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Hi, and welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. I’m Dr. Josh Axe. Today, we got a great episode of me talking
about meal replacements and really how to create a smoothie or shake to help improve
your health, but also, I’ll be talking about the dangers. And a lot of these additives that are in meal
replacements shakes that a lot of athletes are taking today, people in hospitals, a lot
of kids, and people that are just trying to lose weight as well. Unfortunately, it’s not working. But, hey, do me a favor right now. We’re going to be talking about how to use
food as real medicine and get the poison out of your diet. So take a minute right how, punch that share
button, click that love button, let’s spread the word that food should be medicine. All right, and we’re going to be talking about
six unbelievable ingredients that people are adding in the meal replacements today that
are toxic for your health and your body. And number one here, synthetic vitamins and
minerals. Do you know, I read an article on these years
ago that a lot of our vitamins and supplements today actually come from mineral salts? They come from rock like limestone, in fact,
calcium carbonate today and a lot of our calcium supplements are actually rocks, or come from
rocks extracted from salts and they’re really not absorbable by our body. In fact, did you know that taking certain
forms of calcium can actually cause calcification of your arteries because your body isn’t absorbing? In fact, there are several medical studies
published on PubMed showing that taking certain vitamins and supplements can actually be detrimental
to your health. And the reason is they’re not real. They’re synthetic. We should be getting our vitamins and minerals
from fruits, from vegetables, organic meat, sprouted nuts and seeds from real food as
well as you can get them from whole food based certified organic vitamins but today a lot
of people are just getting their vitamins and supplements certain grocery stores or
really not paying much. They’re really just getting synthetic vitamins
and what it’s actually doing is there are side effects. It’s very hard on the kidneys. It’s very hard on the interior walls. It can be very hard on the small intestine
and the gut lining. And so you want to stay away from synthetic
vitamin and minerals but here’s the truth a lot of synthetic vitamins and minerals are
added to meal replacements today. They are not healthy, and by the way I love
to hear it from you right now on Facebook Live and YouTube Live if you are a person
that takes whole food-based vitamins and supplements certified organic, hey, let me know right
now on Facebook Live here, and YouTube Live. Here’s another big thing that’s added into
a lot of these meal replacements today, and listen I’m not saying any specific brands
here today, but whether those shake forms that you can drink down fast or it’s a powder,
again, a lot of these are not organic that they come with really junky ingredients. And one of the things that are added to these
are sugar. Okay? Sugar, we know feeds yeast within the body
and Candida. We know sugar actually can feed cancer cells
in certain instances. And sugar overall will zap your energy, increasing
your risk of diabetes. So excess sugar, one of the most dangerous
things you could consume on a daily basis. So you absolutely want to get sugar completely
out of your diet. But listen, sugar is in everywhere. It’s in chips. It’s in pasta sauces. It’s in sandwich meats. It’s like it’s all over. But it can be found in especially high amounts
in meal replacement powders and even certain protein powders today. Now, here’s another big one, artificial ingredients
especially aspartame and sucralose. So those are two you want to stay away from
is aspartame and sucralose. These toxic artificial sweeteners may actually
cause tumor growth within the body. They may cause short term memory loss. They may actually also cause weight gain. And sucralose, something a lot of people consume
today and is found on a good majority of meal replacement powders and protein powders. Sucralose actually has a chlorine attached
onto it from a chemical standpoint. And when chlorine is attached, chlorine has
an antibacterial properties and so what it can do it actually kill off probiotics in
the gut. In fact, there was a study done on sucralose
saying that even though it’s a no calorie sweetener, because here is what people think,
they think, “Okay, I’m drinking a diet soda,” or, “I’m drinking a protein powder or a meal
replacement and, hey, they’re zero grams of sugar.” But it still has some of that sweetness to
it especially that artificial sweetness and that aftertaste. Well, those artificial sweeteners we know
today may actually affect your blood sugar level. So doing them in large amounts can actually
be detrimental to your body. So I would recommend staying away from all
artificial sweeteners and artificial ingredients. You know, there’s a lot of pesticides and
