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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I like rice paper rolls they’re just
so fresh in this one these ones aren’t loaded with noodles so they’re pretty
good choice. We were in the water at the pool for nearly two hours and we go in the deep end and we’re constantly treading water or doing laps but even when we like
relaxing from the laps you still constantly treading water and it says I burned like 700 calories. Next time I guess yeah, I probably need to not do
it for as long because I just don’t quite realize because you’re floating
around it doesn’t feel like other forms of exercise it feels it’d be easier at
the time but now I’m so sore and weak and tired like just holding my phone
up I’m like ugh. So we’re in a cafe and we usually both get eggs benedict but it’s so many calories His food looks less size than mine but it’s hundreds more calories I was very careful and I got a fritata with
roasted veggies instead of chips and a side salad. just stopped at a supermarket
on the way back and just got a few basic things we’ve already got chicken salmon
and all that stuff in the fridge but it’s got some more potatoes capsicum
cabbage salad mix cucumber onion Dan got mandarines I got mustard seeds and
vinegar took pickle some radishes beets and the soup for a snack and a little
tuna things with snacks II picked a bunch of stuff out of it and watered it
so we just finished putting on bigger stakes and bigger bird net I am making salmon with lemon and herb
crumb and cooking it olive oil butter and thyme and I’ve made some pasta which
is broccoli beans red onion mushroom feta cheese and some garlic and basil
and things from my garden and chives and I’ve chopped up some veggies support on
a side salad for it and having have a cutter just having a basic breakfast
again just one piece of toast with avocado and two boiled eggs which Dan
was nice enough to make for me just used my food processor that Dan got me for my
birthday for the first time I used the slicing blade to slice up radishes for
pickling and it’s like then I had some white radishes as well in there 3/4 of a
cup of vinegar 3/4 of a cup of water and 2 tablespoons of honey in there and then
I’m going to put radish mustard seed chili whatever I feel like in the jar
and then pour the hot water over just test it out the chopping blade cabbage I
made a huge mess because my pan is too small
it’s like beef mince with cabbage and carrot in the food processor and then
chunks of potato it’s a kind of European anything it’s really good if you’re
eating paleo or whole xxx I found this very satisfying I don’t
know it’s weird but it’s good here is everything I’m taking to work I’ve got a
little tuna snack thing but a salad we better pickled radish fresh radish and
my strange I mean cabbage potato thing that I made with the food processor I
know it looks completely weird and probably off-putting but it tastes good
and I put hot sauce on top not trying to claim this is the healthiest choice or
anything like that but I’ve gone through McDonald’s and got a bacon and egg
muffin with an extra egg because I’ve just been on an 18-hour shift and I got
maybe four or five hours of very broken sleep and I’ve had a headache all night
because then I can quickly get home and try and have a nap
because I’ve got to be back to work in three hours having their beef and
cabbage paleo thingy I made with salad and then I’m going to work so I’ve got
tuna corn and celery that I’d already like mashed up and made in the fridge in
this wrap and my rocket or arugula salad in there radish and some cilantro
coriander on the side because I forgot to put it in there oh my gosh my rocket
is so freaking bitter and strong it’s spicy like it’s actually spicy it
actually tastes really good some people look at this and feel like ooh they’ve
been baking to take to work tonight it’s not you know the leanest huh it’s just
pasta we haven’t gone grocery shopping in quite a while so there’s not much in
the fridge so I’m just kind of working with what we’ve got dan had bought this
pasta so he just boiled it before and packed a little amount in there for me I
put some feta cheese on top and I’ve made a salad with my herbes and arugula
from the garden and pickled radishes that I made and stuff I am about to
drive to work I went swimming last night I swam for an hour
I’m excusal the plastic I just crapped out I was in a rush so I just grabbed
whatever was there I’m working for 12 hours today so I made a protein shake in
a water boy just as it was there and it was quick I
think it’s leaking and I bought a chicken burger with a bit of Nando’s
sauce and mashed potato that would go with a salad and I also have in that one
a chicken and avocado and salad sandwich and I brought my supplements because I’m
working like 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. so I had to organize all my food so I’m
