research suggesting that more might be
optimal. If you want to learn what might be best for
you, come check out my video on this topic as well. Number 4: Not Getting Enough Sleep
Without a shadow of a doubt, you’re holding yourself back from getting the best results
you possibly can if you don’t get enough quality sleep. Simply going to the gym tired and sleepy will
cause your performance to suffer, you’ll feel slower, and probably make more mistakes.w
Your testosterone levels drop and cortisol levels rise, which slows down muscle building
and recovery. To make matters worse, lack of sleep can lead
to an erratic appetite due to imbalances between the appetite controlling hormones leptin and
ghrelin. That means eating more and getting worse results. Simply put, don’t mess with your sleep. Get your 7 to 9 hours, and reap all of your
gains. And finally, Number 5: Getting All Your Information
from One Source Yep, that’s right. As much as I would love to help EVERYONE,
I know that not everyone will know exactly what to do after watching my content. Fitness can be an overwhelming topic and you
wanna remove all of the confusion by sticking to one person or triangle figure, but that
one person isn’t guaranteed to be a perfect fit. For example, as much as I like to promote
eating in moderation instead of going low carb, it doesn’t mean that low carb doesn’t
work at all. In fact, low carb IS the best option for some
to actually practice moderation. But you’ll probably find a better source
than myself that can teach you how to do it. And, if you look around long enough, you’ll
notice that all “experts” have varying opinions on virtually everything! From the best method of burning fat, building
muscle, best diet, and heck, even the best lists of mistakes beginners make! And, of course, you have the occasional guru
selling you fat coffee and pee injections. As the saying goes, don’t put all of your
eggs in one basket. Certainly, don’t put your entire health
and fitness into one voice. Look around, listen to different folks, challenge
those folks when you disagree with them, myself included, and never, ever stop learning. Got more fitness mistakes you’ve learned
the hard way and want to let others know? Feel free to share it in the comments. End of the day, we all make mistakes, and
from learning from our mistakes we can only get stronger, figuratively and literally. As always, thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “5 Fitness MISTAKES You Should Avoid

  1. CHANGE UP YOUR WORKOUTS, "plateau" Your body is smart, it remembers movement patterns. so doing the same old 3 sets of 10 reps are not going to get you the gains even with progressive. Change of your core lifts, like use variations of exercises, and different hand placements: supination, pronation, or neutral; or arm width(like having your arms closer during a bench press hits more of your triceps or you could have a wide grip) do single leg squats, or squats on a balance ball, or bench press on an exercise ball. Your body will work differently, and make muscles work harder to stabilize, your body will have to require more muscle fibers to fulfill your bodys demand for stabilization. Type 1 muscle fibers not only produce movement as well as muscle size and definition, but also aids in maintaining postural and joint stability.

    So make sure you change your workout routine about every 8-12 weeks and you'll be good . (Change is good) change sets and reps as well.

  2. #1 definitely!
    All it takes is ONE (1) badly-performed exercise (especially for non-experienced and overly-enthusiastic people) to damage your body PERMANENTLY (for life)!

    Your joints are the most at risk:
    – Take great care especially of your back/spine, knees, shoulders and wrists!
    – Before starting to incorporate heavy lifting in your routine, test your body using corect form and see the maximum range of motion that your joints and mobility allow (by using very low weights during those exercises).
    – Stretch properly before every training session!
    – Before lifting heavy ALWAYS perform 2-3 sets of double the regular number of reps with half or even one third of the weight you're planning to use for that exercise!
    – Be very careful to use correct form and always have somebody spot you, especially for exercises where you're "pushing against gravity" (weighted-squat, bench-press, etc.) because when your muscles fail your joints take the full damage! (if you don't believe me, search for videos of leg injuries sustained during MMA KO's)
    – If you feel ANY UNUSUAL PAIN (other than muscle-burn) while performing an exercise, STOP IMMEDIATELY! Don't wait a few minutes and jump back in! Allow a few days before trying the same exercise, use only HALF THE WEIGHT you were using while you felt that pain! If the pain is still there or you feel discomfort, consult a physician before trying that exercise again.