chemicals that from if you’re doing a certain grain protein powders such as a brown rice
protein that’s not certified organic and sprouted, well, that brown rice protein is typically
very high in arsenic and other chemicals as well, but you want to stay away from any artificial
ingredients. Remember this, if you don’t know what the
word is, it’s probably not healthy. You know, this morning I did a bone broth
smoothie and I did some bone broth powdered protein. I did some other things. And when I flip over the back it was a very
simple ingredients. It was like bone broth powder, stevia, and
cacao powder, and that was like that was it. You know, monk fruit I think was another thing
in there, very simple ingredient list. If you can’t spell or if it has like numbers
in front of it, don’t drink it. All right, number four here, low protein/high
fiber. You know, I think, or low protein . . . I
mean low fiber, both, low protein/low fiber. When you’re consuming a meal replacement here’s
what you want to look for. You want to look for a good healthy amount
of natural organic protein that comes from something like bone broth or nuts and seeds
like hemp seeds or something like that. So you want a good amount of protein. You want some good healthy fiber from berries,
and seeds like flax and chia, maybe some green super foods like spirulina, things like that. So you want to get, should be high protein
high fiber, maybe some healthy fat as well from things like coconut milk powder in coconut
and then antioxidants. You know, herbs, things like that. Well, a lot of these meal replacements today
they’re low protein and low fiber. Maybe the just have one of the two. When you’re doing a meal replacement you really
want to be getting good quality protein and good quality fiber, because if not, most of
those other ingredients are going to imbalance your blood sugar levels causing you to gain
weight. So, again, make sure it’s got a good amount
of protein and a healthy amount of fiber. Typically 10 grams of protein or more at least
at the very, very minimum, ideally too close to the 20 plus and then at least 5 grams of
fiber but closer to 8 plus would be better there. All right, here’s another big things you’ll
see in these meal replacements, and by the way, I’d love to hear from you. Do you know what I’m talking about? There are so many of these meal replacements
and protein powders and things like that that people are taking today for weight loss and
they’re not working. They’re full of synthetic ingredients. We’d love to hear from you. If you know of any brands out there or people
that have taken these stuff but you know they’re toxic. And here’s the thing you need to know as well,
by the way, if you’re enjoying this live training on things not to consume in your meal replacement
and protein powder, take a minute right now, punch that share button, click that love button. There are so many people especially people
in the fitness industry that are consuming this stuff and they think, “Hey, I’m looking
good. I’m putting on some muscle, or I’m toning
out. I’m losing weight.” But they don’t realize that these foods, these
toxins are destroying their health. All right, inflammatory ingredients. You know, inflammation is the root cause of
most disease today. If you think about anything with an “-itis,”
that’s inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, even heart disease. You know, high cholesterol, that’s because
you’re having inflammation in your body. In fact, even most autoimmune disease starts
with inflammation to the gut lining then goes and affects other areas of the body. So autoimmune disease, heart disease, diabetes,
weight gain, ulcerative colitis, and digestive issues, they’re all inflammation-related. Well, there’s a lot of inflammatory ingredients
and additives found in meal replacement powders today. And especially if you’re looking at certain
types of isolated white whey protein or hydrolyzed whey protein, those are very inflammatory. Oftentimes especially if somebody has a food
allergy to dairy they don’t do well with that. If there’s any type of gluten or wheat products
or corn products, those are highly inflammatory. Most grains in general especially if they’re
processes at all are going to be very inflammatory to the body. Sugar is inflammatory. Bad fats, many artificial sweeteners are inflammatory. Pesticides, and dairy products, those are
inflammatory ingredients you want to stay away from protein powders and meal replacements. And then hydrogenated oils. You know, it is shocking to see how often
they sneak in soybean oil into meal replacement powders and other ingredients. You know, when you’re looking at salad dressings
that are supposedly healthy and other things, they sneak soybean oil and canola oil into
a lot of products. Those are partially hydrogenated oils that
are very inflammatory to the body. So you want to stay away from all hydrogenated
oils and look for a healthier oils instead which we’ll about to talk about here right
now. So let’s talk about the better options of
