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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Record: 106 September 60 kg add muscle: sport(damage to muscle) ->increase protein (add muscle) COSTCO Separation of Whey Protein (Vanilla) Per 100 grams containing 81.1 grams of protein Due date in May 2018. Another chocolate taste Whey protein with cold water brewing with warm water can not exceed 36 degrees Can add milk or juice and other Fitness man: weight per kilogram. Plus whey 1.5 to 2.5 grams I am 60 kg=90 ~ 150 grams The first site: 20 to 50 grams per person per day The second site: before breakfast: 20 ~ 35 grams 1 to 2 hours before exercise, within 30 minutes after exercise, each 20 to 35 grams 20 grams before going to bed I recommend: 20 grams before breakfast. Before and after exercise to see the amount of exercise Out of the box The spoon is 37 grams White as usual milk powder.Good smell.
The particles are thicker The first cup. Only whey protein A little bit of vanilla.Not too hard to drink Second cup. Whey protein + milk
(High calcium collagen formula Drink up with the original milk almost Third cup. Whey protein + milk + honey Before the drink milk + honey. Taste on the milk with a little sweet taste Honey plus too much to change too sweet Fourth cup. Whey protein + milk + Coarse bran Rice bran plus two spoons. Are the taste of rice bran Like to subscribe to me

6 thoughts on “54.【ON】乳清蛋白COSTCO.whey protein

  1. 106年 9/28 62.3公斤,突破體重極限,以前沒看過62這數字。
    10/16 63.2
    11/26 62.9,整罐喝完
    106/09/28 62.3 kg, breaking the weight limit, not seen before 62 this figure.
    10/16 63.2
    11/26 All cans finish drinking

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