    Have patience! Stay safe! Have fun! 😀

  3. if you lifting and you don't feel pain ether take some weight off or put more on soon you will see the effects of this pain and just think of it as a good thing and don't be afraid to try stuff and mess around it is my favorite way to learn and one of the only ways to develop your own opinions

  4. Here's what I tell newbies:
    1. Get plenty of sleep and rest.
    2. Watch what you eat. Many don't know exactly what they should and should not be eating, but they do know that some foods just shouldn't be eaten excessively.
    3. Start exercise simple and easy. Many people don't know how to exercise properly and end up hurting themselves unnecessarily. If they start easy and simple, mistakes in technique are no big deal.
    4. Do as much research as possible on strength and fitness. Don't watch one video on a certain fitness aspect, watch ten. Don't go to one website, go to several.
    1. Join a gym. Newbies have no idea what to look for in a gym, anyway. Join a gym only when you are sure of what program you should be on. Also, doing exercises outside of the gym will curb your intense desires to get in shape.
    2. Compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to yourself instead. Monitor progress. Set goals. Record personal records, etc.

  5. just discovered your channel and currently on a binge 🙂 and you are correct exploring more sources is important to figure out what to take from each to make the best possible routines for yourself. Though you have to be aware of the mistake of spending too much time learning and not enough time putting it into practice.

  6. You will have bad days, everyone does. It only causes you to fail if you let it.

    One bad day won’t get rid of all your progress or dieting, quitting right there because you ‘think’ it did will cause you to fail and revert your hard work.

  7. I'm a beginner, being training for a straight month now (3 times a week) and I can say that I had alot of knowledge for a beginner, glad I did my homework before starting 😊

  8. This are good advice's for people who wants to get a bulk body, not for flexible lean body. People can get a great body just by doing yoga or mainly on cardio. Also cardio ca be done with weights. There are a tone of possibility here. To loose fat, cardio is essential !

  9. My problem was and still is: not getting enough sleep which really affects my performance 🙁
    It doesn't matter how much you lifted the day before as soon as you didn't get enough protein and sleep…
    Now I've learned my lesson but I've lost a lot of time ans energy because I didn't know these things.

    Thank you very much for what you do!!

  10. As a beginner, I thought I could eat whatever the hell I wanted to and out train those calories. It took me a while to realise that I was just wasting my time and energy. 🙄 I learned it the hard way.

  11. First time I started working out my heart rate went up and I got hot and started sweating and short of breath so I think I am allergic to it

  12. in my unprofessional opinion, but from experience of watching and reading many nutrition/body building videos, I think1 gram of protein for each muscle is best. so if you're 100 lb and have 20% body fat, 80 gram of protein.

  13. Question: I'm currently on a upper lower split so I workout 2 days then rest 1 day. Should I do flat and incline bench on the same day or should I do one upperbody workout flat and the next upperbody workout incline?
    M: upperbody flat bench
    T: legs:
    W: rest
    T: upperbody incline bench
    F: rest
    S: upperbody flat bench
    S: leg

  14. toning exist. I call it definition. and it works. growing weak but more definer than the guy next to me. or behind me or to the left of me.

  15. I definitly out work a bad diet eat mcdonalds all the time yet still ripped and buff thanks body

  16. I love your channel so much. Thank you for getting me started on my journey and helping me in sustaining it.

  17. So glad i watched this. Here I was thinking I need 180 grams of protein a day. I need only 132 according to this video.

