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Hi and welcome back today I want to jump right in to the topic and talk to you about the top five things that will spike your insulin and tha’ts not a good thing okay there are multiple things that will spike your insulin level in your blood but I want to talk about really the top five that you need to watch out for but first please do me a favor share this on your social media there are so many people out there with obesity and diabetes who really really need this information and you can help me get it to them so just click the share button and then pick your social media okay now the top five things that will spike your insulin obviously the number one is very obvious and that’s carbs okay sugar simple simple starches any kind of carbohydrate any grain any corn any processed food that comes in a cardboard box is probably going to spike your insulin and you don’t want to include that in your diet if you’re trying to achieve any kind of meaningful nutritional ketosis okay number two is too much protein and this surprises a lot of people they think protein is good and a lot of people think if they’re going to follow a low-carb diet then that by definition means they’re going to be eating a high protein diet and that’s just not true if you eat too much protein you will spike your insulin level and it will take you out of intermittent fasting if you’re trying to intermittently fast and it will also take you out of nutritional ketosis if you ‘re trying to attein that so keep in mind that we’ve been misled by many of the “authorities” in the world about how much protein we need on a daily basis your body needs essential amino acids there is no doubt about that but the total amount of protein is very very often overestimated when the experts are trying to tell us how much protein we need a day so watch out for too much protein the next is things that are that sound very healthy but they can spike your insulin that’s fruits berries and overcooked vegetables so let’s talk about each one if you eat a a raw apple that apple has sugar in it we all know that it also has fiber in it which slows down how quickly the sugar is released into your body and so eating an apple is is natural it’s healthy it’s good for you but it’s also going to spike your insulin level a llittle bit okay and that’s why when you’re trying to achieve nutritional ketosis then you need to watch out for too much fruit even if it’s raw organic fresh fruit it’s still going to spike your insulin because of the sugar contained in it berries are the same way I love raspberries and blueberries and I eat some often but when I’m trying to achieve nutritional ketosis I have to leave them off or it will take me out of ketosis okay now the last is over cooked vegetables if you eat raw broccoli the glycemic index of that is so low that it it for many people it won’t even take them out of ketosis and it’s one of the the the low glycemic index vegetables that it’s fine to eat if you’re trying to stay in nutritional ketosis but if you take that same broccoli and you cook it all day long on the stove like your grandmother used to remember that mushy broccoli and those Brussel sprouts that were just like balls of mush basically you’ve broken down all the fiber and those things can actually turn into a starch if they’re over cooked and spike your insulin level in your bloodstream so don’t overcook your vetetables try to eat them raw lightly steamed or lightly stir-fried so that they still have a chew if not crunch okay and the next one is too much bad stress and I have to differentiate between good stress and bad stress because in the beginning for most people they don’t get the difference an example of bad stress would be working for a boss who hates you in a job that you hate and having to do that for five days a week and just being miserable and anxious and upset all the time that’s not a good stress that’s going to actually spike your cortisol and your insulin levels and really mess up any health benefits you’re trying to achive by changing your diet an example of good stress is trying to learn to juggle or trying to learn to play the piano or trying to learn a new sport or a new skill or a new hobby those and you know playing pickup basketball with your friends is stressful to your body but it’s the good stress because it promotes rejuvenation regeneration and growth it’s good for your brain because you’re laying down new neural pathways that’s good stress and in in my personal opinion running long long distances like half marathons and full marathons that’s breakeven or maybe even bad stress that’s just too much repetitive stress on your body so watch out for bad stress and get it out of your life I know from where you’re at right now that may sound impossible but you can do that okay the final one and a lot of lot of patients don’t know this and even a lot of doctors don’t know this but there is a study done that shows that not only is there an insulin response when you swallow sugars and starches and they get into your bloodstream there’s something called a cephalic insulin response and here’s how it works in this study they took a group of people on the left and a group of people on the right the group on the left had sugar water the group on the right had saccharine water both taste sweet one has calories and one has no calories at all now they didn’t make the participants of this study drink the fluids they just swish them in their mouth for a set amount of time and then spit the liquid out okay you got that they didn’t swallow it so it didn’t make it to their stomach it didn’t even make it to their blood- stream it wasn’t absorbed through the mucous membranes in their mouth if you’re thinking that and that was a good thought if you were thinking that but that’s not how it works either those molecules are too big to be absorbed that way this but both groups had a spike in their insulin in their blood eventhough they didn’t swallow the sweet liquid so the number five is you’ve got to watch out for things that taste sweet even if they’re sugar-free calorie-free starch-free carbohydrate-free if they taste sweet and you and you drink to much of that it’s gonna spike your insulin a little bit and that can take you out of nutritional ketosis and that can take you out of your fast if you’re trying to fast so here’s five things that you need to know please take a minute and subscribe to this channel and click the little bell so that everytime I get have a bright idea you’ll be one of the first to know okay thanks for watching

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  1. Dr. Berry what do you think of Paul Jaminet's "The Perfect Health Diet"? I incorporated some safe starches and got rid of my dry eye.

