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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We’re talking fat loss here today, and I’d
like to think ‘effective’ fat loss. A lot of times programming for fat loss gets
really off track. I’m going to show you today a six minute workout
that will make a believer out of you that you can do it in a very short period of time
if you understand the correct principles when you’re training fat loss, and when you’re
trying to train for more fat loss. The idea is this: you’ve got to avoid the
two big mistakes. The first big mistake is, when you encounter
a program that is programming fat loss by scaling the time that you’re doing an activity. So if we do an activity and the advanced guys
are supposed to be doing it for two minutes, and intermediate guys are supposed to be doing
it for a minute, and the beginners are supposed to be doing it for 30 seconds, right there
we just made a crucial error in programming a fat loss workout. We’re robbing seconds of effort from the beginner
because we’re requiring that they do far less work than the guy who’s doing it for two minutes,
or one minute. That’s a mistake. What we have to do is prescribe the same amount
of time, but then we have to take care of the fact that the beginner may not be able
to that exercise, by giving him a scaled down version of the exercise. Which leads me to the second big error. The second big error is programming the same
exercise for everybody. By doing that, having to scale down the difficulty
level of the exercise because you know that you have to have it to accommodate to the
beginner, and the advanced guy. So the advanced guy now starts to get robbed
because they’re doing exercises that aren’t at a high enough intensity to really give
them the benefits they should be seeing from the workout because it has to be able to accommodate
the people beneath them. Not here, and not in our brand new ATHLEANX
Max Shred program that I just put out. See, we understand how to train for fat loss,
and I think we like to do it better than anybody that can. I think we know how to do it better than anybody
else. That’s because we understand that you don’t
scale down the time. What you do is, you provide levels of drop
off for every exercise so that the advanced guy can stay at the highest level exercise
that they can, for as long as they can. Maybe for the entire two minutes. Whereas the beginner would overreach for a
short period of time, or for as long as they can, on a slightly more difficult exercise,
and then drop down to the easier version of the exercise for the duration of that two
minutes. But we’re all working for two minutes, and
we’re all working hard because we have exercises that will challenge us at that level. So I want to give you a sneak peak of what
this type of training is like. Try it for just the six minutes and I guarantee
you, you will become a believer regardless of what level of ability you are starting
at. So there you have it, guys. Just six minutes and I am in the fetal position
on the floor. Guess what? I want you to join me. You can do it with only one thing: hard-ass
effort. You see, you’re going to be working for the
two minutes, in three different rounds, and you’re going to be working doing something
because no matter where you are – if you’re that beginner you try that intermediate version
of the exercise first. You do as much as you can of that, and then
you drop down when you can’t do anymore. If you’re in the intermediate category you
need to advance yourself to that next level. You do that exercise version for as long as
you can until you can’t do it anymore, and then you step down. And if you’re advanced, you want to be a real
bad ass, you do the two minutes straight of the advanced version without ever dropping
down. The fact of the matter is, I’m going to get
you to work, and we’re going to get you to lose fat a lot faster because we are going
to get more work done. Matter of fact, if you want to start accumulating
more seconds of effort in your training, and seconds of high effort – which is both key
for fat loss – you should check out our Max Shred program. We actually built in levels – we call them
fire escapes – as you drop down from one level to the next. You change the exercises up and ensure that
you keep moving and burning calories faster than any other workout. Head to and get our brand new
Max Shred program. We also have our Max Science program that
we released as well, with the opposite goal of prioritizing muscle gain. That is over there as well. The fact is, we’re putting the science back
in strength in everything we do, and you should do that too, if you want to see better results. You can get them both over at
right now. In the meantime, if you did this workout,
leave your comments and thumbs up below and let me know. Are you joining me on the ground in the fetal
position? I really hope you do, okay? Because I feel silly being down there alone
by myself.

100 thoughts on “6 Minute Fat Loss Workout (BEGINNER | INT | ADVANCED)

  1. Could someone help out and tell me if I have to rest between the 3 Exercises or do I start right after 2 Minuten with the second and third Exercise?

