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100 thoughts on “600 Pound Mom Gets Paid to Eat

  1. So irresponsible, she’s going to pass away and leave her kids without a mother because she’s too lazy to loose weight and just wants to make excuses

  2. Who the fuck watches people eat and jerk off… especially people like that that's actually revolting lol.

  3. Exercise helps, but unless you're doing some really extreme exercising, it barely makes a difference compared to diet. It's easy to eat calories, way harder to burn them. But even diet only goes so far. Over time your metabolism slows, hormones triggering your appetite increase, and your body desperately tries to return itself to the original weight. It's more than just addiction, emotional issues or will power. The biology of people with weight issues actively works against them, while others can pack themselves full of soda and sweets and not gain a pound.

  4. While turning to sex work was very resourceful of her in a desperate situation, being reinforced for eating that way will only make her less healthy and therefore less stable in the long run. It’s not a solution. I’m sad that she was in that situation. And I’m a sex worker, so I’m not condescending to sex workers and saying this. I’m just really glad that is not my specialty because that’s no life, making oneself less healthy! I have a sneaking suspicion she would probably choose a healthier snack than these guys feed her, at least some of the time.

  5. “I always thought Big was beautiful”…such an atrocious lie used as an excuse to stay fat and lazy and not get in shape.

  6. I feel bad for her. I mean, she has been dragged into it by her lover, and now she's really on her own. As someone mentionned, it is an emotional problem, and she just feels like a desperate woman trying her best to raise her children on her own that just has to carry the burden she inflicted herself with. I hope things are getting better for her and that she'll eventually be able to take good care of herself, that's all.

  7. I saw the kids were not white and I assumed she was a single mother. Too bad I was right. Big fat white woman like that with biracial children I'd be SHOCKED if the father was still in the picture.

  8. She’s a food addict and using the food to soothe her emotional pain. I think she might really benefit from the twelve steps in Over-Eaters anonymous. Just a suggestion, but if she can get to the root of her trauma then I think she can recover.

  9. I can’t feel sorry for her bc from the clips I’ve seen of her and Phillip she put her mans sexual fetishes before taking care of her own children. She purposely put on all that weight just in hopes he’d stay bc the fatter she got the more he enjoyed having her. She was no more to Phillip than a sexual scratching post for him. If he really loved her he wouldn’t have encouraged her to get so bad off. In that kind of situation he’d leave her for a bigger woman.

  10. If you can't do it for yourself do it for your children. They will be the ones who have to cry at your early funeral.

  11. She is a great candidate for bariatric surgery. This is illustrated in the show "My 600 lb. Life.". It is about a surgeon named Dr. Now and his positive impact on the severely obese. I hope she looks into it.

  12. This somehow does not add up. Since Phillip in the other video says they met after she had already been a model online. And also that they were together for 15-18 months before she moved in with him.
    The other documentary was posted in 2018 this one was in 2012. Something is off for sure…

  13. I'm glad you've left him and it'll be tough but you'll survive girl and I used to be big too and although I didn't do what you did to get as big , I decided to have gastric bi pass and I've lost the weight and went from 435 go 229 and I can move better and I know as long as you've got a support group and or councilor or friend you'll be feeling great and be able to do more with your kids n depend less on your oldest n e joy him more and he will feel so much better n be able to care more for himself n it'll all work itself out. I've 4 kids n gained most of the extra weight after my youngest was born. Being big n over 2 hundred was the norm after I had my first son but bring over 4 was not good at all

  14. being obese is not all about just how you look, it is horrible for your health in so many ways! most people that overweight end up dying of a heart attack in their 40's and can't even get to the hospital for proper treatment caz they are so big noone can lift them or fit them on a stretcher….

  15. Tried everything … Except exercising and dieting . What a great role model for her children. She obviously has no self respect. People like this make me feel sick …

  16. Her poor sons back is breaking pushing her around.I do wheelchair service and we get many fatties so my body is done and I need a new job.

  17. She is fucking disgusting and I'm really tempted to puke gd it's like when I look at her fat ass I feel this burning in my chest to do something to her sick nasty lazy fat ass this makes me fuckin sick

  18. i weigh 220 pounds and i totally hate my body and trying non stop to do something about it but if i was 600 pounds with smelly flabs eyeglasses thinning hair and bond to wheelchair ide rather shoot myself in the head not be an ugly ass model to fit men while my kids take care of me instead of progressing and having a life and i cater to them, no iam not a bully but someone gotta slap some sense into this delusional woman

  19. You feel used. But are hinting for people to financially support you. How about you grow a backbone and get a J-O-B like the rest of us?!?! This shit is just TOO PAINFUL

  20. This lady is a disgusting pig who only cares about herself. She doesn't give a damn about the children!! I can't believe someone would sleep with this animal!

  21. “I tried everything” what about putting down the fork. Or exercising, your kids have to push you around in a wheel chair because your morbidly obese so you chose that over your kids well being. You can’t move because you put food in your mouth not because of your husband… not only that your a garbage person you had a kid with a married man knowing that kid will possibly grow up without a dad.

  22. I bet Phillip left her cuz all those comments on” my strange addiction” got him thinking that “I am killing her”. But I truly feel sorry for Donna, having her kids to care for her but once she loses some weight it’s possible she can surgery to get rid of the rest of the fat, does the kids ever go see their dad? Or do they hate him for what he did to their mum ?

  23. How bout hit the gym and burn some calories and stop blaming other people for getting so big . She would get more respect if she just said I'm lazy and like to eat

  24. Girl it isn't about your man being okay with it or not, you are killing yourself what about your kid? So selfish

  25. These people say they tried deiting but you dont diet for a week and then you're good. You gotta give up soda, eat 1 chocolate rather than 10 change your lifestyle for good and for final. You can't like go on an all carrot diet for a week then go back to eating fried chicken and pizza.

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