trying hard I am NOT giving up but it’s just been really hard because my vertigo
has been acting up anxiety is there being in pain and I’ve
been getting a lot of headaches I’ve still got back pain I’m really
really tired I just don’t feel good so it’s really really hard to keep pushing
and stay on this journey in anyway because I just feel so crappy all the
time so we go swimming it’s the morning of my day off I just did a nearly
12-hour shift yesterday I was just so tired when I got home like wrecked and
now slept nine and a half hours and I was still really really tired
I just can’t anyway chronic illness and anxiety make you tired
and it sucks anyway so the last time I went swimming it was at like 5:30 in the
afternoon which works a lot better for me because I’m more of a
afternoon/evening person I’m not a morning person at all the dance
finishing a really really early shift like he’s finishing at 10 a.m. and then
coming here and he wants to go as soon as he gets back from work and I just
feel like I feel like I’ve had no sleep and I just feel like dizzy and sick and
yeah key and I don’t want to do it to be honest
two and a half eggs on homeo seed bread with avocado and I had a few foods
vanilla protein shake in here mixed with water which is like 100 calories and 30
grams of protein or whatever and then just refilled it back up with water to
take with me just got back from swimming swam for two hours a lot of the time was
doing laps a little bit just sort of walking and treading water but a lot of
laps so it was a little exercise oh my gosh absolutely exhausted so it was
really really fun and feeling pretty good today like it’s been I don’t know I
was not in the mood to go swimming in the morning because I’m not a morning
person but yeah I’m glad I went because I was in a pretty good mood and I did
enjoy it and then we had lunch at the cafe afterwards I show you what I ate I
had a coconut water I had cooked tuna sushi and we shared a snack pack which
was hummus carrot celery rice crackers cheese ridiculously expensive crispy
skin salmon that I cooked in butter and thyme has I’ve got a lot of dill on the
side because I’ve got a huge deal plant that I need to start picking and eating
or it’s gonna go to seed bit of rice veggies bit of mashed potato which is
too runny just a lot of leftover stuff that I had already meal prepped like
veggies that I had already cooked they’ve got feta cheese on them little
bit of chopped salad stuff that I had already pre chopped to just throw in
salads my radish pickles just because it was really cheap again they delivered it
I don’t like to cook in the morning or something which is really annoying I’m
down to like five dollars a meal so I got those ones for that reason just
because it was so cheap just being called into work early so I just made a
really quick lunch for myself chicken and veggie and coconut flour patties
with a salad that I’m taking and a sauce in between those two so pretty
low carb low calorie there and then I’ll have do you know when I get home I’ve
got salmon left over from yesterday so I’ll have that for dinner
I see I’ve caught a cold just being around so many sick people and not got
sick and I was taking a pretty intense regime of supplements like a zinc
vitamin C citrus bioflavonoids and it’s like inhaling eucalyptus and using like
say like nasal spray and just like basic stuff but you know you can’t avoid it
forever so like two months of avoiding everybody’s sicknesses now now my body
has succumbed to like I noticed some people that say oh it’s just a cold
but for me because I already have sinus problems and vertigo when I get a cold
the worsening of my other health issues that it causes is like really hard it
just made me get the two eggs on toast with a bit of avocado I can’t taste or
smell anything dan just offered me a bacon and egg
muffin and a hash brown and I said no thank you but I want to date just having
an egg with avocado on c-like multigrain toast and tea which I actually have
extra sliced real ginger in there but you can’t see it oh I have just caught a
lot of herbs from the guard and I just had to this isn’t even a proper trim I
just literally cut the tops off so he is my to bully that I made we told that
parsley that’s all of the parsley in there obviously it’s not authentic
tabouli it doesn’t have any grain of any content it’s like Tito tabbouleh but
it’s just possibly red onion tomahto lemon juice olive oil salt

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  1. When you speak about your chronic illness and anxiety it’s so incredibly helpful to hear. Thank you for being so transparent and open. You’re giving me a lot of motivation to keep doing what I am doing which is just trying to lose Weight and be healthy.

  2. I got sick with a bad sinus infection right at then end of my trip to costa Rita … Plane ride home was difficult but I’m better now hope you’re feeling back on tour A game soon💞

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