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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, I know what you’re thinking: if
you buff those biceps and abs, you’ll look like a movie star. Well, sorry to break it
to you, but looking good from the front isn’t the only thing that matters. If you want an
awesome and well-balanced physique, you should pay attention to your back too. And that’s
exactly why I’m here today! Building your back musculature isn’t only
about good looks, though. It helps you balance out your strength and endurance, making the
best of your body. First, let’s see which muscles you should train for a bigger and
broader back. The main ones are latissimus dorsi (or, to put it simply, lats), trapezius,
and rear deltoid muscles. Lats are the biggest by far — in fact, they’re the largest
muscles in your whole upper body. So if you want your back to grow faster, you should
focus on these more than anything else, without forgetting the other two as well, of course.
As for the lower back, there’s a pretty complex group of muscles that you need to
train because they support your spine and basically let you exercise harder, achieving
better results. They might not seem like much when you look at them in the mirror, but they,
in fact, are your core muscles allowing you to lift heavier weights without damaging your
spinal column. Okay, time to get to some action already!
First things first, though, do some warm-up before you go. Warming up is essential for
any kind of strength exercise, but in this case it’s crucial because you’re dealing
with your back. If you hurt any of your muscles there, there’s a chance of nerve or even
spinal damage, which can lead to some serious repercussions. Take care!
When you’re done stretching your back, let’s start with… #1. Good morning
Yeah, that’s the name of this exercise. You should do it at the beginning of your
training because that’s when you have the most energy. If performed later, you can simply
not find enough strength and endurance to do it correctly, which is the key to its effectiveness.
Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width. Take a light barbell and hold it across
your shoulders. If you’re a beginner, you can do this exercise without the barbell at
all: simply put your hands behind your head instead. Pull your shoulders back and lean
your upper body forward, starting from your hips and slightly bending your knees. Make
sure to keep your back perfectly straight. Continue leaning until you feel a slight tension
in the back of your thighs, and then go back up.
Good morning trains your hamstrings along with your lower back, providing the strength
needed to support your spine when you go further in your workout. The important details about
this exercise are that you should never bend at the waist or crane your neck to look in
front of you. As you lean forward, keep your neck neutral, looking at the floor at the
lowest point. Do 3 sets of 5 reps for this exercise and
go on to the next one. #2. Pull-ups
This is a well-known exercise that targets your lats along with other back muscles. The
thing is that the wider your grip, the harder it is to do, but the more intense is the training.
Here’s how you do it: Grab the pull-up bar with your hands facing
away from you. Hang from the bar with your arms straight. If the bar is too low for you
to hang freely with your legs relaxed, just bend them at the knees and cross them so that
they don’t interfere with your exercise. Tilt your head a little bit back and barrel
your chest. Now pull yourself up, trying to engage your back muscles in the process, until
your chin is above the bar and your chest is touching it. In a slow and controlled movement,
lower yourself back to the initial hanging position. This counts as one rep, and you’ll
need to do as many as you can until you drop. Do 3 sets of pull-ups, repeating the routine
each time. Don’t worry that you’re doing fewer reps with each set — your muscles
are not made of iron, and they have their limits. Just continue until you can’t do
it anymore, rest for a minute, and repeat. #3. Barbell rows
This exercise is perfect for developing a broad and powerful back as it targets all
the back muscles I mentioned in the beginning. Just make sure you lift a weight that’s
suitable for you and not too heavy, otherwise you can feel pain in the lower back. If you
do, stop the exercise and check if you’re doing everything correctly.
Stand before the barbell and raise it with your arms slightly bent at the elbow. Make
sure your pull it off the floor using the power of your legs, keeping the back straight.
Stand tall and then lean over, sticking your butt out, until the barbell is at your knees.
I can’t stress it enough that you shouldn’t bend your spine — your lower back is at
risk here. Now pull the barbell up towards your stomach using your arms and back. Lower
the weight back down and repeat. Do 3 sets, again repeating until you drop
and resting a minute between sets. Just don’t literally drop the barbell, that’s impolite. #4. Lawnmower row
With lawnmower rows, you’ll be able to target either side of your back individually. This
is good because with a smaller target you feel your muscles better and can control the
strain. Put a dumbbell on the floor. No, not me! Just
kidding. Make a wide step forward with your right leg so that your left leg is stretched
behind you. Lean on your right knee with your right elbow, then pick up the dumbbell with
your left hand. Pull it up until your elbow joint allows and lower it back on the floor.
That’s one rep. It’s not as important here to keep your
back straight as in other exercises because you have a point of support on your elbow.
Still, keeping the right form sure helps here too. Do 4 sets of as many reps as you like.
One set counts for one side, so it’s two sets per side. Try to keep the number of reps
equal on both sides, though. You don’t want your back asymmetrical, right? #5. Knee roll
This is a finishing exercise for today’s workout, and it targets your core and lower
back again. In fact, it can help you relieve lower back pain if you have it, and it’s
a good thing to do it at the start or end of any workout involving your back — which
is, basically, any workout at all. Lie on the floor with your arms stretched
out from your body for stability. Press your legs together and bend them at the knees.
Now roll both your legs to the right along with your pelvis and try to touch the floor
with your right knee. Your shoulders and upper body should be pressed tight to the floor.
Hold this position for a second, then roll back to the initial position and, without
a pause, roll your legs to the left. Continue doing this exercise for as long as you see
fit or until you start feeling tension growing in your pelvis. So that’s it for today’s back muscles
workout. You must have noticed that it’s got a looped nature: the first and the last
exercises mostly target your lower back, while the three in-between are intense upper back
workouts. This is no chance thing: like I said earlier on, both your lower and upper
back need to be strengthened to buff your backside as you want it. But more importantly,
lower back is responsible for supporting your entire core; it’s basically the mechanism
that allows you to walk, lift weights, and even sit. That’s why you should go easy
on it at first, and always begin and end your back muscles workout with exercises that target
your waistline. Also, there are some simple rules to follow
if you want your back muscles to grow faster and easier. First, don’t do this routine
every day — give yourself a break and repeat the workout once every two or even three days.
In the meantime, perform workouts that target other muscles. This way, you’ll be able
to develop your body in a balanced manner. Your back needs rest to recover and start
growing. Secondly, never overstrain yourself while
doing any exercise from the list. If you feel pain or unpleasant sensation in any part of
your body, and especially the lower back, stop immediately and check if your form is
correct. If you’re sure you’re doing it right but still feel pain, switch to another
exercise. And finally, any and all exercises I mentioned
today can be upgraded with added weights or a tweaked technique. For barbell and dumbbell
exercises, when you feel it’s become too easy for you to perform too many reps, just
add more weight. For pull-ups, make your grip wider as you progress. It will not only burn
your back muscles but also target them better by lifting the stress from your arms and shifting
it to your lats. But once again, don’t overdo it and listen to your body. So, Bright Siders, do you know any other effective
exercises for a broader back? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something
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    3. Wide grip pull ups
    4. Wide grip pull ups
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  4. 5:15 it's not a barbell row, it's a deadlift with a little high pull only up to the stomach, barbell row has 3 variations, the yates,bent over and pendlay in order of difficulty and hamstring flexibility restriction, u can also do the "dead row" were u do a deadlift then stop the bar just over ur knees then do a barbell row, then slide the bar towards ur knees keeping the bar close to ur shin until u drop the bar gently to the floor