  18. i think you can outwork bad diet . that what im doing right now .what eat is protein shake for breakfast and coffee before work at 7 first break time at 10 small pack of crisps and coffee , second break 10:15 same , next break at 1:15 same and last break same . after that i go home have my shake and go to gym where i push myself as much as i can . and after that i have a kebab or something like that . i been going to gym for about a month and id say iam definitely outworking my bad diet i been having that kinda diet for a long time. i have abaut 7 hours of sleep a day , i go to gym 4-5 times a week 45 minutes to 1 hour workouts,

  19. Im 16… and my BMI is 35 …My height 5'10 and my weight is maintainance calories are 3300 approx. and im tryna maitain around 600 caloric deficit … fat content is also above 35% ish percent. My gym trainer is kinda weird …and i guess he doesent know sciences of exercising … currently I walk at the rate of 7.5-8.0 for 12-15 minuites on an empty stomach in the morning fasted… then i go to the gym at around 9 pm in the evening and workout for almost 1 hr and 45 minuites. He makes me start out by doing the eliptical for 10 minuites, treadmill for 10 minuites and then the recline for 10 minuites ..then the leg press…the glute ham developer …..and the one for calves and the one for front side of my thighs(idk the name of that machine… you sit and raise your legs forward)… the twister …. the abdominal bench…decline crunches …and twister …… the side dips.. and then sqauts.. then the exercise where you pick up the huge tire and run…and the weight drag .. .these above mentioned exercises take me around 1 hr 10 mints ..and i have to do em daily ….its been two months…. he doesent advise me to exercise any other muscles ..but i go on youtube…and watch the exercises ..and after these exercises …i train one muscle group daily…Please tell me my mistakes and advise ….Any help will be appriciated…. i lost around 4-5 kgs in the first month due to a strict caloric deficit .. but then after the 1st month …stuff has kinda slowed down……..Since i've started to include the gym and the muscle group exercises…my physique looks better ..but my weight loss rate has gone down a lot

  20. The brand new meta analysis just killed off that low carb bullshit once and for all. but of course like all cult members the low carb cult will just pretend it's a "flawed" or "biased" or "bought" study as is anything that blows a 8 foot hole in their already sinking ship.

  21. I just started to build muscle and im getting sleep 9-10h per day and lifting weights.. and im trying to eat as healty i can like eggs, fruit juice 🙂

  22. I get tried and weak really fast in the gym even if I use a light weight what's happening to me ? I'd do 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps with light to moderate and by my second set I'm tired af I do it in a circuit with other exercises for eg lat pulldown and rows

  23. not too much cardio, but definitely LOTS of cardio, especially if you're fat and want to be lean and ripped, you need to do LOTS and LOTS of cardio and moderate weights with high reps. If you're fat then all you lift is heavy then the outcome will be hideous, you'll look more fat, big and ugly. Better muscular and ripped physique.

  24. Stick to one person or source!!!!💓💓💓💓
    Perfect point !!!!
    ………. subscribed!!!

  25. 1. Lifting heavy with bad form
    2. Too much cardio
    3. Not eating enough protein
    4. Not enough sleep (7-9 hours)
    5. Getting info from only one source

  26. Please answer this guestion. Im 14 i started to go to gym 3 month ago and i did bench 30kg 8 reps and sets. But now i can do 55kg 8 reps and 3sets.I benched 70kg one time. Is this good result?and im 170 cm and 75 kg

  27. I am a beginner,I am doing moderate exercise from 4 to 5 months.Can I go for heavy weights now.Pls tell me fast

  28. Well you actually CAN outwork a bad diet. There are tons of examples of that all around. There's this guy here on the tube who has to down dounuts and beer just to get the calories in, the reason for this is that he burns a ton of calories every day. Without all those calories he'd crash and burn pretty fast.

  29. You say 0.8 per KG of bodyweight while other say that about per POUND of bodyweight… Theres a huge difference, how can opinions be so varied

  30. The gnc people take advantage of our lack of knowledge. With over priced fake products that don’t do what they do

  31. Just remember if you're cutting, DO NOT skip weight lifting and only doing cardio, I say weights are more vital than a lot of cardio guys

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