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Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist, together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course Bob Today Brad we’re gonna talk about seven exercises for the spine that you should do absolutely every day Every day huh Bob? Yeah, all righty then, he doesn’t believe me, I actually do these every day with the exception I mean some of them I might maybe do four or five times a week, yeah but I wanted to be dramatic with the title But most of these I do every day, I do eat my own cooking as they say okay all right all right so let’s by the way before we start let’s you know invite our friends here, in case you are new to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos on how to stay healthy fit Pain-free and we upload every day, also please g o to the Facebook and like us because Brad and I, we should play some sad music when we say this Were not liked as children and now we hope to be liked as adults so, I always imagine there’s a big row of people out there and seats looking at us, kind of like one of those game shows, flicking their lights Alright let’s start off with number one Brad, this is one that I’d say for the majority of people I would say 80% of the population Very important to do this, most of our day is spent this way, bent forward, flexed That old fetal position we’re born in but we’re not to be in any more, yup we’re slumped And we never work the back in the opposite direction and After awhile you start losing that motion and this actually really keeps your back out of trouble, right it helps you maintain posture So, very simple one, I do these every morning, I did them this morning Brad I just do 20 A lot of times I do them in the afternoon too, say no more Bob, i’ll do them after I’ll do them after I lift something heavy or if I’ve done a lot of back work, you can start just by relaxing You can even get up on your elbow and rest a little bit and then eventually you’re gonna go to the point where you Put your hands underneath your shoulders and you’re gonna bend up like this I like to call them press ups, it’s not a push up You’re keeping your pelvis down, and you can go up as high as it’ll allow and Eventually you’ll hope to get up to this point because I do these all the time I do have the full motion Now if you want to do what Brad is doing without having Brad around which I’m sure most of you don’t want to have Brad around. You take a strap you can take a belt you can take a rolled-up sheet We like to use the, we have a down below in our, we have a preferred Products List for Amazon, they work well, we have a yoga strap and you can go ahead and put it around your wrist like this, through the loops and you can put this down below And you can go ahead and stretch up like this and it gives you a little overpressure, so works out really nice This works well later on when we do a hamstring stretch too, yeah just another device that you can use at home that really works, now these back extensions these are something you can also do standing If you just did a lift and you’re worried about your back being hurt, go ahead, and you see pregnant women doing this, you see them going like this, and it’s a means of relief, also if you’re going to be in a long car ride, you’re going to be sitting a long time, It’s a good time before you sit and after you get up to do that reverse set back range of motion, two cases that you probably would want to avoid it Spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis, if you have those two diagnoses Then you’re probably not going to do these, all right do you want to show The Halellujah stretch Brad? Sure Well with and without the ball If you’re sitting a lot You didn’t think I was gonna catch that huh? It matches your outfit. Is it gonna blend right in? Wow. So what you’re gonna do is you know if you’re sitting at a computer all day long, at a desk You want to reverse the curve We gotta reverse the curve of the spine Particularly in the thoracic spine and that’s between the shoulder blades People tend to be rounded out in here, so you can bring your arms up like this If you want to go behind your neck like this, you can do it without yours hands, I call it the Hallelujah stretch The ball, what do we do with the ball That works out really good if you put that behind you and this gives a, you can get point pressure where you like it on your back and these are one of these balls you can get from anywhere A big-box store, just a nice soft ball and It works outs really good for doing that stretch, yeah because you can put that ball right where you need it, and you’ll know because it’ll Feel good, you may even get some of that back cracking cavitation going on, why don’t you stay in the chair and we’re going to do chin tucks, that way I’ll do it this way so again, when we talk about the spine, we’re talking about the neck mid-back and low-back and let me tell you if there’s anything that’s going on with your spine, anything wrong It affects your life, you’re not going to be able to do anything So we got to make sure the neck too, and this is one I do every day And it’s just kind of a posture check and it’s also a little exercise Right what Brad’s doing there is called chin tucks The same thing with this, as time goes on, and our head tends to drift forward, and the farther forward it is The more stress there is on the neck, for every inch forward it is, there’s 10 more pounds of stress on the neck He’s probably at about 7,000 pounds right now because he’s got that head so far forward, I’ve got a heavy head Bob A lot of brain in there, oh it’s very