what you should be getting in your diet on a daily basis, and listen, these things I’m
about to talk about they’re going to help you tone and lean out, they’re going to help
bring your energy through the roof and they’re going to help your body in naturally healing
itself. So let’s talk about, number one, green smoothies
here. Now, this is something when my mom was really
ill, I mean now she’s doing fantastic. This was10 plus years ago. But when my mom was sick, she was diagnosed
with issues of chronic fatigue and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and tumors in her body and a number
of other issues, and one of the things she started doing was juicing vegetables. But also she would do greens smoothies. So what we would do for breakfast is she would
do green smoothies where she would like to throw in like a cucumber. We would do like a big can full of spinach
or kale. And then we would do like a pear in there. And then we would add in like a big scoop
of like a super green powder that have spirulina, and chlorella, and wheatgrass juice and vegetables. You know, one of those super food powders
that were greens. She would add that in powder form but she
would drink that almost every morning. So, again, for the most part if was cucumbers,
and celery, and maybe a little bit of ginger root and things like that, so there’s a lot
of things that were very green. And then she would add in some of that green
super food powder. And then maybe a little bit of fruit to sweeten
it up like a pineapple or a pear or both. So just a little bit of like pineapple and
pear and . . . but it really taste great. Sometimes you throw some grapes in there as
well, but a green smoothie in the morning, talk about naturally bringing your energy
through the roof. It’s packed with chlorophyll. It’s lower in calories. And so doing a green smoothie is a great option. If you want to up the protein, you could do
a bone broth powdered protein. You can do a sprouted brown rice protein. You could also do like just add some hemp
seeds in there as well. That’s another option there to do, but green
smoothies are a great option. By the way I’d love to hear from you. Do you ever do green smoothies? I’d love to hear from your guys, if you do
green smoothies or have done them, or juice vegetables, and how it makes you feel. All right, pureed healthy soups. Now, this is something I’ve had a lot of my
patients do who have leaky gut syndrome. If a patient has Candida or any type of inflammatory
bowel disease. You know, we tend to think of soup being maybe
like a lunch thing. You know, you do soup during lunch but I think
you can do sort of healthy soups for breakfast. And I love doing a healthy pumpkin soup or
carrot soup for breakfast or for lunch or as a meal replacement. So one of the things I did recently is I do
a warm pumpkin smoothie for breakfast, which is like a soup. I do about a cup of pumpkin, so just regular
organic canned pumpkin, I’ll add in about a cup of coconut milk. I’ll then add in some pumpkin pie spice like
some cinnamon and ginger and cloves in there. And then I’ll add in about a scoop of a bone
broth powder and then a little bit of honey or maple syrup. And I drink that and it tastes amazing but
it’s like a warm pumpkin smoothie or pumpkin soup. You can also do this with carrot. You can do a carrot ginger soup and puree
that and drink that down as a meal replacement. But that is another great option. In fact, pumpkin, many people don’t realize
this, pumpkin is actually good for drying up Candida and really good for healthy bowel
movements. It is packed with fiber. So we talked about earlier in meal replacement,
you want to get protein and fiber in those pumpkin as a fiber power house as are carrots
full of beta carotene and a lot of antioxidants that are great and incredible for your skin
and your brain and for your gut. Bone broth powdered protein, so getting bone
broth in your diet in powder form. This is the ultimate meal replacement. In fact, that’s what I did this morning for
breakfast. I did some cinnamon apple protein powder that
comes from bone broth. And then I did a little bit of collagen. I did some oatmeal. So I did a cinnamon apple bone broth oatmeal
smoothie for breakfast. It was absolutely delicious. But again, bone broth is loaded with glucosamine
and chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. It’s loaded with proline, glycine, and glutamine
and these nutrients are crucial for supporting your gut health and your joints, and your
skin, hair, and nails, and your immune system and even detoxification. So bone broth adding . . . the great thing
is, you can add bone broth powdered protein to healthy soups, to green smoothies, you
can add them to all these things. So it’s a great natural meal replacement and
doing a bone broth-based meal replacement is the best of the best when it comes to meal
replacements. This is something that all young athletes
should be doing especially after workouts because it’s so good for the joints. And anybody that works out or anybody that
