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Oh, hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course Bob. Today Brad we’re going live again on Facebook, but we’re also going to be on YouTube. We’re talking about the seven exercises You should do absolutely every day Yes Because seven is complete right sevens that fancy number that seems to work for a lot of things right exactly and these are Exercises that you know I eat my own Cooking I guess as you put it, these are seven exercises I do throughout You know pretty much every day, some of them I don’t do every day. The vast majority of them I do And they’re easy to do because you can incorporate them into your day You don’t need to say now at 10 o’clock I’m going to do seven exercises A lot of these are ones that you should be doing throughout the day, right you can do while you work while you drive some of them and Let’s go on they’ll figure it out all right Let’s give our little spiel here first Brad, if you are new to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free And we upload everyday and we’re talking about subscribing to us on YouTube our channel is Physical Therapy Video, if you’re not with us on Facebook by the way if you’re on Facebook likes and hearts and all those dancing things Over these we give away a lot of things We’re going to be giving away a couple things this week So get your butts over there and like us We like to be liked, all right let’s start off with the first one Brad This is a very common one that everybody is having trouble, I just saw some research this morning that showed that there’s studying the necks of and doing x-rays of the necks of young people, teenagers and Young adults And they’re finding out they have Deterioration in their neck that’s equivalent to someone that’s like 20 years older and that’s been doing a job like this and it’s from the head forward posture yeah Stresses the neck and the joints the disc in the neck terribly, could be with them on the laptop or an iPad Or on their phone coming forward like this, or they’re just sitting like this And for every inch that your head is forward there’s ten more pounds of stress on the neck So he’s quite a few inches over here, so here’s 40 50 pounds more stress on the neck, so throughout the neck Throughout the deck throughout the day you’re going to want to be doing chin tucks. So show Brad you know you’re not going I’ll go this way here. You’re not going up like this or you’re not going down like this You’re backing your neck up, backing the ears up basically like someone threw a pie at you Get that chin into the head Or someone very undesirable is trying to kiss you, right eww How many times have we seen that Brad? In our life? It happens. So you know what you can do is do a bunch of these and what’s nice about these you can do them everywhere You can do them in your car you can do them at the computer you can do make your workstation and If you wanted to add a little bit, too You can actually give a little extra stretch and use your fingers or you can take this part of your hand And just go in there and push like this. I think that’s the hypo-something something. Very good. Anyways, this is one I do when I’m driving Because I check myself out make sure my head isn’t getting too close to the Steering wheel, and I’ll do that chin tuck and you get some weird looks when you stop at the stoplight Some people are wondering what is he doing but anyways, but they don’t know who you are Exactly it’s all fun All right next one brad Again because of the head forward posture and we see this quite often in people when we’ve seen patients Generally, they’re lacking Mobility in this direction because they’re always working this direction Head’s down plenty of motion this way So when we test people we go ok show me chin to chest so you can do that Then we have them go back and a lot of times how far do they go back Brad. Yeah. It’ll kind of hurt back in there, may hurt over in the shoulder blade and And then they don’t go back that way, a lot of people do not look up It’s not like yeah They don’t work on this direction and because of that they start losing That direction and lack of motion almost always is equivalent with pain I mean if you start losing motion you start gaining pain, so if you want to show Brad just The way that we often start people because a lot of times this hurts to go back and if it does I take a towel there’s a couple ways Bob’s going to show you his way and we actually do each other’s ways but we claim these kind of Down like this keep it low on the neck, not up here so much but if you got a nice cushy towel And you’re having a hard time going back that will make it much more comfortable And then you can use it to help pull up, tell about the patient you just had Brad, as a matter of fact Yeah, she is I think 58 years old. She’s having neck pain. She just drove up from Arizona up to here That’s about a 20 hour drive at least and she had pain for weeks after this and This was kind of fun as a therapist because