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working the back nice what’s
up guys thanks for tuning in my name’s Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp I’ve
got Jess one of our awesome personal trainers thanks for coming inJess and we are
going to be giving you five best TRX back exercises man we are going to banish that
back fat see you later and we’re going to get right into this
video guys we’re going live in the first exercise love grows let’s go Jess yeah
elbows long behind I love these keep going Jeff’s couple more just gonna
keep going and I’m gonna give you some pointers on the way notice she’s got
that long body line and we like to go toes up some people like to go close now
and that’s actually totally fine but this is actually going to be less stable
with the toes up so it’s going to be some more stabilizers and your core and
also through the legs and glutes so total body work in now justice working a
pretty nice angle if that is too deep of an angle for you to simply back up a
couple inches and keep working what we don’t want to see is the saggy band all
right so strapped up so lose it nobody likes the sad
okay so keep the tension in the straps and keep working you can always try a
deeper angle and then when you burn out just back up a couple of steps
good hey if you guys are liking this video let’s see a couple of hearts and
thumbs up if you’re watching this live let us know we’re watching from and if
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– and if you love the TRX we’re bringing me five awesome TRX back exercises
second exercise is going to be the one-arm row so let’s try those it’s a
one-arm row well this one got your goodies now this is going to be tough nice one ro very tricky and so feel free
to have less of an angle but we still want to stay square and make sure you do
both sides because we don’t want just one side looking all sexy and then the
other side so so right so last one jessic good awesome those are two of our
five TRX back exercises we’re going to show you today guys
and we’re going to go right into TRX back exercise number three which is the
base pull now this is also just going to hit a little more upper back and
shoulders tricky actually so I’m going to go my attention event or elbows just so
we’re going right to the temples it man love this for some upper back work and
we’re still getting spring forward holding that nice diagonal body line and
when you burn out a little bit and here’s a cool back last one Jess I know
she’s feeling good there is every inch that you move forward or back is about
10 to 15 pounds of body weight resistive so just moving back an inch or two is
another 20 pounds to 30 pounds of resistance and that’s the whole point of
the TRX event using body weight as your resistance good now the fourth exercise
that we’re going to show the reverse fly just give us a couple of these and this
is sort of a pull and punch and this is a combo of sort of what we want but the
basic rows and then we’re really opening up so similar to the base pull but then
we’re punching it out so we like to say pull and punch Yeah right it’s a comeback good nice
tall posture Jesse’s doing great job keeping that bottom line what we see a
lot of times people try and do this and besides the losing attention right is
this hyperextension so we gotta watch out for this sort of hyperextension at
the top because that’s going to be that’s not going to be good for your
back that’s going to be horrible for your back and so kind of puffing the
chest out too far and paper standing and so you want to watch out for that and
notice this dissent that’s actually part of the trickiest thing is just blowers
she’s keeping control of the body and that takes a lot of practice you guys a
lot of strength Jesse very strong and so that banished back back that’s the last
one Jasper great job thank you and that’s for TRX back exercise you guys
and man love bringing these to you we’re going to show you the fifth exercise
that’s going to be a challenging one arm variation and this is the TRX power pole
you only need a single strap and we recommend that you go
medium to shorter on the strap and let’s maybe they want sheriff that’s why I
shared you can share a TRX with a friend and so we’ll give you a couple of wraps
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so last TRX exercise the power ball let’s get into it this is the fifth TRX
back exercise we’ll show you and you can share one with a friend let me I’ll
create all my that okay good so now we’re
option 1 this is going to be touch and to the top is the powerful and this is
your basic and will keeping the legs relatively
straight the second variation we’re going to show you now who’s going to be
bending down touch and pull at the top bend down touch and pull at the time now
another option at the topic and twist a little bit more and that’s going to be
our third variation on the TRX power pull nice awesome Jessa
thanks so much to help out guys thanks so much for tuning in we appreciate you
and we are here to help you rush your fitness goals so make sure to LIKE this
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thanks for tuning in we’ll see it next time bye

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