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Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the Internet in our opinion of course Bob. That felt really good. Okay today Brad we’re gonna talk about best seven mobility exercises of the hip to decrease hip pain and improve flexibility. I kinda butchered that a little bit Yeah, you did Bob, but that’s okay. You’re still getting your frustrations on with that right Inside joke there Anyways, with the hip They’re one of the most painful joints in the body, for a lot of people with arthritis Because you got to weightbear. You got to walk, you can’t avoid it It’s not like a shoulder where you can kind of baby it. So it can be arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis a lot of itis-s going on around the hip because it’s taken a lot of weight-bearing activities and generally what we have found: the tighter the hip gets, the more the pain increases. If you can loosen up the hip, a lot of times the pain decreases In fact even if you can gain a little bit Sometimes that little bit is gonna help decrease the pain Should we review a little bit of biomechanics of the hip? Brad before we do that I want to Introduce you to our Channel, please take a second to subscribe to our channel. We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free, and we upload everyday. Also if you haven’t already Wander over to Facebook and “like” us, because over there we try to give away stuff for free. That’s it is giving away stuff, right? For free, you get it And also make sure you “like” us because Brad and I as children were not liked and we’re trying to turn things around and it’s working out well for us Bob But let’s look at the hip once. So the hip is a really straightforward ball and socket joint and it flexes forward this way and it can go up about to here 130 degrees. Going backwards is limited though Bob. You’re gonna go back about 20 degrees perhaps And then out to the side, abduction. You’re not gonna get real far out and some of those gymnast people you know, They make the hip look like it’s made out of rubber sometimes It’s amazing, a lot of athletic people can do that But the average person Particularly if you do a lot of sitting, your hips can really tighten up, and it can start to cause problems And with arthritis it tends to tighten up in a certain pattern so we’re gonna want to make sure you stretch all directions Right I mean We don’t really need to go into that. Exactly so we’re gonna make this is just a little easier to work with than Napoleon. So here we got the leg off so I can easier stretch it We’re gonna talk about flexion we’re gonna extend it and then we’re actually going to show you a way to externally rotate it while you flex it which is really kind of like this and it’s just amazing how good these stretches could feel and then abduction, exactly Typically a lot of things you’re combining the motions Bob. I was just gonna say do you have abduction on there? I don’t know if you do? Well in a sense. I don’t know why you say that Bob, but I figured well You know must know what you’re talking All right, we’ll do it Well throw an abduction one in there. First one you want to do is extension in line Do you want me to do that Brad? Sure. Now this one you might say what’s this got to do with the hip, because it looks like he’s stretching his back Which is true, you get a nice low back stretch but at the same time the hip flexors, the iliopsoas muscle is getting a nice stretch here as well. A variation off of this I show would be to if you’re somewhat limber you go off the side of your bed like this And I’m going like this and now I can go up like this and now I’m really focused on one hip I’m really getting that side. Yeah, that’s really a good stretch. If you don’t want to work off your bed, we used to have a pillow If you have a carpeted floor that’s usually enough or, you don’t want to do this There we go on the hard floor cuz it’s gonna give you some bursitis in your knee, but here we stretch here up. Good posture. And some people get a good stretch when they’re down like this as well. You get a flexion stretch, actually work one side and extension and the other hip in flexion getting two birds with one stone That’s right. There you go, all right done Hook rotation. So we’re doing this type of thing, we’re rotating, we’re working on some rotation of the hip and again this is one of those things you also get some mobility in the back and the thoracic spine a little bit And you can even swing her over and get a little more rotation, but that probably won’t rotate the hip as much That’s probably more in the back right, but you’re still gonna work some of the hip now You can go both directions as long as it feels comfortable And the more you do, if it feels they can go a little farther each time, that’s wonderful That’s what we’re looking for. I’m keeping my shoulders down and this is a great one to do in the morning to Loosen up your hips and loosen up your back, because we prescribe this one all the time We do have people start off maybe with small oscillations and then have them move into larger ones as time goes on, especially if you have a tight hip, arthritic hip, a painful hip, You’re not gonna force it into pain, you’re gonna work with it and try to get through the pain gently Yeah, you want to promote that synovial fluid which is kind of like I always remember a patient called it snowmobile fluid. No. It’s a synovial fluid, kind of the body’s natural grease or lubricant And you want to get that moving and going Before you even get out of bed in the morning So that’s a great one to do, and along with this one after you do the hook rotation that we just did, you can do single knee to chest would be a good way to start, just like that. Now if you have trouble with this You can take a sheet and put it on. Alright, so this is the yoga strap and we have this listed in our products section below. This works out kind of nice for this Because you can put it underneath the knee and you can grab one of the loops here Especially if you have arthritis and it’s difficult for you to grab onto things, and these are offset loops That’s what I like about them too They are easier to get into. You can go a single leaded chest like this. This would be a towel roll And you could do the same thing. Much harder to grab, but that works, too And you can go over the top of the knee too like this and pull it this way And then you want do you want double knees chest? We can throw that in there Bob sure Well, no. I probably should stick to the pattern here Brad because then you also want to go knee to the opposite shoulder. So then we’re gonna work some of that IT band, the piriformis muscle, and the hip adducting it a little bit with deflection. So I’ll show it on the opposite side here Brad, so I’m bringing it forward now I’m going to the opposite shoulder, which is the right shoulder. Left hip right shoulder And I’m pulling it over, kind of giving the pressure that way I probably would grab it with that hand but yeah with this hand you yeah. He just was tied up with his yoga straps. Be careful with the strap Bob. Then what we’re doing, figure four now. This is a real nice stretch that really can loosen some hips up Why don’t you jump in Brad? You work a little bit When I get out of bed in the morning and or when I put my shoes on I’ll do the figure four stretch in a seated position That’s what I do all the time and when I put my socks on I’ll actually put a little pressure here and boy it feels good Why don’t you show the difference between like a tight one and one that’s not. Sure and someone might be able to do this very easily on one leg and then the other leg it’s way up here, and it doesn’t want to go down. It might be a little painful, So you’re gonna gently work it. Pressure on pressure off. Maybe ten repetitions is a good place to start and eventually You can hopefully get that to loosen up, and if you do get that to loosen up here There’s a good chance your pain in that hip is going to reduce along with that improved range of motion. And then you can do it in a supine position or laying on your back So we can do it like this and again, we can do the pressure on. Now when you’re laying like this you’re more relaxed and it may be easier to start here And then go to the seated position if you do have that tight hip. Pressure on pressure off 5 to 10 repetitions like that and do both legs, even if the one side’s not tight, I would do it anyways, at least 5 reps just to maintain it Absolutely, ok now the other thing you can do from here and the yoga strap might be good here Or if you can reach, I’ve got a patient right now Her arms aren’t long enough, and she has a hard time reaching, so she’s gonna use, take the red side Sorry, man. He follows directions really well. Yeah my wife likes that too Yeah, then we’re gonna work it like this and little bicep work here as well This really works that IT band doesn’t it Brad, on the left side I’ve got a bonus stretch then Brad Oh you do well I wanted to show the figure four in a straight position A lot of times for assessment what I’ll do is, he’s a four right, as you’re looking down, and here’s the four Exactly, but I’ll have someone laying down for the first assessment And I won’t measure it, usually I can just go by visual, how far does a knee go here? And then how far here, and even mine look at this. This is my normal range and You are tighter on oh yeah, my right side is tighter I’m not exactly sure why but I better work on that a little better See we just did a little assessment right now. Bob, could you document that please? I will. There you go Okay, but then you can stretch it. Right now I have a patient, she does not tolerate it here, but she does tolerate it here She has knee replacements too, which is want to show that seated too Brad? Frog style or whatever No, doing both legs at the same time. You know, doing this Oh, yeah, I think so. That’s a good hip I used to do this all the time in karate. Yeah, this is good to get those sidekicks up Bob You could see some of our videos on karate here. We got seven of them. See no evil Why Every time it comes up, he pulls up one of those stereotypical issues. I’m gonna have to get…okay we can also do a stretch like this. Brad move out of the way once here. I’m not done yet Bob. It feels good This would be a hip adductor stretch. This would be a little more advanced. Right I would say so. You have your balance But it’s a great stretch. Oh, yeah Throwing in some bonuses, right always give more than the people want. Little extras, a very good practice You know the thing is with therapy we have a lot of fun, joke around a bit But the body works out better, relaxes more when you do have fun We do that with our patients as well. Remember, Brad and I are not just pretty, we’re pretty ugly Bob. No we’re pretty helpful. That’s why you’re gonna want to make to subscribe. Thanks for watching.

