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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj, and last week
I put out a video talking about conventional deadlifts and I gave my reasons for why I
consider them to be an optional exercise assuming that you’re training for hypertrophy, and
I’ll link that in the description box below if you missed that one. And the feedback overall was pretty positive
but I have always noticed that anytime you talk about a particular popular exercise,
whether it’s a squats, or deadlifts, or bench presses, or barbell rows, or whatever
else and you explain that not everyone has to be doing every single one of those lifts
in order to get great results there’s always a certain group of people who will get really
defensive about it, and it’s almost like they’ll automatically disagree without really
giving any solid reasoning behind it. I’ve really noticed over the years of making
videos and watching other channels as well that a lot of people tend to have, sort of
this strong emotional investment in the specific exercises that they do in the gym to where
everybody has to agree with what they’re doing and it’s like there’s no alternative. It’s like if you want a big back you must
do deadlifts. If you want big legs you must do barbell squats. If you want big lats you must do overhand
weighted pull ups. And it’s not that these aren’t good exercise,
they obviously are but regardless of who effective one specific lift is, the reality is that
there’s no such thing as any single mandatory muscle building exercise that you absolutely
must include in your plan in order to build a great physique. You’ll see articles and videos with titles
like, “Six bodybuilding exercises you must do”, or you’ll read comments on videos
where someone will say, if you don’t do deadlifts then you’re a pussy, or there’s
no excuse to not do squats if you want big legs. But the truth is that there are many, many
different ways to effectively stimulate each muscle group on your body for hypertrophy. And I do think that certain exercise can be
more effective than others and accomplishing that, but at the end of the day as long as
a given lift allows you to activate the muscle you’re trying to train and safely places
that muscle under tension and you can consistently apply progressive overload to that lift, that
muscle is going to become continually bigger and stronger overtime as a result. For example, I do think that a basic barbell
squat is probably the most productive overall lower body exercise that you can do, and that
if you want to maximize your gains and you can safely do them, then you should. But it’s not as if specifically putting
a barbell on your back and squatting with it is the only way to build impressive quads. There are a lot of different compound quad
exercises that can still work very well. Things like Bulgarian split squats, which
are a really good lower body movement, different lunging variations, one legged squats, front
squats, there’s hack squats and other types of machines squats, leg presses, these don’t
seem as hardcore as regular barbell back squats but the truth is that all of those will work
very well for building quads size and strength if you do them consistently. And this is just one example out of many. There are certain movement patterns that you
ideally want to cover in order to have a properly balanced program that hits all of your muscles
in a well rounded way but within those specific movement patterns themselves there are a lot
of different exercises you can select from that will build muscle effectively. So yeah, there are certain exercises for certain
muscles that I would favor over others by default or that I would consider to be optimal
in a certain situation, but the gap between a one hundred percent optimal muscle building
exercise and a less than optimal but still effective alternative is not going to be that
large assuming the alternative lift activates the muscle you’re trying to target and you’re
achieving progressive overload on it overtime. There’s no such things as any single muscle
building exercise that you must do and this is especially true if it isn’t necessarily
your goal to fully maximize hypertrophy and you’re just going for leaner more athletic
look as opposed to a bodybuilder look. Or another situation is if you’ve already
achieved your goal physique and you’re trying to maintain. That’s another case where you can more freely
mix things up in terms of exercise selection and still hold on to the muscle that you already
have. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not
trying to promote laziness, I’m not encouraging you to go out of your way to avoid certain
exercises just because they’re more difficult or to just to structure your plan based purely
on all the exercise that you like the most and avoid the ones that you don’t. I’m saying to go do leg extension instead
of squats, or to do all cables and all machine lifts just for convenience, that’s not the
point here. But I’m more so just want to encourage people
to maintain an open mind when it comes to exercise selection and not fall into this
dogmatic way of thinking that we tend to see in the fitness industry where certain exercises
are treated as having magical benefits and that everyone must do them. Everyone has different training goals, different
physical limitations, possible equipment limitations, different preferences, so it’s a matter
of accessing your individual situation and figuring out which specific exercises suit
your needs. If you have an injury of some kind then don’t
try to power through a certain exercise that gives you discomfort just because somebody
else says that it’s an exercise you can’t go without. There are a lot of alternatives for each movement
pattern to chose from and you can probably find one that doesn’t give you discomfort
but that is still effective for building muscle. Or another example, if your main goal is hypertrophy
then you don’t necessarily need to follow the same lifts as someone who’s more focused
on powerlifting. Or just because one YouTuber you follow focuses
on certain exercises and has good physique doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to
do the same. Correlation does not always imply causation
and just because they have a good chest and they perform a certain chest exercise, doesn’t
automatically mean that they have a good chest because of that lift. Or that they couldn’t have built it doing
something different. Again, there are many different methods of
effectively stimulating a given muscle and at the end of the day it all comes down to
you and your specific situation and no single muscle building exercise is an absolute must. So thanks for watching, guys. If you do want to get access to my recommended
step-by-step workouts with what I consider to be the optimal muscle building movements
but with good alternatives for ach as well depending on your situation, along with nutrition
guides, supplement guides and one-on-one coaching then you can check out my Body Transformation
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92 thoughts on “5 Muscle Building Exercises You MUST Do?