she’s seen a chiropractor, and she wasn’t having success And she went like this and she went oh, oh and hurts right back there And so I had her get the towel out and it was oh that feels a little bit better I said I want you to do 10 of these Every one to two hours, yeah you can do a lot of these. I think people don’t realize how often you can do these It’s not a you know if you’re having pain. It’s not let’s do it once a day ten times You can do it like you said every hour every two hours as long as it feels better when you’re doing it and you’re getting back far Two days later she came back Pain was gone. Yup that’s when it’s fun being a therapist. We call that the miracle You know we hope to see a miracle a day and Exactly, you want to show the other thing? The other thing is you could take the salvage That’s the end like this And you’re going to go ahead, and you’re going to take that and you’re going to put it right below the ears here And you’re pulling on it So that acts as kind of a counter force So that’s right in here. This should be a little longer too but what’s nice about this is You can work on different levels of the spine, now I’m a little bit lower I keep it up by my eyes, and I keep the towel moving along with my eyes So this level here goes up This is best to be done in a chair with a backrest, we wouldn’t do it like Bob is Exactly, I’d want to be in a chair doing this and again you can work on different levels, and it works out really well Again if you’re not having pain all you have to do is just go ahead and do a couple of these every day to maintain that extension Again with the towels when you’re working it the pain should improve with every repetition every time you do it If it’s starting to get worse You’re not ready for it or there’s something else that may be the problem, the other thing I guarantee you most of you people have a Tight chest because again you know all of our activities throughout the day tend to bring you in this rounded position here And you can tell by standing up Brad if you face the camera and if his thumbs are pointing toward each other that means the shoulder is internally rotated and tight and So you need to stand up straight to the point where the thumbs are pointing straight forward and that means He’s in a good posture. So you’re going to want to Stretch the chest muscle. You can do it in the doorway if the doorway is right here I put my hands on both sides of the doorway I lean in like this, but a lot of times you don’t have a doorway or you might be At your desk so I just grab like this and when I do this stretch every day Brad It’s right before my run I’m just walking as I’m getting ready to do my run I just do a bunch of these to get the chest to stretch Stretch the chest I take a towel and I go like this because it’s hard for me to grab my hands because I have Tight shoulders or something but that helped me a lot so that works out really well using a towel instead, next one Brad is Again an easy one you can do at your desk it kind of fits along with the same one We’re working on posture is shoulder squeezes So you want to go ahead and show Brad So he’s going to bring his shoulder blades together and squeeze them like this, now this is again one you can do Frequently, you can do this every half hour You know you can just go ahead and squeeze and even hold it one two three four five relax Squeeze and hold it one two three four five good if you’re having knots in your shoulders good if you’re having postural issues Tell them about the critical direction that you want to see Ideally if you want to have a visual in your mind, you’re trying to take these shoulder blades And you’re trying to put them in the opposite pocket, back pocket I’m trying to push this down and into the pocket pushing this down into the pocket That’s the thing you want to think about you’re not doing it, as opposed to up and back We don’t want that, next one Brad And I definitely do this every day, and I actually do it twice a day. This is just a good back maintenance This is for about 80% of the population Their backs again you tend to do forward activities like this all day long So you really want to make sure you do some back extensions So people are doing a lot of sitting a lot of slouching a lot of bending forward this Equalizes out to maintain your range of motion and pain free life, so you put your hands underneath your shoulders like this And you’re just going to press up like this, now I’m keeping my pelvis on the ground eventually You want to see if you can work all the way up like this and because I do a lot of these you can see I can go all the way up can’t I Brad? Yeah. He’s got very good. If I was tight I’d be going up like this, my back wouldn’t be going up, now again this is not for somebody with spondylolisthesis or spinal stenosis It’s going to actually probably make it worse, that person Might actually go ahead and just do some of these, single leg to chest single leg to chest then even double legs to chest They’re the ones that are