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Hi everyone! Welcome back to the Runtastic Fitness Channel. Or, for those of you and that are joining me for the
first time, welcome my name’s Lunden and I am here today to show you 6 moves for your abs for your core or your sexy six pack
using the exercise ball that have underneath me. And no this is not one of
the exercises. But the reason why I love the exercise ball so much is
because it allows you to use your own body weight but kind of kick it up a
notch and make things a little bit harder. Challenge your balance, your stability and your core control a little bit more. Maybe you’ve seen these exercise balls at
your gym or maybe you have one at home and you just don’t know what the heck to do with it. So that’s why I’m here to help okay? Lunden to the rescue! I have six moves for you targeting your abs and we are going to start now, okay? For the first one you need to go down on your knees right in front of the ball. Already we are activating the core, thinking about the core, right? You are going to put your hands on the ball, actually your forearms right on the ball. Keep your elbows in close to your body. You
can make a fist or you can have your hands straight whatever feels more
comfortable to you. I like fists because I feel like I could really use them to
help me power through this move. You’re going to roll out like this and then come back in. And it’s really difficult once you start getting
your arms further away from your body. You have to squeeze to pull them back in, okay? Out and in. These are called roll-outs. That was the beginner’s version and I’m going to show you a more advanced version also just in case you’re ready to take it there, okay? We’re
going to come into a plank position on the ball just like this. Straighten those legs.
This is already quite difficult so if this is all you can do that’s okay, you can
just hold it here. As you can see the ball is kind of wobbling side to side so it is challenging. But from here we’re going to do the same motion with our arms. We’re
going to go out, squeeze those abs, and pull it in. Out and in. Make sure you’re breathing of course. So, that’s move number one it’s the roll-out. You have two variations you can try the easy one first then you can progress to the harder one. The next one we’re
going to do is a ball crunch. You’re going to sit down on the ball and you’re going to come about the ball is right underneath your shoulder blades. Holding this position
right here you’re already feeling the core. Your abs are already feeling tight we’re already activating the muscles, right? Why I like ball crunches is the added
stability or instability, you have to keep your body stable and also the increased
range of motion. We have a bigger range of motion to go back
because we’re not laying on the floor. You have a bigger range of motion
to go backwards. So you’re going to put your hands behind you head. Always keep your chin up no matter what
type of crunch you’re doing. I never want to see this you tugging at your neck because that’s
not the purpose. This is not a neck-tugging exercise it’s an abdominal working
exercise. You want to keep your chin away from your neck. If you had a tennis ball
or an apple it should fit under there, okay? You’re going to lean back, get that full range of motion and crunch up back up like this. Now, if you wanna make it a little
bit harder you can grab a weight. I don’t have one here but if you’re at the gym or at home
and you have a small dumbbell you can hold on to it here. Lift it up above your head and crunch up
like this and that makes it a little bit more intense. The next move that we’re going to do is a leg raise.
You’re going to lay on your back for this one. Come all the way down onto your back and we’re going to put the ball in between our feet. So, already we are working the adductors the inner thighs
here. We really need to squeeze to keep that ball from dropping, we want to keep it here. So you’re already activating the legs without even doing anything. Your hands
can be by your side or you can put them underneath your low back for some added support, whatever works for you. Ok we’re going to lower the ball down,
squeeze, and come back up. Lower down, squeeze your legs and your abs and then come back up. We’re really getting those lower abs working on that “V.” You want to make sure that you’re
only going as low as you can feel comfortable because once you’re back
start arching, you’re going too low. Push that core, or what they say often is “belly button to spine.” You
might have heard that like in a Pilates class but it’s true. You want a
squeeze that belly button towards the mat that way your low back doesn’t come off the ground. That’s number 3. For the next one I’m going to move a little bit further up, but we’re still going to stay on our backs. It’s the ball pass- back. You’re going to pass the ball from you feet to your hands. So we are working the lower abs still but then we’ll add the upper abdominals in there as well. Ok, so we’ll start with the ball in between the legs. We’re going to lower the legs down while simultaneously reaching the hands up
over the head. Back, pass the ball to the hands. Legs come together and lower down. The same thing applies, make sure your low back is glued to the mat. No low-back arches, that’s just hurts us and we don’t want to get hurt. For all of these moves you will notice that it’s hard. You can’t always do 10, 15 or 20 repetitions. Maybe you can. Just do as many as you can until you can’t do anymore, until it hurts. For some of these moves, like these next two I’m about to show you, which are more advanced, you might only be able to do 5 maybe 10 if you’re lucky. So just do what you can, work within your limits, do
whatever makes you feel like you’re challenging yourself. That’s the most
important. So now we are going to do the last two. They’re hard, effective, insanely
effective but they’re hard. So, work up to them and once you can do
them throw a party because you’ve mastered it. They’re so hard and they’re
awesome. I do these all the time so I am a huge fan of these next two moves: atomic crunch and pike. I’m going to show you the atomic crunch first. You’re going to put your feet on the ball. So, however you want to do it if you want to like roll over the ball and walk your
hands out until your feet come on the ball that’s totally fine. Or if you have
enough strength already you can just plop your legs on the ball like that. And for lack of space to roll all over the
place, this is how I am going to do it. But do whatever feels comfortable for you. Whether you want to roll out on your
stomach and walk your hands out or do it like I did it, is completely up to you. So already here working the core already I can feel it already. So if this is where you can be,
then this is where you can be and you just stay here to hold it for as long as you
can, okay? But, I have a move for you here. So number five is the atomic crunch. That’s where you bring your knees in towards your chest. You pull it in and take it out. In and out. You’ve got to squeeze your abs. This one is a real burner. The last one is a pike. You’re going to to bring your feet in toward your chest.
I know I sound like a crazy person, but it’s possible. Okay, here we go! You lift your feet up. Pike up, squeeze your abs and back down. Up and down. How are you feeling? I hope you feel the burn. There you have it. 6 challenging moves to work your abs using an exercise ball. I’ll put a link down below where you can find the Runtastic Exercise Ball and
I want you to leave me comments. I want you to tell me if you like these
exercises. Do you hate these exercises? I hope not. do you have other exercises that you do
using the exercise ball? I wanna hear all about it in the comments below. I’ll see you next time. Bye. See you later alligator.

