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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m going to help you to determine whether
or not supplements are a right fit for you. Supplements are not the right fit for everybody,
but you can ask yourself a series of questions and determine whether or not you are a candidate. It starts right here in our “yes” or “no”
with where you are at in terms of your program. Are you just starting out? Are you a beginner?
Are you a really skinny guy who’s never really lifted a weight before in your life? Guess
who knows somebody that’s like that? I do! That’s exactly what I was. As a matter of
fact, this is my actual, very first dumbbell that I ever used. You can see it right there;
that’s my five pounder. This five pounder went on to allow me to start lifting a lot
heavier weight, but I started with that. As a matter of fact, my brother told me growing
up “You have to earn the right, earn the privilege, to be able to start taking supplements.” Because
if you’re just starting out with really light weights and you’re not really that sophisticated
with your training yet, supplementation is overkill. You’d be much better off figuring out the
basics and understanding how to start building your body from the ground up. Learning the
proper movements, the right way to train, and how to put it all together before you
start finessing it with supplements. On the other end of the spectrum, and on the
same note, if you’re a guy who’s allowed yourself to get incredibly out of shape – 40% body
fat or above because of your absolutely poor nutrition habits – trying to fix them with
supplementation is not the right way to go about it either. So you want to make sure that you’re in that
zone where you’ve dedicated yourself to getting in shape, you’ve been on that path for a while,
and you’re looking to take it to the next level. Then you would be a “yes”. Otherwise,
if you’re starting with either one of those extremes you’re going to wind up over here
as a “no”. Here’s a scenario that I know a lot of you
can probably relate to, but I’m actually living it and breathing it every single day right
now. That is high levels of stress. It doesn’t have to be bad stress. It could be good stress.
In my case it is good stress. We’ve had twin boys. They came a little bit early. That’s stressful, but we’re trying to get
them to grow and develop and catch up to where they need to be. That’s provided a lot of
stress for my life, but guess what? I’m still going to train, I’m still going to try to
eat as good as I can, but as I covered in my nutrition video the other day where I showed
you some fast ways that I can create lots of meals at once – I’ll actually link that
here if you haven’t seen that already – stress is present in my life right now even more. Supplementation can help you to overcome stress
because it can do two things. Number one: we know how nutrition can be a large component
of providing your body with the fuel it needs to stay healthy even in the face of stress,
and we also know that we don’t necessarily have the time to prepare it in stressful times. So supplementation would be extremely easy
to prepare and allow you to be consistent with your nutrition. So for me, I’ve never
been more reliant on my supplements than I am right now because I’m not always in a place
where I can get good nutrition. The cafeteria at the hospital isn’t the best
place for me to get proper nutrition, but if I can mix up a shake, take it with me,
and now that I’m going to have optimum nutrition at my fingertips whenever I need it; it becomes
that much more imperative. I will say, if you’re in a high stress job,
or find yourself in a high stress situation and you don’t want to sacrifice on your
nutrition and you still want to be able to train and you’re applying a lot of stress
to your body, make sure at that point that you absolutely incorporate some form of supplementation
to allow your body to recover that much faster and allow you to bounce back even better. Okay, the next one is actually a person question
that I’m going to bring it down, bring it in here and get man to man with you and ask
you to be honest with yourself. Are you the type of person who takes your supplements
and then finds yourself eating crappy food because you figured you already did what you
were supposed to do? If that’s you then supplements are not for you, okay? They’re not for you. But there’s a key point to be learned from
all of this. That is that sometimes supplements will make that person much more accountable
for the rest of their actions throughout the day. You go and spend all your hard earned
money on your supplements and you take them religiously, you take them regularly, you
have that opportunity to then screw off and do what you know you shouldn’t be doing to
be in line with what you’re trying to achieve with your physique. You become much more aware knowing how much
money you spend on your supplements, knowing the hard work that you’ve spent in the gym,
and the time and effort you’ve put in the gym to do what you knew you were supposed
to do. You become less likely to fall off the beaten path where you know you shouldn’t.
That’s where supplementation can become incredibly important and can make you accountable for
all your actions beyond the time you’re taking your supplements. Anybody can take a supplement. That’s the
easiest damn thing you could ever do. That’s why so many people love to take them. We all
know how simple it is to mix something up and drink it, but it’s what goes on in all
the other hours and minutes surrounding the time that you take your supplements that counts.