going to be the opposite direction And that’s a small percentage compared to everyone else, all right next one Brad if you sit a lot These muscles the hip flexors tend to get really tight and so it’s a good stretch another one I do every day, you want to throw me a pillow brad I’m real worried about how this is going to come, oh came in light so you just go ahead and put a pillow down on the floor go ahead and Like this, and you’re going to go ahead, and you’re stretching that hip flexors. So he’s getting that stretch in here He’s keeping a good posture to keep him in line with everything else we’ve talked, my head being cut off on Facebook The poor fans. No darn get taller so we can cut your head off, ah there we go so again I got good posture although We did see somebody doing like this Brad and actually does kind of give it a little different stretch Doesn’t it? It does so we’re learning something new every day Again do that on the floor not up on your table at home, the last stretch Brad would be a hamstring stretch I just saw a study Brad. They said there’s three muscles You want to stretch for your back pain and one of them is the hamstring, sure very commonly And the other one was a ql quadratus lumborum. Oh, yeah, but the hamstrings it just They come up, they attach to your pelvis with attaches to your back So you want to make sure your hamstring is being stretched out So you go ahead and put your foot up there And I mean this is just one way to do it keeping your back straight Probably a better way to do it. I mean again this is something you can just do throughout the day Is what I’m saying, incorporate this in your day is what I’m saying, don’t go like this I usually don’t do them while sitting I’ll do it standing at a Stairway or something like this But then I’m like this, keeping really good posture, doesn’t take much to stretch if you round over you think oh back in high school They said put your nose to your knee while you’re just stressing your back all the way and you’re not Isolating the hamstring so you’re stretching your back too, and not in a way that we want to stretch it Do you want to show them the one laying down? Sure with the stretch out strap. This is if you have back problems. This is probably the best way to do your hamstrings I think because it eliminates Stress on your back, you can see if there’s any questions on Facebook Brad or Lonnie? Any thumbs up any hearts dancing across the screen or are they laughing Okay Lying down exercises like on a bed you mean, we’re not sure Yeah bed is fine. The problem with the bed is It’s so soft that you sink into it. You don’t get support. I take it She’s probably having trouble getting up off the floor and that’s it, problem with her knees Right yeah, yeah, then hopefully you have a firm bed And that’s what I do with the older patients or people that for whatever reason can’t get to the floor If you have a firm bed, that’s best You can definitely do the back extensions on the bed, but if you’re a little bit on the more mature side what you can do a good exercise for the back just when you wake up in the morning is just to wake up put your Legs up like this and rotate back and forth like this This is a kind of a go-to one we use for people With back pain and hip pain because it’s getting the hips moving and it’s getting the back moving. It’s just a good universal one I had a lot of patients do that when they wake up in the morning just to make sure they’re doing that Any other questions? Lonnie looks really confused like someone gave her a curve ball there, one that she doesn’t understand We want to remind everybody that if you haven’t already why wouldn’t you slap that subscribe button? Just like I want to slap Brad or the like button oh The question is “I have neck pain from tilting my head backwards…..Will stretching backwards just make it worse?” Okay, that’s a good question now she’s saying her neck is going backwards when she’s at the computer screen She really might be forward, wouldn’t you agree with that Brad Yeah, if this is your posture And you feel like your head is up like this your shoulders might be forward so are you In good posture shoulders back, and if you’ve been like this for years Chances are you may not get like this right away But you’re going to want to actually start with the chin tucks. I would do the chin tucks first for a while and then try the neck extension and if it hurts like we said then use the towel and if that still hurts Then you might need to see a therapist and work on that, don’t push it If there’s pain there, and it doesn’t clearly get better after a few repetitions I would just hold especially if it’s getting worse for sure, you need to see your therapist or go to your doctor and get that checked Out properly just a reminder to everybody we’re going to be going live again on Thursdays We try to go live on Facebook and Youtube on Thursdays so look for us on that, so otherwise Thanks everybody for watching you bet take care

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