  1. would someone who is training for hypertrophy for a decent time period, look like an other person who is doing the same exercises as him but with more reps? or having a rep range >12 reps per set won't give you a significant growth in muscle mass as the 5-12 rep range would?

  2. Sean is there a reason u dont like cheat rows and cheat shurgs? The concentric load would be similar as strict form but u would get a heavier eccentric resulting in more growth. Alphadestiny used to do strict form and his traps were small but once he started doing cheat rows and shrugs his traps exploded

  3. I have seen many people doing deadlift at the gym and believe me this particular person only started to train had not a athletic physic big belly but he had 120 kg to start with. no posture his back was bowed as hell it was really painful to watch, but some people do lots of ego lifting you can even say anything to try to correct them because they know better.

  4. I only do trap bar deadlifts, heavy dumbbell step ups and front squats. it all works really well for me. on my days off/cardio days I do sprints

  5. Great advice man, a much-needed video to address the nonsense out there with all these "5 Must-Do Chest Exercises" types of articles and videos that we see going viral around the internet. Seems like every day a new guru is inventing a revolutionary "critical" movement because they're running out of content and start pulling stuff out of their ass.

  6. It's also funny how "Must Do" exercises change over time and often depend on how one trains. I bet someone out there has a 1980s magazine full of machines to ISOLATE the muscles. The early strongmen drank beer and ate chocolate and did side bends and overhead presses, never bench press etc. bodybuilders tend to use free weights AND machines etc so you are right about one's goals.

  7. Another fab video Sean! I wish I would heard this advice 10yrs ago. I'm sure I'd be stronger, bigger and healthier Lol!

  8. WOW, Sean! You be lookin' like 'all DAT and a bag of chips, Baby!!" Looking big and FULL of MUSCLE! Thanks for sharing your tips with us here as you always throw down the gauntlet of Body Building Truff (i.e., truth)!!! Keep these videos a comin'!! p.s. Sean's Body Transformation Blueprint really and truly WORKS!! If you don't have a plan to build muscle/lose fat, THIS IS THE ONE! GET IT NOW!

  9. I follow so many fitness youtubers for years but when i genuinely wanna know a no bullshit science backed answer, my first instinct is to type in sean nalewanyj in the search bar lol, your vids are much appreciated dude

  10. SMH 😒 squatting deadlift is not just about quads or any other specific muscle group.. these exercises really need you to work on your mind muscle connection and make you stronger overall.. anyone who joins d gym, prepares himself the most before getting in any of these exercises cause them really need you to be mentally ready.. no matter how much Sean tries to prove otherwise, you can't take away the importance of these exercises..

  11. I think a lot of bodybuilders are former power lifters so maybe they miss their power lifting exercises which really aren't important for body building.

  12. hey sean, big fan here. i got a question.
    could it be possible to eat white rice (with a specific amount for my macros) while cutting?

  13. Hey Sean ! Thank you for your videos ! Truly awesome ! I have a question, I just worked on a programm, and I want to have your view on it ! Is it ok for you if I send you the programm and you give your opinion about it (in term of volume, rest…) ?

  14. Same thing with vegans, SJW's and other left-wing nuts, they do not accept other opinions and cannot be convinced with logic and facts. They are the new religious fanatics of the 21st century.

  15. hey, bud – your channel is one of the best on youtube – i tell everyone who will listen about you – so bored with all the 'boy dudes' showing off with their 'bros' – keep up the great work, appreciate everything that you say/do, thanks.