is wanting to have more collagen in your diet collagen is like the glue that holds your
body together. Most of us are not getting near enough collagen
in our diet, so make sure you’re getting bone broth. You know, when I take care of patients, I
prescribe them, I tell them they need to be drinking bone broth in powder form or in liquid
form, either way, by getting bone broth or bone broth powder in their diet at least twice
every single day or at least once first thing every single morning. All right, next thing here, chia seeds. I mean this is a great option for a meal replacement
and I actually like making sort of a chia seed bowl for breakfast or a chia seed pudding. I do chia seeds. Sometimes I’ll add like a chocolate protein
powder from bone broth, and there’s come coconut milk. And chia seeds are packed with fiber. They’re packed with protein and they’re packed
with Omega 3 fatty acids. Really, chia seeds are one of nature’s perfect
super foods and I love to hear from you, if you consume chia seeds. I know my wife, Chelsea, she loves consuming
kombucha with chia seeds in it. There’s a brand she gets with kombucha and
chia seeds. And she loves that. My buddy, Jordan Rubin, is always doing that
as well. And I like adding this and actually making
a chocolate chia seed pudding there for my dessert at night. So chia seeds, talk about one of nature’s
perfect super foods. All right, let’s talk about some other ingredients. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
on what to do as a natural meal replacement and the six toxic things you’ve got to get
out of your diet in terms of meal replacements, hey, do me a favor, help me spread this message. Punch that share button, click that like button. There’s so many people right now that are
still drinking like skim milk or doing the processed meal replacements or protein powders
with artificial sweeteners and they don’t realized it is destroying their health. So thanks for sharing this everybody who’s
on mission with me. Organic eggs. You know, raw eggs aren’t just for Rocky,
okay? Raw eggs are the real deal and I add raw eggs
to my smoothies in the morning fairly frequently. And sometimes I do duck eggs. Sometimes I do chicken eggs. You know, I love it when I go to my farmers
market and I have duck eggs. In fact, if you cook up duck eggs the yolk
is much bigger, really rich. So, hey, if you shop at a local farmers market
and if, hey, if any of you guys have tried duck eggs and love them, hey, let me know
right now on Facebook Live and YouTube Live right now. But organic eggs are packed with protein. In fact, it’s where the best forms of protein
for putting on muscle. Also the yolk of eggs is packed with Vitamin
E, Omega 3 fatty acids, choline, and other nutrients that actually support the brain. I mean, it is one of the brain’s greatest
super foods are eggs. So, again, getting organic eggs, and, again,
I go to my farmers market or my local health food store, I get eggs and I put them raw
in a smoothie. And I don’t want everyone to freak out, listen,
I will tell you that people who have consume raw eggs for thousands of years. Okay? And so, again, and I’m not recommending and
probably you should put a disclaimer here and say, “Follow the . . . make sure to consult
with the physician before following any advices heard on this program,” so do that. But I do raw eggs in my smoothie. And I have a lot of especially, again, young
athletes and people looking to get more protein and more healthy fats to support the brain. And the other thing too is I was at Jordan
Rubin’s house the other night and he made an ice cream with a lot of raw egg yolks and
some fruit and some honey. It was really delicious. But, again, organic eggs are great thing to
add in for great quality nutrients. Organic kefir and yogurt. You know, these are really rich in probiotics
and most people are completely deficient in probiotics. So if you want to get more probiotics in your
diet, kefir and yogurt are the best. I typically recommend goat’s milk kefir or
sheep’s milk yogurt or things like that. Most cow’s milk today people have more sensitivities
too in terms of allergies, so, again, I would recommend in most cases organic kefir or organic
yogurt especially if you can get it at your local farmers market. But, again, these are packed with protein. These are also loaded with healthy saturated
fats. And healthy saturated fats are really good
for your skin. They’re also really good for not just your
skin but also inside your cells and your colon. Natural sweeteners. You know, my three favorite natural sweeteners
that I use on a regular basis are raw local honey, a little bit of stevia, and then also
I’ll use things like a date. So I just use fruit, you know? Dates are one use as well, but again, honey
is probably my favorite. So, again you do need to be conscious of the
amount of sugar you’re getting in your diet. So, again, honey is sugar or has sugar, but
honey is a food as well. Honey is lower in the glycemic index. It’s easier to digest. It also has a lot of microbes that can benefit
