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100 thoughts on “5 Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers (100% Free) | Become an Instagram Influencer!

  1. Hey Neil I’m starting to post more should i make another account or continue with this 1 and just keep building upon it @mr._burton

  2. Hi Neil,
    I’m working to become a social media entertainer. I’m just starting out but I wanted to know if you could possibly help and guide me. Please check me out @OG.Bettie 😉 I really would love your help man.

  3. Hi Neil, this is zahir, I am doing the same thing you mentioned in this video, but don't see any improvement. I have more posts with relevant hash tags but if I compare with those who does not even have 50% of what I got and getting thousands of followers.. not able to find a reason and solution for this. Also does regular story posting make any difference. My Instagram is know by zahir.abbas

  4. Hey Neil…I'm trying to gain more followers and my theme on instagram is basically fitness and lifestyle. I would appreciate it if you check it out and gibe me some feedback.
    Here it is @anastasia_manzolelli

  5. Neil, Thanks for making these videos clips. I have been getting your emails as well, need to focus and try to work with you soon.

  6. Am new to your channel; just followed cz heard you were good from some other digital marketers. 1) This video doesn't give really valuable advice, you could add a couple more tips. 2) The screaming way is very forced and "Salesy" and doesnt let you focus.

    I watched the channel intro video it was really cool as tone and integrity.

  7. Hi Neil Patel. I have watched your clip and thank you for inviting us to comment here. I did not understand tip no. 3 "submit your content to other instagram followers" please elaborate. Thank you

  8. Hey my Business concentrates more on regional audience since it’s a restaurant. I have used all the hints you mentioned in ur video but the outcomes r still not satisfying.

  9. Great Video! Question: How to do hashtag research? What is the best Online Tool to do the job? Is there any free tool?

  10. oieee. Neil, me dá uma luz, tipo vc tem muitos videos, certo? então o que vc aconselha to começando no Nicho de Culinária…eu so tenho um foto no Insta….e meu Face que está caminhando mais….quais são os primeiros passos, para não errar…pois estou engatinhando….e quero fazer direitinho….obrigada desde já…preciso da sua ajuda……

  11. Please fix the sound and stop screaming, Neil your content is amazing, and you definitely ahead of the game in so many aspects, but maybe engage a professional video company?

  12. I've started watching your videos. The advice is quite helpful, thanks. If you have any advice for my new business Instagram account, please send me a direct message. @freetimejournal

  13. should i post only one journal like model or shal i post various themes such as fitness travel fashion etc to get famous…

  14. I feel so frustrated over Instagram. I think I have great interesting photos and am consistent and it still seems to crawl. What am I doing wrong? – @capewhoopies

  15. hello Neil I have a question so I want to do affiliate marketing to fuel my music career, but I need something that is really passive so that I can Focus I'm building the musical skills.

    I was thinking of doing a fitness blog with WordPress and building an email list, I was wondering if you though that was a good idea?
    I really need advice from someone like you, I don't work but my gramma gave me 1,000 dollars and I only have 400 left.

    So yeah, any advice you can give will work wonders and be extremely appreciated,

    Thank you

    If any course that you believe that could truly help me, please let me know.

  16. It is critical to understand Instagram's feed algorithm before we even think about getting traffic from it. The algorithm is simple and uses some criteria for its feed.

    There are 3 major and 3 minor criteria on which the Instagram feed is based. Interest, Timeliness, and Relationship are the primary criteria with Frequency, Following and Usage being the additional ones. If you aim to drive more traffic through Instagram, it is essential to keep these metrics in mind before and while ideating your strategies.

  17. Thanks LOX!!! I NEEDED THIS SHIT?
    it is easy to get ton of real Instagram from a very reliable website where you just have to make an order and delivered your order I G R O C K E T D O T C O M?

  18. hey i created a new page for affiliate marketing and i post only products do you think i should add something other than products but also related to product like videos or something?

  19. Hi Neil, thanks for your tips. What is your thought about IG account. I'd be more than interested to have your advise. Thanks so much !!! => see @lebeauhandmade

  20. Hey Neil,
    I just started the Instagram and been avoiding it until now 😀 do you think this is still relevant in 2019? or with changes in algoritms and insagram changes in 2018 there are some new advices?

  21. Thanks for all of the amazing content Neil.
    I am working my way through all of your videos. I would love to see a video on FB/IG marketing funnels (Awareness, Consideration & Conversion). What type of content do you think works best at each stage, CTAs, case studies and tips etc?

  22. Hi, thanks for sharing such a great info. Following you for SEO also. Your tics & tricks are really awesome. Cheers!

  23. Great summarize videos! I love it when Neil throws all this amazing nutshell bombs in 5-10 minutes! Neil, do you have an update for this 2019? Thanks in advance and keep it up brother.

  24. You certainly are passionate about the subject. One of my instagram channels that I'm trying to grow is @carprincessii

  25. I started using these tips as I have seen them in other videos and I feel like my likes and comments have dropped 😢

  26. Neil.. I just start build my follower on IG with following friends .. but some of them are not following back.. what should I do?

  27. hi neil im from iran . sorry my english is not good … i craft computer modding parts accessories and design gaming pc .. this is first time in my country 1 company do this job … can u give me tips or share link about seo tutorial if i need do it for boost my seo rank ?

    sorry i know my english is so bad — and google translate persian language is joke

  28. Hey Neil! Thank you for this video 🙂 I am struggling a bit to get more followers on my Instagram page, I am a Portuguese teacher but I struggle to find accounts that would be relevant to my niche… I have some, but I guess I need some more…
    If you can, let me know what you think of my page: learneuportuguese

    I’m still improving 😉 I’m new to this!

    Thank you!

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