100 thoughts on “6 Moves for the Abs with an Exercise Ball

  1. Thank you for the moves …impressive skills , i am learning and looking better for it.I am 55 and looking better than i ever have .Lots of work but it feels good.


  3. Love this! Do you have any recommendations on how long to do these exercises? I have a mommy belly and I’m trying to tone it. Thanks! 🙂

  4. OMG, I followed the vid step by step – and you won't believe it: my abs were murdered ! you are amazing!

  5. 1:02 to 1:37.  This was the only exercise I could do with my ball on my knees–on the yoga mat.  My minimal cerebral palsy condition, and the arthritis in my knees limits my movements. Not able to straighten my legs close together, due to the angle of my knees, so I have to improvise a bit.  Have to be creative.

  6. Nice training! Thanks for the inspiration 😀
    Check my channel if you want some more home workouts!



  7. These are great ab exercises and I think you've got a fab style of showing how to do these exercises effectively! Thank you!

  8. Until I watched your video, I only used to use my exercise ball as a foot rest lol. Your video motivated me to actually use my ball and taught me some amazing exercises. Thank you for posting such a helpful tutorial. ^_^

  9. Hi, do u have to keep ur legs straight when u do the 2 exercise were the ball is in between ur feet? 😀 as I can’t seem to do that lol

  10. I am just asking but if I was under a gym ball with one fat person sitting on it would either get squashed or would it just be very heavy and would it hurt if they were bouncing on it too

  11. Hi Lunden🤗.
    Is there any good warming up for this kind of exercise? Because every time i do this kind of exercise, my thighs will be really sore 😭

  12. Wow those last two are super hard! I’d have liked it if you had done a little set with each exercise, like ten repeats each so we could do it with you as we watch. I can only do one pike and then I fall off the ball but I reckon I do ten each of the first three. Easy versions at least. Then people could do as many as they could of the set of each ten and each time you watched the video you would get a little bit better? You’d get more hits too because people would come back to do the same video again a and again. Thanks for these tho, I’m gonna try and not fall off now!!! 🤗

  13. Can you make a video explaining how to release the air from the gym ball and show it on the ball and make the ball go flat?

  14. Can you also make a video where you explain how to let the air out of the gym ball and show it on the ball? Maybe make the ball go flat?

  15. I just bought a exercise ball so this video really helps! Thank youuu! Now I know what to do with it.
    …..she is gorgeous. Ugh

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  17. Hi Lunden….. Thnx 4 the exercise.. There is a ball in my gym but i've never touch it…. But frm now on i gotta these moves of yours..

  18. Hi Lunden….. Thnx 4 the exercise.. There is a ball in my gym but i've never touch it…. But frm now on i gotta try these moves of yours..

  19. crunches might be good for your abs, but they're potentially damaging for your back. … A sit-up or crunch compresses the spine and encourages movements that are not well-mimicked in any physical activity, making these exercises a poor choice for abdominal strengthening…there are better exercises for the back…just saying after teaching for 30 years xo

  20. You have a wonderful channel! Thanks for the useful information! Visit my channel,I have a new video!

  21. This exerxises were pretty hard but i tried them and they were awesome and mostly the last two exercises were quite hard and difficult but i tried them too these exercises were awesome for our abs

  22. Can you also make a video where you explain how to let the air out of the gym ball and show it on the ball and make it completely flat?

  23. I know I'm kinda late but I absolutely love this video and the results really show after a couple weeks or month and I love you're positively! And it made me feel like I wasn't pressured like other channels. Thanks.!

  24. Love these exercises! I'm recovering from an injury. I'm going through chiropractic rehabilitation as part of my recovery. Right now, I can't run for two weeks, but my chiro said I can still stretch and strengthen my core. All of these are helping me strengthen my core while my muscles are learning the new memory through my recovery. Thank you for this video and the workout!

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