  16. as a suggestion you need to do workout videos with commentary and some music .
    and podcasts . anyway keep up good content . thanks

  17. Sean, you are literally the only person who people should follow on YouTube for actual fitness advice. It's really nice to see someone spin the reality of this.

    I have a client right now who wants to gain mass (he's lean, 155 but about 9% bf) but due to previous back and shoulder issues injuries he physically can not back squat, barbell bench or deadlift. 3 weeks in and he's 2 pounds up. Further proof that you do not need specific exercises… if you can't do something, don't.

    Nothing against those exercises, they are phenomenal, but they are no means the be all end all. Working out is not a one size fits all.

    Keep up the awesome content brother. Nice to see true facts on here.

  18. sean? can i do cardio after my leg workout that day? what type of cardio? and should i do cardio after workout or not?..thank philippines.

  19. Much of the beliefs on squats are old school thoughts and for hardgainers. I remember the 20 sets of squats for hardgainers. I'm an old man and used to do them. I think I have better legs now with bodyweight and pistol squats. I used to squat til I puked. Glad I don't do that BS anymore. Young and Dumb. Good video. Thanks

  20. i squat everyday when doing floor projects. but don't like squats in the gym. They are uncomfortable. But the conventional deadlift works my legs and back and feels comfortable. I don't think I should do a exercise just because it works for someone else. Glad for them.

  21. Hi Sean, I was following a typical Push, pull and legs split but for the next maybe 5 weeks i cant workout legs due to surgery so how can i structure my week for only upper body workouts? thanx

  22. This is an important video. I don't do any sort of bent over workout to protect my lower back. So I have to train differently than someone who thinks a bent over row is the shit.

  23. Hi Sean, I have a question regarding excess protein intake. Let's say a person consumes 150g of protein per day but instead consumes 250g of protein with carbs and fat staying the same, would that excess 400 calories be stored as fat? I know metabolic pathway from amino acid to fatty acid exists but I heard this rarely occurs. Not sure if this is right tho, would love to hear your input.

  24. Y0u are whey t00 l0ng winded …. just jump right int0 it …… Pe0ple just d0nt have the time …. g00d info just get straight t00 it …. G00d Luck

  25. question i seen some vids on how to squat some say it doesnt matter how far u seperate your legs others say it matters some say your toes not to point them past 45 degrees. low bar squat mainly just targets hamstrings vs high bar has more quad activation and so on just so confusing…i tend to seperate just slightly more than shoulder width and if i would guess i think my toes point about 70 ish degrees out just hit proper depth..and would lifting shoes with a higher heel really make a difference

  26. After numerous attempts to improve my form, removed back squats from my leg day due to lower back disc pain. Replaced them with pretty heavy Bulgarian split squats + RDLs to failure. In tune with what Sean is saying, I've been seeing serious development in my quads and literally all I do on my weekly leg day is 1) RDL, 2) BSS, 3) GHR, 4) wall-ball squats. Zero lower back pain.

  27. One of the Endorsed Contributors from the /r/theredpill on Reddit brought me to your channel. He goes by the name, GayLubeOil. Go check him out. He writes some funny shit sometimes. Built like Sean, too.

  28. I think, what this exersise are important ?, The normaly squat, normaly deadlieft- the trapbar deadlieft, the bench press, the overhead press (military press), dips and chin up and the smal crip bench for triceps ???, what do you mean ? Bjørn Denmark

  29. lol i dont squat anymore… Not the barbell squat anyway, and I don't barbell row,
    any variation of those exercises which uses a machine and bracing I'll favour. Yes you give up some stability muscle utilisation but personally I find it easier on my body.
    disclaimer I was injured, this won't be forever.

  30. You are one of the few knowledgeable youtubers that I can listen to their advice and trust. You worth much more subscribers and views. Keep the excellent work.

  31. deadlifts and squats are not that good for hypertrophy there are better exercises that target and isolate legs and back for hypertrophy .But if your training for strength then thats a different matter nothing beats these for strength gains

  32. Thank you. The last three weeks I have been working out alone. The last 5 years I have (majority of the time) worked out with a trainer. I do get nervous/scared doing some of my workouts. I follow what I already learned. Somethings I will not do alone. I just had a 24 year anniversary – I had a massive stroke December 1, 1994. I’m still kicking, learning, and surviving.

  33. I totally agree. Why personally I think these popular excercises are good, and I would never miss them, is simply because they are popular, and I can measure my strength level through them. Also they probably has the best ratio of hard work and fun as well ;-P

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