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Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Adviser, and these are the easiest exercises you can do at home. Why are they easy? They
require no equipment and no matter what fitness level you are you can modify
them to work for you. We start with your basic crunch. It has been around forever for a reason, it works. So Lisa’s gonna demonstrate a nice basic crunch. She’s
lifting her shoulder blades up off the ground, squeezing her abdominals, working her abs. That is a great exercise, you would modify it as you get stronger. From there she’s
going to switch to a plank. So she’s gonna come up and around and now the
plank works not only her abdominals but her lower back at the same time. So she’s
going to drop into a plank position. You’ll see she’s using straight arms, that’s a little bit easier. That’s where you would start. She’s working both her
lower back and her abdominal muscles at the same time. From here she’s gonna drop right into a push-up. She’s gonna start on her knees cuz that’s where you would start
if you’re just getting started. And that is a phenomenal upper body exercise. As
she gets stronger, as you get stronger at home, up off the knees onto the toes and
there’s the progression. From here we go two to lower body exercises. So we’re
gonna start with a squat. Again, it’s been around forever for reason – it really
works. She’s gonna drop down, sitting back as if
she was in a chair. There are an infinite number of variations of the squat, but
the basic squat is one of the most phenomenal lower body toning exercises.
And from there she’s going to go into a lunge. So she’s gonna do an alternating front lunge. This is adding movement, making it a little bit more functional, toning
those legs, working those lower body muscles, and there you have it. Five of the easiest exercises you can do
at home. For more quick workout and fitness
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5 thoughts on “5 of the Easiest Exercises You can do at Home

  1. Thanks so much for showing the easy way. I’m weight around 200 pounds and it was too hard for me to do the regular exercise.

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