dense That’s a good description, so chin tucks, so you’re bringing the neck back, chin is going back You’re not going down, and you’re not going up, you’re just backing up Like you’re taking a pie to the face We’ve shown these many many times just because they’re very good to do Good reminder as you’re watching us on your phone or watching us on the computer or on the table Go ahead and do a few of those, alright next one Brad, I saw a study recently in PubMed that showed that there’s three muscles that they have found to be very beneficial To stretch with back pain, and one of them is hamstrings, The reason I bring up the hamstring and not the other ones is because I do this one every day And I don’t do the other one so now everybody’s wondering what are the other muscles So it’s a little biased, but anyways the hamstrings are the muscles from your knee Up into your buttock area, there’s three main muscles there, they’re directly connected To your pelvis which is directly part of your back, yeah if you’re tight, you’re gonna Have trouble lifting correctly, they can pull on your back and give you kind of a flattened back And you can just throw everything off, so I’m gonna use again the Yoga strap here or the stretch out strap I got it all in place here, you can lay flat on your back This baby works really well for this, you don’t even need to use your hands, look mom no hands! I gotta straighten my knee right? The knee should be as straight as you can get it, you can also do pressure on We’re doing contract relax aren’t we, so I’m pushing down and then I relax Push down, I relax, I pull back at the same time Push down pull back at the same time and I can feel that hamstring stretch real well Want to make sure you do both sides so you don’t be like a one legged duck in a pool, you’d swim in a circle All right next one Brad, just very simple Again we’re trying to make sure that you’re not rounded out here, so you gotta strengthen those muscles The shoulder blades, they help hold things in place I’ll stand up Brad if you don’t mind, I’m showing how the shoulder blades go back here So you can do this in a lot of ways, you can do it without resistance you can just go ahead and bring your elbows back and squeeze the shoulders together Sometimes we even do this back and back like this Hit the road Jack Hit the road Jack And think about those shoulder blades coming back and down back and down Alright you can also do it with a band Works out real well I do these My wife and I do these every day, we have a band set up and we just go to it and we just Have it set up on the wall and we just have it for that express purpose, so do you like take turns or do you each have a band? Do you do them together, she actually has one she uses and I have one I use I just wanted to clear that up ya know, don’t start any martial discord here Brad Next one number six Brad Along with that it really helps if you can stretch your chest, because if your muscles in the chest are tight, they’re gonna pull you around like this So every morning when I get up and go for my walk or my run Brad, I walk outside I’m walking down, I’m sure the neighbors see me every morning, they’re going there’s that goofy guy stretching his chest like this, so You just kind of walk around like this? I do, I walk like this and I’m stretching the chest out as I start I don’t do it the whole time, oh good You can use the yoga strap for this too Especially like you Brad, you’re a little tight aren’t you so, yeah my shoulders don’t go quite that far I could grab but it’s not safe So you know this is where i’m gonna go like this This feels much better than this, This doesn’t work so well, and also show this way Brad, going up over the top We’re gonna go up and over and all the way back You gotta be careful on that one cuz that was a little tight for me so i’m gonna Don’t dislocate your shoulder, I’d do it nice and slow There I got the right distance right there, once you get the right distance that actually feels good Again if you’re wondering where to get these products, we got them listed below in our Amazon preferred list, in the description of our Youtube, you could walk around like this Bob, yeah there ya go that would really get the neighbors talking Alright the last one is I like to do one just for strengthening and this isn’t one I do every day Brad I probably do it four or five times a week, the bird dog So very simply all you do is you go opposite arm opposite leg, if this is hard for you you can start this way Just go opposite arm opposite leg, thumbs up or palm up either way And this really works the core muscles on the back side in a diagonal pattern I usually do a bunch of them on one side And then I do a bunch on the other side Little variations, then you can get up to this point, you can lay on one of the balls on the exercise ball and do this, it’s a lot easier It really supports that back, that’s how I do them, but this is how I do them I actually go up to the side and I go back like this Get all forms of the muscle, that’s a good idea complete the upper traps I do these a lot, you can see I’m stable aren’t I? Yeah you’ve been practicing Bob I’m not just blowing smoke, smoke and mirrors, smoking something Bob this is a family show, by the way Brad, we are trying to replace you as you know, we brought Alexa in Good luck Lexa, Alexa when do the Vikings play next? Who cares. The Vikings will play this Sunday at 12 pm at home against the Buccaneers She’s not that smart, she’s going to get there though aren’t you, Alexa tell us a joke All right thanks for watching folks you

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