32 thoughts on “7 Best Hip Mobility Exercises to Decrease Hip Pain & Improve Flexibility

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    By someone scheduled for bilateral TKR in 2018?
    I am an official groupie! I love you guys so much. I wasn’t prescribed PT after my THRs this year. You two and your videos were the foundation for the routine I created for myself.
    Thank you so much!!!

  2. Are all of these stretches safe if you have hip tendonitis? And possibly a hip bursitis?
    Thank you for all of the helpful videos! Love you guys.

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  6. Hello Bob and Brad! I've a disc herniation with sciatica (after jumping with a girl on my shoulders on the rock concert, as I think). Went to 5 different doctors (in Russia) but non of them could give me the right excersizes. I've seen all of your videos about this problem and doing all the excersizes you said but it getting worst every day… Could you please watch my MRI and tell me what to do right. I will thank you!

  7. Navigation – You should defently watch the whole Video tough to get your Snowmobilia (Synovia) flowing in those Joints!

    0:10 Welcome
    0:20 Introduction
    1:45 Biomechanic / Anatomy of the Hip and Range of Motion
    3:22 Extension lying (passiv Extension of the Hip)
    3:50 Alternativ Hip Ext.
    4:20 Alternation with Flex in the Other Hip standing / kneeling
    4:50 Rotation Hip (and Lumbarspine) Shoulders down, Great for the Morning 🙂
    6:12 Single Leg Flexstretch (other leg can be extended as well, Straps are great for Comfort like you see at 6:55)
    7:15 Knee to the Opposite Shoulder
    8:02 Alternative Outer Roation Stretch
    8:40 Supine Position Outer Rotation Stretch
    9:12 Advanced Iliotibialis-Band-Stretch
    10:04 Assessment OR, can be used to stretch s well 🙂
    10:56 Frogstyle stretch (both legs)
    11:27 Hip Adductor Stretch

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  13. Can one leg be shorter for 3cm because od iliopsoas muscle? Its really tight, i cant even lay on My back because of the pain in front of the leg.Im fighting with this more then three years, had an accident and i had operation. Thanks.

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