If it makes you more accountable then I absolutely think they should be part of your plan. Especially
if you’re that type of person. Okay, the next question you want to ask yourself
is whether or not you’re an athlete. When I say “athlete” I don’t necessarily mean
professional athlete. As a matter of fact, we have a lot of guys that train here with
this channel to look more athletic. But if you’re an athlete you’d better start taking
your supplementation seriously. If you don’t, I can tell you right now, you’re going to
be left behind. Having just come back from the winter meetings
last month in Nashville, Tennessee the major focus of the strength and conditioning coaches
at the major league level is supplementation. Let’s face it, the game of baseball has undergone
some serious changes in the last few years to eliminate drugs from the game. There was
a large portion of how players prepared themselves every year, but that’s gone. That’s out of
the game now. They need to be able to replace that with
some real, solid research, evidence backed supplements to allow them to take their games
to the next level. Those that aren’t doing it are going to fall behind. The same thing
could be said here. Again, for those that want to take, not just their performance,
but their physique to the next level. You’ve already dedicated, you’re already on
that path and you want to take it to the next level; those are the guys that need to start
looking into the benefits of supplementation. Last but no least we’re going to play a little
True or False here. I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to answer which side
you think. Do you think that you can get all your benefits of your supplementation through
food alone? That you don’t need supplements to achieve the benefits of the things that
you’re trying to supplement with. I’ll give you a second here. Okay, I could
end the suspense now because the answer is a resounding “False”. I’m going to give you
two examples of this. When people try to take a supplement – let’s say they’re taking
glucosamine, the joint formula, and they’re taking glucosamine; people would argue that
they could get the glucosamine that they’d get in our Athlean Mechanics. Where are you
getting that from? Are you out there at a restaurant ordering
surf and turf and telling them to hold the lobster meat and just give you the shell because
it tastes so damn good? What are you eating to get the glucosamine that you need to gain
the benefits of the supplement? Now, does everybody have to take a joint formula? No.
But if you’re going to tell me that you’re going to take a joint formula, or you want
the benefits of glucosamine from a joint formula but you don’t need the joint formula you’re
kidding yourself. You’re playing the unnatural game and it doesn’t
really add up. The same thing could be said about creatine, one of the well-researched
supplements out there. There’s no doubt that creatine has plenty of research behind it
backing its efficacy for anyone that trains. We have creating in our Rx2 Post Workout supplement
and I can ask you again: where are you getting your creatine from? I hear all the time “Jeff, you can get creatine
from meat. Jeff, you can get creatine from tuna.” Let’s take tuna as a perfect example.
Tuna actually has 4.5 grams of creatine per – get ready – 16 ounces of tuna. That’s
a pound of tuna, okay? 4.5 grams of creatine is great. That’s a good dosage for you, but
guess what? You know – if you know anything about creatine – that in order to gain the
benefits here you’re going to have to take it daily. That means you’re going to have to take 16
ounces of tuna daily. That means your budget is going to have to provide you with the opportunity
to buy tuna at 16 ounces – which is 1lb – at around $17-$25 per pound, depending
on sushi grade or not, every single day. When we start thinking about what your monthly
bill is going to be – maybe around $500 – to get your creatine, does that make sense?
Not to mention you’ll probably end up with mercury poisoning along the way. That doesn’t sound like a really efficient
way for you to get creatine. Does everybody need creatine? No! I’m not saying they all
do, but don’t come to me and say “Jeff, I want to get the benefits of creatine and
I’m going to do it through my regular diet and through the foods that I eat.” It ain’t
going to happen. Again, a big “false”. If you want the benefits of specific ingredients
to get the ergogenic benefits then you’d better start realizing that most likely, you’re going
to have to supplement here, too. If you’re not looking for those benefits then
you don’t necessarily need it. As I said at the very beginning, if you’re the type
who’s going to take your supplements and think “That’s it”, that you’re all set, all the
hard work goes out and you think supplements are a replacement for hard ass work; guess
what – do me a favor, don’t take my supplements because it’s a slap in my face. I don’t believe that supplements are the
answer for everybody, but I think the majority of the people that follow this channel and
follow the advice I give here are a little e more serious about their training. In those
cases, and a lot of the examples I just gave you here, you might be fitting one of those;
supplements might be something you should probably look into if you want to start taking
your results to the next level. We have our supplements, guys. I’ll stand
behind them every single day, every time I do a video here. We’ve got them over at
In the meantime, if you’ve found this video helpful, or at the very least refreshingly
honest, then please do me a favor and leave your comments and your thumbs up below. Let
me know. Tell me what else it is that you want me to
cover here on this channel. Maybe something regarding supplements, but I’ll do my best
to do that here in the coming weeks. All right, guys. I’ll talk to you again real

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