  2. I'm of the impression that the cephalic insulin response is insignificant. What measurable response are we talking about here?

  3. I'm a new subscriber. Watch for overcooked veggies. Particularly, drop narcissists (or sociopaths) off like a bad habit.

  4. Great video. Regarding the last one, I have wondered if the thought of food / eating brought on by smell or sight etc., will that spike your insulin? Similar to a Pavlovian response.

  5. Curious if chewing tobacco breaks a fast? I use chewing toboaaco and kind of think it does, but not 100% sure. Anyone have any info on this.

  6. I have a question : How can I replace the milk from cappuccino. I’ve been using lactose free milk but it feels so sweet, so I am guessing it spikes my insulin. Is hazelnut milk a good alternative( unsweetened of course)?

  7. The extreme harrassment and stress I was under at my job for over 2 years damn near killed me, cause me to gain a crap load of weight and now newly diagnosed as diabetic

  8. I’m carnivore and my A-1 C actually went down to 5.7 so the question is how do you promote carnivore and still say it spikes insulin

  9. I'm confused, are whole eggs considered fat or protein?? I keep seeing people mention to eat lots of eggs on keto.

  10. Doc this is so f***ing hard. It makes me angry. My dad died at 57 years old and I miss him everyday. This DM took both his legs. Now I'm losing my vision and I know I have DM. I never had such a hunger to eat ALL THE TIME. I'm 5'9 and 205 lbs…It's gross and I have NO energy at all…I work in the field and I have much stress…I'm stuck from lack of energy …Too tired to get lab work that's been hanging on the fridge for 2months… I know I have PTSD and don't want to hear those words "diabetes mellitus "….

  11. What confuses me is one video u say keto is the best and then the next carnivore diet is the best and high protein is the best to lose weight which is a hell of a lot of protein but in this video your saying too much protein is bad….. your confusing me

  12. This again goes against what you preach for carnivore diet. If proteins are to be limited, then how do you do the carnivore diet at all?

  13. Wow thanks for that last note. I like sweet drinks flavored w/stevia, but my last urine test showed no ketones,– and I have been pretty strict, so that may explain it. Thanks so much for your thoroughness!

  14. I kinda wish your videos were 2 minutes longer so you could explain a little better.. like how much protein is bad ? For breakfast I like 3 eggs with cheese and some form of meat. And the rest of the day is a crap shoot…and the last one how did the sugar get in ?

  15. I think heavy cream and diet soda kick me out of ketosis. Everything else I eat is eggs, chicken, bacon, beef and butter. Not in ketosis.

  16. Ok. I seen your video on eating only 5 things to loose weight, and you mentioned eating eggs & steak. Isn’t that all protein? How dose this work ? Thanks for your input

  17. Amen and Hallelujah. Thanks so much for the information and sharing, caring. God bless you always ♡from texas

  18. Pleass enlighten me im confused. You mentioned we can eat as much beef or meat as we want but eating too much protein will still spike insulin?

  19. I'm in the 1:1 diet by Cambridge weight plan, and one of their products is a water flavouring powder, it tastes sweet and I have been doing the diet for 4 months and lost 66 pounds so far, I'm half way to my goal, and I'm in kitosis

  20. Thanks for coming out with the advice retraction it did make them feel like the profits they enjoy were being comprised that's why a doctor on their bandwagon will ask you what are you taking he turns around and tells the power's of drug firms then they take it off the market saying it was bad for you I saw it happen when I went back to get a new supply and the pharmacist said they didn't make it anymore and a doctor I saw said the pharmaceutical company writes 5 figure checks for the doctor supplying the info

  21. I'm in college now, learning a lot of new things. For example my first course I learned about PowerPoint and Excel, and in my second I had psychology of motivation, now I'm learning medical terminology

  22. Fruits and berries and vegetables are NOT IN ANY WAY HEALTHY. There is absolutely nothing healthy about eating a Goitrogen such as broccoli. All plants have systemic toxins that humans cannot neutralize. All plants are carbohydrates. All carbihydrates metabolize as Glucose (SUGAR).

  23. I think your opinion on having too much protein (will spike your insulin) has changed since you’ve been carnivore. Or does this still apply?

