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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

how to lose arm fat for women over 50 if
you’re interested in losing your arm fat as you’re getting older we’ve got to put
in the effort today but we don’t need to be athletes now we’re over 50 but we do
need to do some form of physical exercise every single day today we’re
going to really work on toning and strengthening our arms we’re going to
get rid of this arm fat and you can do it let’s get started the first thing
we’re going to do when we exercise our arms just to give them a little stretch
we’ve got to make our muscles warm before we start working out if you
haven’t already done my five minutes stretching video it’s really great I’ll
leave a link up here but it’s an everyday thing that you’ve got to do to
keep our bodies supple as we’re getting older so we just stretch our arms and let’s get started this workout – only
five minutes long but it packs a punch I love this exercise so much it’s a
great shoulder exercise it’s going to tone our shoulders beautifully I’ve got
two hand weights here these ones are two kilos you can start at whatever weight
is comfortable for you but as long as you’ve got weight that’s all we need for
today make sure your shoulder and your Arm at the same height and we raise
this arm keep your right arm straight this is so good you’re actually working
both arms in a different way doing this exercise and the challenge is to keep
the right arm straight but we’re only doing 30 seconds so you can do this swap
arms out straight make sure it’s straight and not dropping
and with this arm we’re using a straight angle as well you’ll be feeling this I
can guarantee it if this is too much for you drop the weight drop this weight
first and just use your hand like this and activate your hand and keep going
for just a few more seconds done okay same weights in your hand we’re going to
lift to our shoulder and come down do this movement very slowly and purposefully hold your core in tight
slightly slightly bend your knees and get those shoulders moving this one’s so
good I did a workout with a personal trainer last week and I asked him what’s
his number one piece of advice that he gives to older women and his answer was
for all of us to carry anything we can when we get the opportunity to carry
something do so for example if you’ve got groceries that you need to bring
home rather than put them in a trolley or get your kids to help you carry them
yourself because the more that we can lift in everyday life the better it is
going to be for us as we’re getting older because we get to stay strong so
no more asking for everybody to help you out with carrying things if you can do
it do it okay we’re going to do a one-arm cross
body lateral these are great for us so take your left arm with a weight take
your right leg and put it over your left leg okay and then we hold it out
straight and go right across our body and this is kind of mimicking a tennis
move lightly have a micro bend in your elbow and keep your core very tight so
we don’t move our body like this for this movement we’re keeping our core in
and this is what we’re doing we’re crossing our right with our left and our
arm is crossing over to the from the right side to the left side okay let’s
do change over right hand with our weight left leg over the right leg and
start across the body and come out okay we’re getting left and right brain
integration here which is going to increase our motor skills and stop us
from getting old anything we can do during the day that crosses over is what
you need to do ah one more oh you can feel that right uncross your legs shake
it out now we’re going to work our triceps so
take your hand weight put it in your hand like this elbows close to your ears
and and we go up keep your elbows very very
close try not to bend your back so that means that you put all of your power
into your core if you bend your back it may cause injury and we don’t want that
so just keep very very strong in the core and this is where most of us have
arm fat here in our triceps oh so we’ve got to work it it’s not going to go away
by itself in fact if we don’t do anything it’s going to stay there and
multiply. Ohh that was awesome well done let’s cool down and put our arms out and
we’ll do some circles so we’re not using weights now and our arms are going to
thank us for the weights that we did lift because we need to be so strong as
we’re getting older thats our number one job now that we’re this age it probably
didn’t matter to many of us when we were younger but now it’s got to be
everything turn the other way this feels so nice and easy after using the weights okay and just give a beautiful stretch
thank your arms thank yourself you’re amazing you made the time today so
congratulate yourself for that and I loved working out with you thank you for
being here please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this workout and share it
with your friends thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful day

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