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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

MONICA RILEY: That was the life that I wanted for myself. Being fat, getting to eat whatever
I wanted, feeling like a queen. I guess you just get to a point in your life where you
just want to change things. COMM: Monica Riley once wanted to be so fat that she would become bedbound. MONICA RILEY: “The ultimate goal is to be 1000 pounds.” At one point in my life, yes,
I did want to be the biggest woman in the world. I wanted to be immobile. MONICA RILEY: But, now that I’m pregnant… SID RILEY: It’s kind of been a wake up call. COMM: With the help of her chubby-loving fiancé Sid, Monica ate her way up to 700 pounds. But recently, the couple’s priorities have changed. MONICA RILEY: I found out about 14 weeks ago roughly that I was pregnant. The reason why
I do want to lose weight is to be able to be active with my child, you know, be able
to get up and play with them and pick up after them. Yeah, you can’t do that if you’re
immobile. COMM: Today, the parents-to-be are going for their first prenatal scan. MONICA RILEY: I’m feeling really nervous. I’m like shaking, like my voice is shaky. MONICA RILEY: I’m hoping to find out today… SID RILEY: That the baby is healthy.
MONICA RILEY: Yeah, that the baby is healthy. SID RILEY: It’s all we ask for. COMM: Sadly, the road to becoming parents hasn’t been smooth for the couple. SID RILEY: We’ve had two miscarriages. MONICA RILEY: I was super depressed, just
crying a lot. I feel guilty for having the miscarriage and knowing that I could have
changed, you know. My weight did affect it. I just had to put it behind me. I kind of
pretended like it never happened. NURSE: So what we got,
we got this area we made for you. MONICA RILEY: Where is the baby? DOCTOR: You see something moving there?
MONICA RILEY: Yeah. DOCTOR: That’s the baby. DOCTOR: The baby is 3.6 cm and that makes you ten weeks and two days. And your estimated
due date is November 18th. SID RILEY: We’ll have a little Thanksgiving baby. DOCTOR: The baby looks okay. And the baby is moving a lot. So, hopefully, everything is well. DOCTOR: Fingers crossed. COMM: Now pregnant for the third time, Monica is determined to do everything she can to
get healthy for the new arrival. MONICA RILEY: This time I’m doing loads differently, I am, you know, changing the
way I eat, exercising, taking care of my body. I definitely want to get out of the fetish
modelling and fetish videos, and things that I do currently. And once I do lose, you know,
some more weight, I definitely want to do fashion modelling. MONICA RILEY: I have to measure out everything I eat now. The diet has been very difficult.
I’d say, probably, now I’m eating about 2000 calories a day, compared to like 10,000.
This is typically what I would eat, compared to what I eat now, which is this. Yes, I’m
definitely going to continue losing weight after the baby is born. I’ll never be tiny,
skinny, you know, I’m expecting, you know, I’m still going to be always chubby. I just
want to be healthy for our family. COMM: Initially, Monica was worried about how her weightloss would affect her relationship. SID RILEY: I don’t really see myself becoming less attracted to Monica. I’m not attracted
to just her body, I’m attracted to her as a person, as a whole complete person. I’ve
told her before that you can be like a tiny little thing and I’m in love with you. MONICA RILEY: I love you.
SID RILEY: I love you too.

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