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100 thoughts on “6 Food Habits To Gain Weight 4 – 5 KGs in a Month

  1. Mam i am a girl and my age is 22 but my bodyweight will be around 46 or 47kg and height 5.4 inches and I have skin diseases also ,for that I take some medicines (homeopathy).mam I want to gain my weight plz help me….

  2. Hii mam my height is 5.7and my weight is 53 how to gain my weight mam and am going to ground for events mam and am taking milk after dinner with the Break of 30 minutes is it k mam plz suggest me

  3. Hi all, use only brown rise and natural brown colour sugar. curd will heat the body, so drink less. milk won't be digested correctly in human body, so avoid if possible.dont eat anything with milk except dry fruits, don't use banana with milk as it will act as mild poison effect. better eat 8 dates in a day as it also have opposite effect if we take potato simply cooking in boiled water. never eat French fries as it is very halmful to body as it won't be digested properly, avoid all fries. won't drink water along with food, drink 30 minutes before, never drink water in standing position as it will damage body internal parts, always sit and drink

  4. I need ur help Mom,I need fat ,I try more foods and eat anymore,but can't get it fat,,,now my weight 58 only ,I need 68 can u help me?

  5. For all the people that is gaining weight, key is constancy don't except big changes in short time, pacience u will get there


  7. Hii I m new Maine kl se shuru kiya subah doodh 1 glass dates nd kishmish daal k uske baad break phr rice thoda sa uske baad 2 banana nd lunch k baad aaloo fry krr k uske baad lassie ek glass nd evening mai 2 banana kya mera weight bad sakta hai buhut zaroori hai kyunki meri shaadi hone waali hai plzzz rply krna ….nhi horaha weight gain kya kru 😥😥😥

  8. Good medam thankyou so much కానీ నేను 22 years old,hight 178cm ఇప్పుడు wait 55 kgs నేను సన్నగా వున్నాను,అయితే jym కి వెళ్తున్నాను మీరు చెప్పిన ఫుడ్ నేను తీస్కోవచ ?కానీ నాకు గ్యాస్ట్రిక్ ప్రాబ్లెమ్ ఉంది నేను ఫీషియోథెరపీ స్టూడెంట్ ని మా డాక్టర్స్ ఎక్కువ వాటర్ తగమనరు ఒక నెల నుండి వాలుచుప్పినటు చేస్తున్న దానితో పాటు నేను మార్నింగ్ workout చేస్తున్న కానీ మెడిషన్స్ మాత్రం వాడొద్దు అన్నారు డాక్టర్స్ so నేను మీరు చెప్పిన ఫుడ్ తీసుకోవచ?

  9. Madame I have oats along with raisins banana dates and honey to incress weight. Is this meal good for weight gain

  10. Thanks for the information,
    Ma'am can you please suggest us some beneficial exercises for weight gain..

  11. I have a beautiful problem of not gaining weight no matter what i eat. My metabolism is way too much high. Let's see if this process helps me or not.

  12. Mam I am living in Belgium my daughter she is very very skinny her age is 2 years 7 months she eats normal but I am very worry she is active plssss tell me solution

  13. Madam i hv kidney stone also ..i am 30 unmarried n n weighing only 41 kg ..suggest me a gud diet tips to gain weight .pls mam i wud b vry thankful 2 u..plss

  14. Yes, you are right. I increased 10kg in 3 months with these foods you mentioned + 1 hour gym.
    It really works.

  15. I'm feeding my son he is one month… can I eat banana.. some r telling he will get cold… please reply…

  16. Mam I have eaten all these things except dates but nothing works …. Plzz suggest me something to gain weight ….. It's a rqst

  17. 1. 4 bananas in mrng as well as in evning
    2. One boiled egg each in mrng and evning
    3. Curd : aftr lunch.. OR lassi also. Rich in protein. Lassi take aftr breakfast…
    4. RICE : eat rice more dan rotiiii..
    5. Potato : chips, parathas.
    6. Dates : daily 10 dates mrng n in evning. In summer 5-5
    7. Milk or milkshakes : take whole milk not toned milk. Mrng – evning…

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