    And if so, how many sec can I rest inbetween?

  2. Came to look for a fat burning workout, this was the first recommended video before I even looked for this channel lol

  3. I already feel exhausted looking at this video hahahaha ;__;

    God I'm such a lazy person. It's easier for my to lose weight from eating less and just doing cardio.

  4. Just did this at beginner levels … couldnt go non-stop on the last 2 exercises for the whole time without stopping to catch my breath! Cruel master!!!

  5. "6 minutes and I am in the fetal position on the floor. And guess what. I want you to join me"
    OK but I call little spoon

  6. Try the following:
    1) 10 reps of squats with very light weight (chose a weight you can perform 12 reps with but perform only 10)
    2) 10 reps of deadlifts (chose a weight you can perform 12 reps with but perform only 10)
    3) Body weight push ups (at least 12)
    4) 20 seconds of all-out jumping rope (preferably with a heavy rope)

    End of round 1
    Rest for a minute (max)

    Repeat for 2 more rounds (at least)

    Trust me you might regret coming to the gym and thank me if you don't die.

  7. I had a left knee surgery and since then I haven't been able to do a lunge, is there another excercises I can switch it out with for the 3rd round?

  8. Doing this one tonight. I haven't been able to buy your program yet, but I'm thankful for you posting these videos. I've been going strong for two weeks so far and have lost 2% body fat.

    Update: I'm on the floor

  9. Me before watching exercises: I'm intermediate-expert

    Me after watching exercises: I guess I'm a beginner, unless there's something more modified 😳😳😳

  10. I've already bought the athlean x max shred program and did a couple days of workouts but im so scared thats its not going to work because of the really short amount of time they last but i will give ot a good try though

  11. Sir, I was injured overseas in Iraq. I've allowed my body to go to hell and the VA is now jumping on me to lose weight, not to mention I wouldn't mind being fit again either. However, due to my injuries some things cause more issues than they're worth. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving me some suggestions. I'd greatly appreciate it.

  12. Please tell where or how to find the energy and stamina to do all of these really tiring exercise. Knowing and actually doing them is a very different thing

  13. But wouldn't this burn relatively few calories? The message is absolutely great though! Intensity and effort are crucial.

  14. THUMBS UP!!!!
    the watch!!!!

    " are you joining me on the ground in the fetal position?"

    uh. sure. soon. really soon. but i sure enjoyed watching this!

  15. You have made me so much prouder of my body since the first day I started watching your videos, I just want to say thank you Jeff for helping me with all sorts of things, without you I probably would have given up at this point

  16. So I ended up doing this and where lays down at the end was spot on! I went intermediate, beginner, beginner… yup I think I died… I have lost 50 lbs so far… wanting to lose more! Wish me luck on these shenanigans…

  17. Fall in sleep for 30 minutes just after finish all 3 rounds of begineer atction with one minute rest between each round…….. so tired and I still want to know how long should I break between each round.

  18. Wow even the beginner version of this is pretty hard. I was completely exhausted by the start of minute 5. Great workout.

  19. Hi Jeff!! Ummm…I…I like your video…a lot!! Like…a huge lot! Ummm but…do u have something…like…like a…"baby" level? (awkward grimace)

  20. I've done the Athlean xero program twice, and I still ended up in beginner by the end. Real talk I went to the fetal position in the end 😂

  21. so burpees, mountain climbers and ???. What is the 3rd exercise called? Also how many times do I do this in a week? everyday? MTF? or mon-fri?

  22. Jeff I absolutely love ur videos……they r in depth, love how u explain the different areas to target… well as explaining the type best suited for someone who is a beginner compared to someone advanced. They r not only motivational but also inspirational……

  23. This is absolutely amazing, I’ve lost 100pounds up to now, I used some of these so I can confirm they help to lose weight!! I also highly recommend leptitox, here’s the link for it athlean x has really motivated me, I go too the gym at least 4x per week

  24. How many times you have to do this per day/week (along with good diet)? Should you do this once a day or when you feel like it? What's your reccomendation?

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