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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

and number six is Deez Nuts No
Deez Nuts what’s up guys Jalonfrom hardgainer Fitness here and in this
video I’m gonna be telling you guys seven things that you absolutely need to
be eating in order to gain some weight fast let’s get right to it
alright so the number one thing is weight gain smoothie smoothies are a
great way to get in an additional amount of calories in to easily hit your macros
without having to sit in one place and eating a meal chewing for an hour hour
and a half you can quickly down the smoothie in about 20 to 25 minutes and
you can add to whatever you want and take it away whatever you want on top of
that that tastes pretty good too alright number two thing that you need to eat to
gain weight is the starches so things like white potatoes sweet potatoes
lentils black beans chickpeas all these things are great for getting in your
carbs so you basically need to make these a staple of your diet because cars
are gonna be what’s really gonna bring you the gains if you crunch down on your
macros I guarantee you your carbs should always be what you’re taking in the most
of unless you’re on a keto diet and if you’re a hardgainer you might not be on
a keto diet number three is gonna be dairy products
so things like milk cottage cheese or yogurt these things are great if your
stomach can handle it of course minds can’t but if they can it’s a must for
anybody who’s trying to gain weight number four is I gotta spit
number four is grains so things like cereals with quinoa Brahe oats granola
these are also really important for you to be able to get your carbs in every
single day they’re usually really high in carbs and protein so you can double
the benefit by eating these number five number five this thing number five is
oils and fats so things like olive oil or coconut oil avocado peanut butter
these are really great if you watched my video talking about how to calculate
macros and you know that fats contain twice as much of the caloric value as
proteins and carbs so taking it fast as somebody who’s trying to gain weight
is really helpful in trying to get in extra calories throughout the day and
number six is deez nuts know these nuts something like pecans or peanuts or
walnuts are great for getting an extra fat straw today and as I said before
getting in extra fats means extra calories and with these there’s such a
light snack but they pack such a great punch that they’re really gonna help you
to get any extra calories without feeling full throughout the day and
number seven is as always to say the good eats anything like chicken pork
turkey meat turkey beef any form of me is really great for getting into protein
that we need every single day to build muscle so your main protein sources
don’t always have to come from something in the container like whey protein
sometimes just try switching up your meat so instead of always eating chicken
try throwing in turkey meat basically eat your meats good and protein switch
them up because sometimes it’s gonna get boring eating the same
every single day over and over again question of the day what food that
wasn’t on the list that needs to be on the list for anybody who’s trying to
gain weight comment down below let me and everybody else know what you think
needs to be on there and that’s it for today’s video man as always on July with
hardgainer finished here to help you defeat yourself and crush that scale you
already know what time it is man it’s time to grow
I see our next week with

7 thoughts on “7 Foods That make you Gain weight FAST

  1. Definitely agree with all the foods you listed, especially almonds! Those are my go-to's when I'm low and need a quick calorie boost! Informative video brother!

  2. Your editing is sick! I love your top as well. Omg I’m so bad at eating a lot of protein like I just struggle to get food in. Not like I need to up my calories though ; it’s more just obviously the healthier you want to be and the more veggies you want in I just have to be careful. I love dairy 🤤. Your video is so good honestly your channel will blow up in no time!’ I don’t knkw if you’ve been to visit flexbullet fit’s channel just yet but he does some really good videos! He just doesn’t maybe have as much support as he deserves :). Just subscribed too!

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