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  7. I think it's not correct, all you need is:
    2. Pullups
    3. Some kind of row with wide grip, I suggest seated cable rows, don't put too much stress on your lower back after deadlifts
    4. Face pulls or reverse flyes for rear delts and scapula

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  11. Sooo…within the first few minutes they show a dip with the lower back highlighted. This movement is for the pecs or triceps depending on the angle peformed. Second, in the "good morning" segment, they tell you to not "crane" your neck but look at the floor when performing but the dude is being shown bending his neck and focusing on the wall in front of him. The explanations are good but for those needing visuals the first 2 minutes are not good, or correct, visually.

  12. Poor technique: insufficient explanation, bad demonstration. Also insufficient corrective stretching exercises. People following only this video will improove a while and soon they might experience some medical difficulties. Better find some program with good basics, otherwise good luck.

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  17. Important Things for building up a good back.
    1st eat well
    2nd enough regeneration
    3rd contraction!!!!

    the best exercise for getting mass in the back is the overbend row

    A proper workout for the back should look like this:

    Overbend Row (Heavy, 6-8 reps)
    Pull Ups (MAX Reps)
    Deadlifts (Heavy 6-8reps)

    Single Arm row on machine (low weight and focus on contraction 8-12reps)
    Reserve Butterfly (low weight and focus on contraction 8-12)

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