  24. Hi Dr Berry, my name is H Delphine. I've watched your videos a lot. I have a situation whereas, it seems like every time i eat a lot of simple carbs like pasta, rice, breads and sometimes something like watermelon will effect me the same way. I get what feels like heart palpatations, or irregular heart beats. Is this something normal. Could this be a reaction to carbs. I went to the ER having chest pains, like a tightness in the center of my chest. They ran all kinds od test. Everything came back normal. Its was uncomfortable laying down, i had to sit up. I was prescribed Rantidine, low dose aspirin, tylenol 325 and they up-ed my blood pressure meds, from Lisinopril HCTZ 10/12.5 MG to 20/25. I'm still having the same issues. It really seems to happen when I over eat on carbs, sugar and the like.

  25. Dr. Berry, this video says don't eat too much protein, and a newer video of yours says unlimited meats and proteins you can eat as much as you want.. Which is it?

  26. I have been reading or watching a lot of Keto food stuff and I can only say I find more conflicting in how you all select what is more or less healthy or is good or not good especially for food that are not of carbo type or sweets or sugar but actual food stuff, meat…etc What I take from all this is either you guys do not know and guess or you are playing too safe or really is how it WORK FOR YOU and you are telling people what work for you Should work for other's type of body…etc

    We have been mislead by the best and doctors for decades aND NOW i FEEL when what you have to offer to us, I have to really question ifyou got it wrong partially or entirely. I think we all watching need to take everyone's claim in the real world or youtube with a pinch of salt. No pun intended. There is too much noise out there and it is not like we have a lot of scientific proof but PERSONAL FEELINGS about it and unscientific observations that is not measure properly and documented.

  27. Bad, bad, bad video.
    You contradict almost everything you say in your other videos.
    Make up your mind.
    Your credibility is spooky. Are you really a doctor? Prove it.

  28. Anytime I have tried to follow a low carb/keto diet I always end up with diarrhea. I need my whole grains, my gut doesn’t work properly without a certain amount of fiber in my diet. I’m not willing to spend money on Metamucil or other fiber supplements when I can just eat some beans, cracked wheat porridge or stone ground whole wheat bread. I have a wheat grinder and a lot of wheat so I know for a fact that my bread and porridge have 100% of all the bran and nutrients from the wheat.

  29. OK DR Ken, so if I'm doing straight carnivore, doing a 23hr fast every day, is a 20oz ribeye and 4 eggs to much protein?? I'm confused!! I've been following the carnivore life style for 4 1/2 months and lost 53lbs. I'm 60 yrs old and feel better than I have in 20yrs. My blood sugar level rarely goes over 100. And by the way, I've been listing to you from the beginning of time:)

  30. What if your skinny fat and have to eat more just to gain muscle how do you do that. I’m a ectomorph body type do I have to eat roughly around like 3500 calories and all the heathy food seems to have very little calories.

  31. I’m seriously ready to give up on this diet. I see how it may work but there so many rules and it seems like walking by the wrong food takes me out of a strong Ketosis.
    Eat Meat but not too much protein.
    Eat dairy fat but not too much fat.
    Eat vegetables but only these few.
    I’m completely discouraged by this. I’ve been following this duet very strictly for three weeks and keep falling out of Ketosis fir no apparent reason at all.
    At this point, I’m seriously wondering how realistic it is to maintain this diet.

  32. if I would try to do the carnivore diet, how do I balance how much protein is too much, versus eating more protein instead of carbs?

  33. Dr. Berry, thanks so much for your videos and valuable information. I found that it begins with NO. If you can say no to alcohol you can say no to anything. 7 months not a drop. Thanks, I feel great.

  34. I’m taking notes and learning a lot. I am reducing my sugar/carbs a little each day because I do not want to have bad withdrawals. I know I am a serious carboholic. You are helping me reduce the hidden sugars and full out carbohydrates I have been ingesting for years. Thank you so much. God bless you and your family.

  35. I must admit to feeling a bit of irrational anger at the results of that sweet study.
    Here I am doing everything “right” and come to find out I can’t even have my raspberry tea with cream and a few drops of stevia.😡😡😡

  36. Here we go being a keto newbie you can eat proteins ,but don't eat to much ????? So just how much should we be eating ? What the safe amount ? 6-8 oz ? And being pre diabetic how do I get my body to start producing the insulin it needs on a keto diet ?

  37. in one of your videos on carnivore for fat loss, your advice is to eat as much protein as you want… which one is it? Thanks

  38. Anything with sugar, or that metabolizes into sugars (carbs like potatoes and breads and pasta) will spike your insulin, which tells your body to store fat (and, iirc, this message stays active for up to 72 hrs so you won't be losing weight for 3 days after ingesting sugars or carbs).

  39. Too much protein?? That contradicts your Weight Loss hack video describing the carnivore diet where you tell us to eat as much meat as we want.

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