the gut, the microbiome, and the immune system. So, again, I would say raw local honey, again,
dates is a sweetener, a little bit of stevia can be good. Monk fruit is another option, a little bit
of monk fruit. So that’s what I would do as your natural
sweeteners that you’re using in your meal replacements, your shakes, your smoothies,
your soups, things like that. Here’s some other ingredients, coconut, nuts,
and fruit. You know, coconut contains medium chained
fatty acids which are great for your body to burn and this is kind of steady energy. So I add sometimes a tablespoon of coconut
oil to a smoothie. A lot of times I’ll add in coconut milk. Sometimes I’ll add in coconut meat. You can actually buy that frozen at certain
health food stores. But coconut we know is full of fiber and fat. Okay? Really high in fiber and really healthy fats,
so that’s a great option to add in your smoothies. Listen, this is also a great thing to have
as part of a ketogenic diet. In fact, if you’re on a ketogenic diet the
best two things you could consume are probably coconut products as well as bone broth together. Nuts and seeds. You know, getting more flax seeds and hemp
seeds, other Omega 3-rich nuts are great, adding in nut butters. And then an almond butter is great to add. And then fruit of all types can be good to
add to a smoothie. Bananas are good if you want to add creaminess. Berries are probably the healthiest overall
because of their high antioxidant level. And then here is one of the biggest ones I
want to mention. Add in lots of herbs and spices. We do not get near enough herbs and spices
in our diet. And, listen, of all of the food categories
from vegetables to fruits to wild organic meats and seeds, all of these things don’t
come even close in nutritional profile to herbs and spices. Here’s a couple I would add in, cinnamon and
ginger. You know, cinnamon is great for blood sugar
levels. It’s great reducing food cravings. It’s a little bit sweet so I add this into
a smoothie or a meal replacement all the time. Ginger, really powerful in terms of its anti-inflammatory
properties. It’s also really good for the guts and for
the joints. So adding in ginger and a few other herbs,
I love adding in turmeric. You could add in a little bit turmeric powder
to certain recipes there as well. But these two really taste incredible and
are really good options to bring your nutritional support in your smoothies and in your meal
replacements to a whole another level. So let’s break it down and remember these
things. And by the way, hey, help me spread the message,
food is medicine. More people need to know this info, hey, press
that share button right now, let’s help share this message. Here’s some health threats that you’re going
to find in conventional meal replacements today. Synthetic vitamins and minerals that could
plaque up your arteries. Excess sugar that feeds yeast in your body. Artificial ingredients which have been linked
to tumors and killing of probiotics in your gut. Low protein/low fiber, inflammatory ingredients,
and excess calories. Instead, here are better options to add in
your smoothies on a regular basis or smoothie replacements, green smoothies, pureed healthy
soups, bone broth powder protein, chia seeds, organic eggs, probiotic-rich foods like kefir,
yogurt, natural sweeteners like honey. Coconut, nuts, fruits, and a lot of herbs
like cinnamon and ginger. If you start doing this it’s going to really
take your health to the next level and, hey, don’t forget to subscribe here if you’re not
subscribed here to our Facebook and YouTube channels for live video. We’re always doing pop-ins and more live video. Guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this training. This is me, Dr. Josh Axe talking about what
not to put in a meal replacement and some healthy alternatives.

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    Never eat lollies or no organic packet chips. If I ever eat chocolate or packet chips it's probably once a month at most and I don't over indulge.

    I think I'm doing the right thing. Is there anything else you would suggest?

  29. This video is great information, I've never likes artificial sweetners people should really realize how bad diet anything is for you

  30. I feel like crap after taking protein shakes. I was taking the high protein 1347 shake(white container/red letters) and never felt good..even ensure drinks-they taste good and sweet but I knew they werent healthy. Im trying to do better and just keep it simple eating fruits,veggies,nuts and beans. I mostly drink water anyways so thats not an issue.

  31. I love green smoothies. I know food combining is important and i havent researched how to combine properly, but I do kale,parsley,lemon juice, banana and acai for a smoothie and switch it up. I've felt my best eating healthier, more energetic and not so much sluggish. Everytime I eat crappy foods thats the way i feel.

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